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  • Category: Business
  • Release Date: 2015-03-27
  • Current Version: 6.0.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 117.60 MB
  • Developer: Meshare Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
Score: 2.61566
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Description for meShare

meShare is the future of smart home solutions. The meShare app is designed to control a variety of smart home products and work seamlessly with meShare's cloud services to keep you connected with the ones you care about. Cloud Service Subscription Service Description 1. We offer two types of Cloud Service : Premium Cloud $4.99/month ($49.99/year) Platinum Cloud $9.99/month ($99.99/ year) *Prices displayed are for one device, the package price depends on the quantity of devices. 2. Subscribing to Cloud Service will be paid directly through the iTunes account. 3. 24 hours before the subscription service expires, the system will automatically renew and deduct the corresponding fees according to the plan type. 4. If you need to unsubscribe, please do so at least 24 hours before renewal date in the "Account Settings". 5. Privacy Policy and Terms of Use: Privacy Policy: Terms of Use:

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Reviews of meShare

  • The ON and OFF modes don’t auto switch...

    By jazzman116
    The ON and OFF modes do not auto switch even with start times set for 7 days a week. What are the schedules for?
  • Crashing

    By A person who cares.
    Every time I open it, it would crash. It’s not my phone. I delete and restart my phone. What’s up?
  • Works great but glitchy at times

    By HalieC91
    This app and the cameras have been working great for us. But recently the app will not open on mine or my husbands phone. It glitches and just shuts down before even fully opening. 😒 I would like to be able to check my cameras but if course I can't now.
  • App keeps crashes

    By Chelsey0902
    Everytime I try to open the app it loads in and then crashes before I even get to the main screen. It’s been doing this all day now and it typically works fine. Fix the app!
  • Don’t waste your money

    By jeanet34
    When the cameras pick up a motion it’s about five minutes late. It also doesn’t pick up motion very good. And now when I’m trying to open my app to look at my cameras it keeps closing out😡
  • App crashes

    By N27c
    I saw another review and I’m not sure if it because I use an iPhone or not. But re set my cameras since I change my WiFi and now I haven’t been able to open the app at all. Takes me to the home screen then closes the app.
  • Imagine paying money for an app that won’t even work 🙄

    By bsgab
    This is exactly what you’ll be doing, they’ll want you to get a subscription, yet the app won’t stop crashing. So as your phone notifies you of motion, you cannot even get in to see what’s happening so it worries you. Every time I go to open it, the new “update” keeps closing out within 2 seconds. I tried reinstalling, trouble shooting and different phones......same problem. For a security camera to only work about 60-70% of the time and an app to have so many bugs, I recommend you go with something more reliable for such an import thing like home security cameras. My RING is much more reliable.
  • App keep crashing..

    By MarquellParker
    Without the app the cameras are basically useless to me. I’ve tried everything from restarting my phone to deleting the app and reinstalling. I give up..gonna replace these with blink cameras.
  • App stopped working

    By Jjwade003
    App stopped working today. It won’t even open up. What is the point of having the cameras if I can’t even view them? Can meShare please fix this?
  • App crashes every time I open it

    By awalkgf
    App worked decent for awhile then for the past 3 days I can’t even open it got 5 second without it crashing. It’s not my phone, and I’ve deleted and downloaded it again a few times.
  • New updates decreases usefulness

    By Deepbugging
    The new update took out the different modes for the camera settings. Now it’s either alerts on or alerts on? Also getting a huge amount of false positives, super delayed notifications and cameras that now don’t see motion even when it’s a large truck in front of them. This system used to work great and I invested in multiple cameras for multiple locations. Now they are almost useless and have a hard time working with my Alexa TVs. It’s become quicker to actually cross the building to look out the window then to wait for a notification or expect it to stay in monitoring mode on the tv.
  • Says to connect to WiFi network

    By ttyler333
    I'm on a 2.4ghz network and the app cannot seem to understand that. So the 4 cameras I have are completely useless.
  • Your money will be better spent somewhere else

    By AbbigailLee
    Bought 3 meShare cameras and 1 Zmodo camera (which is by the same company but supposedly of better quality) and am very disappointed with all of them. Do not waste your money on these cameras and the mandatory monthly subscription fee for the iCloud service. If you choose to opt out of this subscription, you will be unable to view ANY footage, which makes the camera practically useless. Customer service is also almost nonexistent, so do not expect any support when you are facing issues with your cameras.
  • Ok app

    By KTW2012
    I get notifications of movement and everything is good except not being able to subscribe iCloud. I set it up but nothing happened after I hit submit. I wanted to get the deal from the app, but it doesn’t work n

    By Manilah
    i can not put into words how bad these cameras are. i’m at the point now where i can’t even review back if i needed to. i gave up on customer service. they are no help whatsoever. i didn’t have a choice to but to give them one star, but i had to give them 1 but if it were up to me it would be a big FAT ZERO!! PLEASE DONT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY WITH THIS CAMERA. SAVE YOUR MONEY AND YOUR TIME.
  • App is crap

    By Budaxt
    I have cameras I want to move to a new network. They say I must use MeShare to reset them, but MeShare says to upgrade to the latest APP release. I have the latest release!
  • iPhone user

    By kierkay88
    Just set up my camera today. I have iPhone 11 Pro Max, the app is working well on my phone so far. Its user friendly and there is no delay or glitches on my video, also my purchase came with 6mo free trial of the premium cloud service. The camera is working well, picture is clear. I will update if anything changes. Pleased with my purchase and the app thus far.
  • Out lots of money

    By MykeLykes
    I am out a lot of money. Bought this system and the app is unable to support my camera system. Went online and found out the company doesn’t care about support, simply about selling you cloud space. Interesting, however if a person can’t set up the system, how can they make a profit? Amazon’s window to return the unit is closed for me.
  • Update

    By Ltown Sunshine
    Ever since i did the update i cant login and it keeps timing out
  • rarely works right

    By nuntabidniz
    i bought the 4 camera set up. using i phone or i pads it’s nearly impossible to get 2 cameras online at the same time, much less 4 . tech support is never open when i am at home to try to get it working.i am so tired of hearing connection timed out. tried the newest meshare app, its out of date 3 minutes after installed. garbage product, garbage support
  • Stolen credit card

    By Riri0923
    So I found a random charge and saw it was from this company. Not sure how they got to charge my almost brand new bank card since I never gave it to them. I downloaded this app maybe a year ago to check it out. Never gave my card information to begin with and now I can’t access my old account to check it.
  • Meshare app

    By Sunny Chip Model
    The meshare app is better then the zmondoo camera 🎥 app but over all they are basically the same with meshare being an alternative better app with sharper quality. The app is not safe to use with the easily hacked e-mails like 3 party e-mails, or Microsoft. The app camera 🎥 does not provide sound in this version. The app overall is a beginners app for beginners in video recording. Thanks 🙏 for 📖
  • Can’t even connect

    By fluffy12bob
    I was tryiny to connect but it always kept me on the part that the device needed to scan the barcode displayed on my phone
  • iPhone flaws-works 75-80% of the time

    By math_gurl
    Update: I did call customer service. Spoke to them twice. They said there’s zero compatibility for Apple users and they asked me to login on a “special” website and pay and they promised to go find my account at a later time to credit me. I asked them to just pay over the phone but they said they had no ability to do that. Looks like this app needs ALOT of help to be usable as they offer on their app. There was a considerable amount of time dealing with the confusion. No customer should have to PROVE they had an offer on the app that is KNOWN by customer service to be a valid offer. Tried to sign up for Cyber Monday 50% off deal. Apparently purchasing iCloud service doesn’t work with IPhone or Itunes. Called and was told it is known. They tried sending me to another website to buy iCloud & if I PROVE they offered the 50% off on the app (through screenshots) they’ll refund half the money. Their customer service literally shuts down at closing time and reps have to get off FAST despite helping resolve the problem you called in. Usability: without the iCloud purchase, the IPhone video app errors and fails when an alert comes through every time. You have to go out, refresh, then try again. I unplug and reset the camera every few weeks when it says offline. Overall this camera is fair. Customer service is fair. If you want a camera that works 75-80% of the time, this will do.
  • Horrible app and cameras

    By diegotexera
    What a colossal piece of garbage. Save yourself the hassle of trying to connect these cameras and just buy a legit product from a major manufacturer. You get what you pay for. While these may connect sometimes, they’re incredibly difficult to connect through this crApp. I am a tech, I make my own network cables, wired my Ethernet throughout my house. This should not fail for someone like me. Trust me, this is not user error. These cameras only function on a small portion of customers routers. I want to burn them outside and dance around them....then I’ll log into my best cam and replay the whole incident over and over.
  • 1080P our door wireless camera

    By HungUSA
    Just down load MeShare App from Apple App Store but could not complete the set up because error message App need to be update after scan the bar code from the quick start guide !! Did it by scan the bar code and enter the those letters, numbers manually from the device still got the same message.. please help . Model : ZP-IBH23-W Airplane mode is on - Connection WiFi 2.4Ghz Thank you
  • Don’t record

    By Nitronov
    I been trying to contact customer support but am never able to speak to someone. I been paying my subscription monthly and it does not record the full 30 days that am paying for.
  • Fix the requirement of wifi needing location

    By app review-dil
    To the Developer of the app, It seems that now adding new camera to the app, you require user to grant location permission. Please update the app so that it allows manual input of wifi configuration rather than location.
  • Easy set up, great picture, great customer service

    By Nibs2011
    Great alternative to those expensive nursery cameras while providing the same quality video.
  • Good camera, hassle to setup

    By donotrespond
    The camera is pretty good, for the price I paid. A lot of the complaints I see are related to the set up. Here’s what I found to be my problem during set up; the phone you are using can NOT be connected to the 5G band of your router, only on the 2.4 G band. The camera set up uses whatever your WiFi SID your phone is connected on, not allowing to choose a different WiFi SID. This is a feature that the developer should consider incorporating in future releases of the app. One tip for those reading this is to keep an eye on the flashing led on the side of the camera, flashing green means it’s waiting to scan the QR code generated by the phone, flashing blue means that the camera was able to read the generated QR code and trying to connect to the WiFi network, solid blue means network set up was successful. Hopefully that helps.
  • Garbage

    By Sardonick007
    Won’t install won’t recognize box barcode and says so won’t support camera when scanning device barcode.
  • RIPOFF!!! They steal your money!!!!

    By Rlak
    Beware. They will charge you for the service through iTunes but you don’t get the service. I paid for months and when I had an event that I needed to review, it said I had no subscription even though I was charged every month through iTunes. I asked for a refund and they said sorry it was charged through iTunes and they couldn’t do anything about it. I WANT MY MONEY BACK! RIPOFF
  • Cloud Service

    By Cindy NOLA girl
    I paid for the past month of cloud service but have not received any service. After a couple of weeks trying to contact Customer Service ( hold time on phone over 30 minutes) & not answering on app I finally got thru to customer service on app last week & was told would have service soon however it has been over a week still no service & no notification for customer service. I am canceling my cloud service & filing complaint with Apple
  • Rotten App and poor support

    By Swt Caroline Rocker
    Thought it would be great and totally disappointed. Had difficulty from day 1. The support person sent me to the Z ... app telling me it was easier to use and that was a wasted effort/time. Took both off my I phone within a couple of days. I will dispute any charge as I never got any part of the product to Work. There should be a -star for this company. RING DOOR BELL IS BETTER AND EASY TO USE-just had it installed.