iPlum: 2nd Business Phone Line

iPlum: 2nd Business Phone Line

By iPlum, Inc.

  • Category: Business
  • Release Date: 2015-10-05
  • Current Version: 6.0.8
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 113.79 MB
  • Developer: iPlum, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
Score: 4.72344
From 1,638 Ratings

Description for iPlum: 2nd Business Phone Line

◆ Second Phone number Calling & Texting app with Auto-Attendant & Recording. ◆ Loved by professionals, best phone call app, no annoying ads, complete privacy. ◆ 10 Free Trail credits at signup. ◆ Cheap new U.S Number with Calling & Texting. ◆ Cheap new Canada Number with Calling & Texting. ◆ Cheap new 1800 Toll-Free Number with Calling & Texting. ◆ HIPAA compliance with Business Associate Agreement - BAA ◆ Low cost international calls to over 200 countries. ◆ Auto-Attendant with virtual receptionist and forwarding extensions. ◆ Global call forwarding to multiple phone numbers. ◆ International roaming. ◆ Displays the caller id phone number . ◆ Personalized free voicemail. ◆ Great voice quality at low rates for US and global calls. ◆ Cheap International calls. ◆ Low cost or free voip domestic and international texting. ◆ Send pictures, audio and video. ◆ Texting use for banking, short-codes, verify. ◆ Works with Wi-fi or 3G/4G/LTE worldwide. ◆ Port or transfer your existing number to iPlum. ◆ Pay As You Go or Unlimited plans. ◆ Available in 22 global languages on iPhone & iPads. ◆ Built and supported in California, USA. iPlum brings powerful communication features right to your smartphone at unbelievable low cost. You have complete freedom to join & leave. There is no long-term contract. iPlum keeps your privacy by separating your business and personal communications. iPlum is a free app to download without any annoying ads. Your data is secure. Developed in California, trusted by businesses worldwide and featured in Entrepreneur Magazine. ________________________________________ iPlum is the most affordable way for individuals and small businesses to add a dedicated business line to their smartphones. What can iPlum do for you and your business? ● Flexibility: Take your business communication wherever you are and stay productive while on the go. If you’re a professional, small business owner or business traveler, wherever you’re at you’ll be able to stay connected, in contact and productive by ensuring access to your important business calls, texts, and voicemails. ● Domestic or International: You can be a user living in U.S. , Canada or International country. Anyone can have iPlum and get the dedicated second phone number on their mobile. ● Privacy: Keep your personal and business life separate with a dedicated business line on your smartphone ● Save money: All the features of a traditional business phone system for low cost. No roaming charges or long term contracts. iPlum offers a pay as you go credit system with US and international calls or text for as low as 1 cent per minute. iPlum is: ● Easy to use Get up and running in a few minutes without any new hardware to configure or purchase. ● Reliable The app is engineered to adapt to available data rates and latency of a broad range of Wi-Fi or cellular data channels. ● Affordable Free unlimited US/Canada toll-free calling. Pay as you go and purchase additional credits as needed. Subscriptions For your convenience, the monthly subscriptions will be charged to your iTunes account and renews automatically 24 hours before the end of the current period at the same costs unless auto-renew is turned off by you in your iTunes account. Privacy policy & Terms of Use: https://iplum.com/privacy/ About iPlum iPlum is a mobile technology company based in California USA. Dedicated to building great products, iPlum is finding innovative ways to simplify business communication for its customers. Contact Us We are happy to hear your feedback and help you solve any iPlum issues. Just email us at help@iplum.com, and we'll respond to you promptly.

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Reviews of iPlum: 2nd Business Phone Line

  • Amazing

    By Lola C Crace
    Very easy to setup Awesome option if you don't have a phone or something happens to your phone
  • Love this app

    By Zac P Darnell-Smith
    Thanks iPlum for the Great service! This App really works and very user friendly! Just what i needed... Thank You....
  • Nice app

    By Dylan E Selby
    iPlum has had my back for years! Any time my regular service has been disconnected for whatever reason, ive always had text now to fall back on. But nowadays i actually use the app more frequently than i even bother paying for another carrier. The only issue i have with the app is the "suggested stickers" i turn them off yet it never fails they will pop back up and sometimes even when the suggestions are turned off, they'll still be on. I dont like them bc. I usually accidently click one.
  • Amazing

    By Lucinda W Bugnion
    Very reliable. Updates notifications and pop up contacts with numbers and time stamps whenever I pick up a wifi signal 🤩
  • Useful app

    By David R Bussau
    I have tried many apps just like this one. By far this app is the best. I rate it a 10 with being the best calling and messaging app available.
  • So good!!

    By Mia K Shann
    Thank you I really love this app I have some friends over in America and at least we keep in contact
  • Excellent!!!

    By Natalie W Sholl
    As a disabled person with limited minutes on my phone; iPlum gives me the ability to keep in contact even when i run out of minutes with my other plan. This is really a comfort in these times!
  • Work well

    By Lola L Ross
    I really enjoy being able to communicate with family and friends with such good quality and service. Thank you so much
  • Perfect

    By Chloe O Babbage
    Super mellow and righteous, it is a helpful phone thing dude. I use it all the time man. Right on man.
  • Good

    By Eliza A Swain
    Loving the use of it. It is clear texting and you have the same advantages of having your friends and loved ones the chance of receiving your calls as well.
  • Pretty good deals 👍🏻

    By Christopher D Allard
    Best texting and calling app I've found. Others don't seem to work at all but this one does pretty good! Thanks!
  • Excellent app

    By Charlotte A Blacklow
    iPlum is the best choice if looking to add a backup phone or just as your only wifi connected phone. I have used just over a year now switching phone numbers a few times. I've had just minor connection issues but always on my end not anything iPlum has done. I've used a few different wifi phone providers and I always keep iPlum because of their reliability and honestly they have never given me a reason to switch fully to another service. Give iPlum a try, you wont be disappointed!
  • Medical Practitioner

    By Amador Fernández Fajardo
    iPlum has helped me out of too many jams to count excellent app when you absolutely need to get the business done and are tired of the ignored hard blocks that impede progress ! Great and support is superb if you should need them!!!
  • Good

    By Med Rife
    Very useful. I've had it for months and found it handy in so many situations. Highly recommend. Fantastic app. Does what it says. Buying credits can be expensive, weekly or monthly plans are better. Great customer service.
  • Perfect app!!!

    By Marta Catz
    It works great! I use it to separate my personal calls from my business calls and all come to one phone. Also, the customer technical service team is great when you have any issues. Good app, really does the job well. Good customer service as well. It crashes once in the blue moon, but not a big deal.
  • Excellent app

    By Bartolo Mineo
    Using for a while. Combo of calls, texts and pics is perfect. Wish I could get it all for a little less but... Also, was charged for a number that failed to get assigned to me. They resolved it in under 24hrs. I'm staying. Goooood
  • This app is awesome. I love it!!!!!!

    By Michele Forino
    Great app if any issue excellent support very quick response recommend for all to buy. Had an issue today of my own making which was sorted out really quickly and efficiently.
  • It works

    By Patrizia Minardi
    Very stable app and service. Careful and helpful customer service. Wish the team more success and progress. Thanks
  • best app

    By Carmen Chessa
    I love this app. It is great for using on sites so you never give out your true number. In this day and age there are plenty of virtual number providers. What stands hushed apart from the rest is the clearness of the lines, a customer service which responds quickly, and a generous default offer of minutes when you purchase. Of course, if you need more, there's more. Having a iPlum second line allows me to contact Amazon and my friends in the US with minimal charges since I live away.
  • 2nd line for my Real Estate job

    By Mohamed Amimer
    This app is very good cause it help in communicating with various numbers from US and Canada. Bro, you missing if you haven't tried this app!!its cool as ice trust me! This is a convenient versatile app
  • Business Calling App:

    By Francisco Urbano Roldan
    It is reliable. Your money is guaranteed and safe. They refund if you make any mistake. Please register and get US and Canada number available. The sound is crystal clear. Thank you (:
  • I love it!!!

    By Ana M. Alcalde
    Best among all the providers but the fact that you can't extend your number after it expires is the worst part of it, please let someone be able the retrieve their phone numbers after it expires and you need the same number back.
  • The app is awesome

    By Pili Carbajo
    I want to tell all of users, that iPlum support team is the best and professional team as I meetting. I had two problems during use iPlum and they help me to understand and fixed the problem. So I advance you to make contact with them after any problem and I strongly believe that they can give you the best way to reach your problem. iPum support team is the best. Thanks
  • I love it

    By Laura Ravichia
    Tested this for a couple days. It's cool. Handy. Haven't bought any credits but it does what it says it does. Which is a huge relief. I would recommend. Really good
  • Love this

    By Ilham Bouziani
    Finally the app with a simple and nice design and which works very well. The numbers are not free but cheap. I will definitely recommend it to everyone if they ask. The best app!
  • I like it

    By Hama Milany
    Service works exactly as expected. The app is super user friendly and the best of all the customer service is incredible. I made a fat finger mistake and they quickly fixed it. Best app so far
  • Great appp

    By Franco Ballina
    Actually a pretty good app, I only used it for text. But to find out how my man really stand up to pressure, priceless. This app is good and contains no ads easily to message all over the world love it
  • It worked well before but not now

    By Darego1
    Why is my call redirecting to the number I attached instead of the number allocated to me by iplum
  • Not the best

    By asp612
    I like that this app provides a central location to receive calls, texts, and voicemails from my business number but the functionality is poor. As an app I would compare it to internet explorer- definitely leaves something to be desired. Oddly glitchy and the interface feels dated. I always seem to have some minor problem with it. Pretty surprised by the amount of 5 star reviews, especially since it’s a paid app.
  • Amazing app

    By Barnbaby183
    I recently switched over from grasshopper and I must say, I couldn’t be happier. Not only is the price incredibly affordable but it works perfectly and has all the same features. Pictures & videos sent nice and clear. I was able to port my number so I didn’t have to change it and confuse my clients. Highly recommended!
  • Poor reliability

    By TannerMorkie
    App gets worse with each update. Recently stopped receiving text. Toughed it out for 8 months until we started losing business. Paid for 1 year in full and they still charged me $20 to release my number to another carrier. Dont make the same mistake we did. Now we have a phone and service that works Goodbye forever IPlum
  • Love

    By Max V Fenton
    Great calling service. Both sides can hear each other excellent! Texting works good as well. App needs improvement. Double rings and tries to reconnect after the conversation has ended using Wi-Fi. Reminds you of a text message you have already seen or responded to.
  • Nice app

    By Lilian Z Pflaum
    Have a wallpaper behond the messages is very cute! You can taxt and call (unless you want to go nation wide or off wifi which is understandable) you can send voice message, have a working voicemail, can send cute video gifs! The adda aren't that bad, one pops up every here and then. Its annoying when it happens but out of all the good texting apps, this one has the chillest add spam. No long video adds either at least not yet for me just this one slot add and you just X out. 10/1
  • Useful app

    By Skye C Greener
    I absolutely LOVE this totally app! because it's just so convenient an reliable like for example I am on my awesome Kindle playing my game toy blast an as I am playing my game Courtney the LOVE of my life texted me to tell me on how much she truly LOVES me an I haven't replied yet but I am going to after this but you see I wouldn't have been able to receive that text message with out this awesome iPlum app! Witch is awesome! 😉👍