PDF Reader Pro - Edit,Sign PDF

PDF Reader Pro - Edit,Sign PDF

By PDF Technologies, Inc.

  • Category: Business
  • Release Date: 2014-02-25
  • Current Version: 2.7.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 27.64 MB
  • Developer: PDF Technologies, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.12 or later.

Description for PDF Reader Pro - Edit,Sign PDF

PDF Reader Pro is a PDF powerhouse that will fulfill all your document needs. Building on solid features such as Annotation, Edit, Form filling, OCR, Convert, Create, Sign, Bookmark and protect your PDF files, PDF Reader Pro allows you to maneuver through your PDF files. PDF Reader Pro offers even more - Edit text in PDFs, merge and combine multiple documents, split your PDF into several files, insert pages from another PDF, Convert PDF to Word and any other Microsoft Office® formats. Carry just your PDFs and make your presentations with them under the Presentation Mode, work becomes effortless and more productive with lighter PDFs! PDF Reader for Professional is your last PDF Viewer application you would ever need. READ ・ Reading modes - Multi-tab viewing, full-screen, page-fit, horizontal or vertical orientation, auto scroll ・ Presentation - Slideshow Mode to present your PDF as PPT ・ Night mode - Night mode supported for long time reading to comfort eyes ・ Create, Edit and Search outlines to easily navigate through the whole file ・ Bookmark specific pages or sections of PDFs ANNOTATE ・Classic tools - Annotate and mark up PDF with highlight, underline, strikethrough, freehand, text box, anchored note, shape and etc ・Continuous Annotations - Add Comments Continuously ・Sign - Create multiple signatures for any situations with trackpad, keyboard or images ・Stamps - Customize your PDF with custom, image and dynamic stamps ・Link - Add hyperlinks to redirect other destinations, and edit your links as you like ・Table - A table consists of rows and columns of cells. You can add header and footer rows when you create the table PDF Editor ・Edit PDF files including adding, deleting, moving, or modifying text. Change font attributes (size and style). Fill FORMS ・Create & Edit Forms. Create fillable PDF Forms from interactive field objects, such as buttons, check boxes and list boxes, ・Fill out any PDF forms. Work with static PDF forms created in Adobe Acrobat ・Fill & Sign. Fill and sign PDF form. PDF Converter Pro · Export from PDF to Microsoft Word (.docx), PowerPoint (.pptx), Excel (.xlsx), RTF, Text, HTML, Image, CSV, and more Offline · Convert to PDF from images imported from Scanner and TXT files PAGE EDITOR ・ Merge & Split - Split documents into multiple documents or combine multiple pages into a new single, searchable PDF ・ Extract - Extract the desired pages to create a new PDF ・ Append - Insert another file (entire files or specific page ranges) into the existing file ・ Rotate, delete, replace, and crop pages PDFS EDITING ・ Watermark - Add fantastic watermarks to keep your documents safe and professional. ・ Header & Footer - Label each page of your PDF document with fully customized page numbers. ・ Bates number - Identify and retrieve information from your legal documents. Add a unique prefix or suffix which can be a set number, case number, firm name or date. ・ Background - Change the background (color or image) of the PDFs to comfort your eyes after long-time reading. ・ Flatten - Flatten PDF to make the contents static. ・ Booklet - Booklet puts your pages side by side re-sorted for booklet printing, no matter what printer you have. ・ Poster - Poster divide large PDF page(s) into multiple smaller Pages. ・ Multiple - You can print more than one page of a PDF on a single sheet of paper. OCR ・ Convert scanned PDF forms files or pictures into editable and searchable PDFs or TXT files. 50+ languages supported! SECURE FILES · You can also password protect sensitive documents and authorization to edit, copy, modify or print PDFs COMPRESS ・Reduce PDF size to make your documents much lighter LISTEN (Text-to-Speech) ・ Ever feel tired of reading large files? Try Text-to-Speech(TTS) and let PDF Reader Pro Edition read the doc to you with 40+ different languages SHARE ・ Upload files to Dropbox, iCloud Drive with one click Have any feedback, comments or issues? Please contact us directly at support@pdfreaderpro.com

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Reviews of PDF Reader Pro - Edit,Sign PDF

  • Incredibly Useful

    By Jeff48076
    With all the work I do involving PDF documents, getting this app was the best gift to myself. In my opinion, it has paid for itself given the amount of time, energy, and frustration it has saved me. I like the versatility of this program and it does more than I even expected.
  • Not macbook friendly

    By vtrice18
    Won't let me edit forms on my macbook!
  • No Longer Edits PDFs!

    By Creesesc
    Worked the first few times a couple of months ago. Now when I go to edit a pdf, it shows a ton of Questionmarks where the words are. The only reason I purchased this was to edit pdf's. Now that doesn't work. I guess you get what you pay for. I'll have to switch back to Adobe pro. Using on a Mac Air, Cantina 10.15.4 on 3.30.2020
  • Garbage

    By GardenKeeper
    I need a PDF editor to fill in documents becuase my arthritis is so bad that I can't print legibly. I had been using Adobe but I was tired of paying their extortion. So I downloaded this application. I've used a Mac since the mid-1980s and this is one of the worst applications I have ever used. Not intuitive, not stable, useless for my purposes.
  • Good, not perfect.

    By SchruberryBlue
    Dark Mode needs a LOT of improvement especially when it's only included in pro version which cost a good amount. (at least it should be as good as the dark mode on Negative) Everthing else was great. Keep up the good work.

    By JimsDeb
    Why does everyone think its cool to automatically go to DARK MODE? For some of us this just doesn't work and we HATE IT... Please give us the option to change the tool bar back to something we can actually see. This is ridiculous.
  • Best for the price

    By LPH61
    I love this program, does everything I need it to with no disappointments. Can't beat the price.
  • OCR Doesn't Work

    By K380358028520945
    Spend the money and buy adobe acrobat. The OCR function doesn't really work and when it does it requires internet connection. Even worse I requested a refund from the developer and was passed off to the app store where I was told that I couldn't qualify.
  • Probably Good But ot What I Need

    By Shocked & Awful
    This sofware might work great for many users, but for m it is very clumsy to use and not easy to navigate and learn. I could tell quickly I wasn't going to work and then Apple completely sucer punched a Mac user since 1985 by refusing to refund the purchase price. I'mm not prone to return stuff, but when I it doesn't fit why should we have to pay for it? And then what should I do? Uninstall soething I just bought and paid for? Disgusting. And yes, I have now tried several times to use the program and just falls flat. PDF Expert is much better forr my needs and costs much less, although it too has many limitations.
  • Password encryption does not work

    By Sdafuohpi
    Password encryption of documents does not work.
  • Not exactly as I thought

    By Mr. PPD
    I was using a free version of this App for a while and was pretty much OK with it, but came across some situations where a full version was needed. So, I bought it. Unfortunately, not everything went OK. I had to use Preview and Books Apps to accomplish some steps, which I couldn't find in Adobe Reader Pro. It was also a real problem to find Color and Text utilities on this App Toolbar (they actually not accessible there!). No real text Edit tool in PDF available. Export to Word returns kind of a mess instead .DOCX normal file. I liked the HTML file exported and some other features. Sorry, but it is not more than 3 stars for now... Hope it will become better soon! But as for now, I want my money back. That's not worth $60 at all... I purchased it for the full price, no any discount and couldn't refund money though it was just less then a week. Later I found that I have to pay extra $19 if I want to convert PDF to DOC because it was more than 10 pages. Most of the job they offer in this App can be done the same way or even better in the Preview, which I finally am using... Poor job.
  • love it

    By sarah_Adam
    worth your penny thanks for th ecompnay great app
  • Impressive Billing Response by the PDF Reader Pro Team

    By TGAChoate
    I had a billing issue when I signed up. I was impressed by the rapid and helpful response by the PDF Reader Pro Team. My problem has been resolved and I can now start my time with PDF Reader Pro in a good frame of mind.
  • NOT Worth IT

    By Chuy0910
    It crashes regorly you cant select mulitple pages and extract them nor delete them. Dont waste for time and money on this app.!!!!
  • Worth the price

    By Catherine1900
    This app does everything I need it to. It is a great value for the price. I am very pleased with my purchase.
  • Wow! Major Update Indeed.

    By cmlndm
    Really pleased with what I have seen so far. Converting to .xlsx produces better results than Adobe Acrobat. Also, the new form capabilities are a great addition. Way to go!
  • Misleading

    By Elle Lindsey
    I need to edit my PDFs and while you can do a lot with this app you CAN NOT actually delete type to retype. I felt that the description made this misleading and I wish I had not wasted my money.

    By TheRover007
    PDF Reader Pro is cumbersome, inneficient and therefore overpriced.
  • My Go To PDF App

    By easyone1
    Fast Accurate and doesn’t crash
  • Don't waste yor time and money

    By Rlricker
    Good on IOS so I bought Mac version. I wanted: Easy to operate: FAIL Open previous and keep track of location: FAIL Open previous PDF: FAIL What I got was a bunch of geedunk that makes it nearly impossible to read a PDF because of clutter. Pioece of CRAP!
  • Very easy to work with handling all my PDF needs.

    By R0llt1de
    This is a less expensive option compared to Adobe and it does all I need it to do.
  • Impressive WASTE of MONEY

    By Ramflyer
    Settings change to whatever randomness the program likes. Notes change color to unreadable every time program is closed, user interface is miserable, nothing is intuitive.
  • excellent and practical

    By Navagos78
    fast, practical, quite a few options
  • No dark mode

    By Pstiunn
    The dark theme is not a dark mode at all. The background is not dark (black), and the text is not white. I am very disappointed. Update: Talked to the support person. To be homest. the so called "Dark" theme is misleading. Don't waste your money if you want a true "Dark Mode" like Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • Not editable!

    Seems to be a decent app for organizing and page editing, but don't expect to edit the actual text!
  • Just Average

    By Flacko0341
    Nothing really special about it. I purchased this to replace my subscrioption to acrobat DC. I have to say I'm not very happy with switching. I tried several times to set it as my default and it still doesn't work. When I open PDF's the background color of the pdf is too dark. It works fine for the most part though. Not as good as Adobe
  • Complete suite for your PDF needs. You don’t need anything else !

    By Jag61
    Perfect suite for your PDF needs ! Never seen such a well packaged App. Worth every penny ! Great Job Team, keep it improving Jag Holla
  • Once OCR is incorporated

    By StaffiCloud
    I will happily change my rating once the OCR is added in because that is what is needed for my job. Stinks that I spent $60 on this without this feature. Otherwise, I believe this is going to be a great upgrade and competitor to Acrobat. Just need the OCR!!
  • Very Disappointing

    By SnookeredbythisApp
    I thought I was getting a cheaper version of Adobe Acrobat Professional, but it could not perform even basic PDF manipulation that Adobe Acrobat Reader can do. I tried to return and get a refund but it wasn’t permitted.
  • What a horrible, unworkable mess.

    By pastorAg
    Prior versions were great. The program did what I needed, and did it in an intuitive way. Every time I am forced to use this program I am reminded of Arthur Dent repeatedly seeking a simple cuppa from the Nutrimatic Drinks Dispenser, a product of the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation. It is famous for producing something that is close but almost, but not entirely, unlike Tea. The mere act of printing has become a struggle. I cannot recommend this program to anyone, except, perhaps, that bully in 5th grade that kept beating me up 50 years ago. He would deserve this extremely frustrating program. Shame on the programmers. What have you done? You took a fine, solid, predictable and useful app and turned it into something so frustrating, that I actually yell at my Mac when I use it. (like every hour. I think my computer is beginning to take offense). Unworkable is one good descriptor. Frustrating is another. Unintuitive is the probably the best. Did you folks ever consider beta testing this with real people before selling it? Obviously not with living people. MY SPECS: MacOS High Sierra, on a 2015 iMac.
  • what have they done to a fine program?

    By pastorAg
    What an unworkable mess. Printing turns out to be a headache each and every time I use this. It used to be intuitive, worked nicely, and did what I needed. They have loaded it up so much that it is almost, but not quite totally unlike the the tea that Richard Dent keeps seeking from the Nutrimatic Drinks Dispenser from the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation. Totally undrinkable, as this iteration is almost, but not quite, totally unusable, unworkable and frustrating. Do you designers actually work with real people in a hurry, before you break what did not need fixing? You folks REALLY missed the boat with this version.
  • No OCR!!!

    By BBP Productions
    You must be joking. $60 for a PDF program that will not OCR a PDF?!!!!! This is a bad joke. DO NOT BUY!!!
  • Awesome and worth the money

    By Dontpanic2018
    Guys great job with the new version, I was looking for a solution under one roof and you did it. Thanks very much
  • right now one STAR……….need help with APP

    By Salgal625
    So, my main purpose for purchasing this application was to be able to convert PDF’s to word documents. The problem is that once the documents convert my tables are gone and the words are shifted. Please help me with this or Ive just wasted $60 because most of the documents I convert will have tables.