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  • Release Date: 2013-05-08
  • Current Version: 2.30.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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  • Developer: AgriSight Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
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Description for FarmLogs

FarmLogs is a farm management app used by thousands of growers to keep digital farm records, monitor field and crop conditions, and analyze their farm’s financial performance in order to lower costs and increase profitability. FarmLogs helps you: -Map fields and automatically provide directions to their location -Receive alerts when it rains on your fields, see field-level rainfall and heat unit accumulation and compare the amounts to prior seasons and the 10-year average -Automatically track all your field work in one place to keep your records organized, secure, and accessible from any mobile device or desktop -Log gps-tagged scouting notes with photos -View in-season satellite images in NDVI, true color and color infrared layers so you can identify yield threats and focus scouting efforts on areas showing signs of stress -Make decisions on the go with a complete view of your current grain marketing position -Identify local markets and find where you can get the best price for your crop -See each soil type area and elevation features in your fields Making better management decisions has never been easier. Download the app today to create a free account! *Please note that continued use of GPS running in the background can decrease battery life.* Questions or Concerns? Please feel free to visit our support page below or contact us at Support: Terms of Service: Privacy Policy:

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Reviews of FarmLogs

  • Expensive!

    By KKnafel
    Have used this app for a few years now to track my planting, spraying and rainfall, now we have to pay.... or find another app 😕
  • Farmlogs listens

    By Bookworm24
    Appreciate the response from Farmlogs anytime I have a question or suggest improvements. They continuously improve the program to keep it user friendly and a valuable farming tool. More and more we’re required by law to document weather conditions for certain activities and Farmlogs does it automatically. I wish the cost was somewhat lower but we feel it’s such a valuable and easy to use tool that we just budget it into our cost of operations.
  • What is with the huge price increase

    By Lefty3144
    I loved this app and used the lite version for a number years. I used the mapping, the rain fall and the activities portion all for free. Now I have to pay $99.99 a month to continue with the activities. I don’t think so. Very disappointed.
  • Way too much money for what it offers

    By 1badmopar
    Its an excellent app and I’m a long time user. However, the prices are much too high. Simply not worth what you are now charging.
  • Not to excited about updating!

    By fnbulst
    Last time I updated it reduced me down to where I couldn’t see graphs any more of when we received rainfall. I agree with a lot of other users, I don’t mind paying something for this useful app but it’s priced way too high. Makes me scared to update again. Is it going to make it to where I can see rainfall on fields?
  • Used to be a good app. Now insanely overpriced

    By They callme MrT
    I used to enjoy using the app to keep track of spraying and planting times. Now they want $30/month for the basic features I enjoyed before and $100/month for the “complete”package. Their “Lite” package is essentially useless now. Functionally speaking, it works well and I am bummed to get rid of it. It’s just way too expensive.
  • Bring back rainfall records

    By No messaging- app crashes
    FarmLogs used to be the best available tool for keeping track of rainfall amounts. As an absentee landowner, I need to know how much rain my land received in the past week, month, and year. I used to be able to get that info on FarmLogs without paying a ridiculously high fee. Now you have to pay a minimum of $30/month to see that data. I understand the company is just trying to make some additional profit but to go from free to $30/month is crazy. Everyone I knew who once used this app has stopped use since they made this change. Please bring back free rainfall totals, and for more than the last 24 hours.
  • New FarmLogs charges are ridiculous

    By Darkwolf2000
    I’ve been using farmlogs for years now just to keep up with rainfall. I’ve recommended it to so many people and now you want to stop showing us the history unless we pay you $29.99/month? Are you crazy? It’s sad you obviously let money cloud your judgement. Hasta la vista baby.
  • Getting greedy

    By Ticktoc18
    Have had this app sense it’s inception, first two years I used it 3 or more times a week during growing season, for I year they called me every month wanting to sell imagery , now I just find out they took the rainfall history away , which in fact , was the only remaining reason I use the app,
  • Really? Was free, now big charges!

    By Bob, MI
    I’ve used this app, and like it. Now it’s charging a big, not small fee to do basic stuff. Have ag companies pay for it like 99% of other apps do. I’m embarrassed that this grassroots founder is sticking it to us like ag companies been doing to us for years. Bait us in and take the money out of our hand. Sad.
  • Really not worth $360...

    By Lonestarvol
    The data supplied for $360/yr is attainable other a day when Value matters don’t waste your time but if you have money to burn spend the $1200/year...I’ve had the app for 3yrs but in three years I would not have spent $1080 for this just isn’t providing that value
  • Dumb

    By hateyou snapchay
    Love the app not paying for something I can write on paper
  • Loved this app until they started charging.

    By Toniv425
    It’s insane to be one of the first ones to have this app and now to use the features you have to pay. Crazy! Not paying to map my Feild and track the rain.
  • Please make it good again

    By cowman1970
    Used to love this to track everything. I don’t mind the $99 a month BUT app constantly freezes up and the crop help image resolution is horrible compared to the old one. They are concentrating too much on crop marketing and not enough on the good product they had!
  • Back to using a notebook and a pencil

    By Achung1970
    I only use this app on my mobile device. I have had this app far a long time and I have even had phone calls and emails with someone in the past to give you some suggestions. I only used this app to see when I planted and check the rain and heat totals. I really don’t use the rest of it. I guess I will have to go back to using a notebook and a pencil to keep track of things.
  • Not impressed anymore

    By Hossthefarmer
    Used to love this but now you can’t even log actives without paying $99. I will not be using this app anymore not worth it.
  • Screwed it’s users

    By Digital Choclate
    Took away abilities in the app and want people to pay $20 a month just to log an activity. What a joke.
  • Bait & Switch with latest upgrade

    By BerryRanch
    For years the app allowed comparisons with historical rainfall data. Now, you can have it for a mere $30/ month. Developers have gone nuts. Not worth it.
  • Hmmmm

    By Ditchjumper
    Many of the items that were once included in the free version now cost $30 per month. Really, $30 per month to view accumulated inaccurate precipitation amounts. No thanks.
  • Found this handy but!

    By Bkrullfarms
    I found this app handy but have had many issues last year with data not showing up after entering it. By the time I realized it wasn’t there I couldn’t remember what it was! And now they want to charge $30 a month to be able to do even the simplest records which to me is way to much. Sorry to say I guess I am done with this app.
  • New Changes to FarmLogs

    By A Bitstrips Fan
    As a small specialty crop grower, I used this app to track daily rainfall and rainfall totals. New update requires paying $29/mo to track rainfall totals. I’m afraid my use can’t justify spending $348 per year. Check the App Store for free or inexpensive rainfall apps.
  • Love the app, however too expensive for features

    By henrycountyfarmer
    Edit: I now cannot say I will continue using this app, apparently it is $30 a month just to be able to map fields. I logged in today to adjust the size of some of my feels that I have lost and gained and now I cannot even edit field size without paying. It had the possibility of being a good app, but $30 a month is outrageous. I love the app in its free form, the ability to log field records and check in with rain totals all in one place is very handy for me. I would like to see an option to view and manage your storage options for the mobile devices, as I don’t have a computer having to switch back and forth when adding different storage and just to see my overall storage is cumbersome. I do think however that the services that are offered in the premium packages are extremely overpriced. $1200 a year just for satellite imagery and price tracking, when both of those features can be found online for free? I would buy the premium extras if the app were cheaper and even if it had advertisements would be a fair trade. Also wanted to report a bug with iPad usage, whenever you try to update the date of an activity the app just crashes. Has been happening for over a month now. In short, great app that does have issues but definitely needs price reduced to feel even remotely purchasable.
  • Bring back the old one!!

    By %#*+=?!
    I much preferred the older version. My use is mainly for rainfall amounts and the newer versions don’t always give me a 24 hour rainfall amount. Telling me the rainfall between ‘3pm-4pm’ fails to tell me rain amount at 8am and there is no way to find that information
  • No Help or FAC

    By dison22
    Could not delete a field. Could not find any help within app or on line.
  • Exasperating! Keeps losing my data!!

    By PianoMan2000
    I’ve enjoyed this app for the last few years, always thought it was great, until this year when it kept losing my data. After inputting dates this spring of tilling, fertilizers, chemicals, and planting, I was ready to report to USDA and Crop Insurance and half of my planting dates were gone. So I estimated on the spot of these other fields. Enjoyed seeing the rainfall totals this summer. Recorded harvest dates. Was ready to report harvest dates and found all my data was wiped out!! Planting dates, harvest dates, everything, gone!! Only item still intact was one field tilled in March plus previous years. How could this happen?!? Goodbye FarmLogs. We’re done with you. Pen and paper, still the most reliable.
  • Update slow or often wrong

    By Sw TX
    I have stood in the rain on one or more lots and program never updates. Or amount is less than my rain gauge on property. Was more accurate 5 Updates ago. When I do get Update it’s usually 24-48 hrs later.
  • Accuracy is lacking

    By Gbrook4
    Beware when using the app on iPad and iPhone, rainfall totals do not correspond together. After several attempts of resolving the issue with the “happiness team” with strange explanations, I given up. After deleting the app and reinstalling, I am unable to log in. Sad sad sad
  • App works as advertised!!

    By MossyOakProperties
    I downloaded this App to effectively fertilize and spray my crop fields without a GPS unit. I was a little reluctant given some of the reviews but noticed every time some had a issue the App Developer addressed the issue. After using it in both applications, fertilizing and spraying, I can honestly say it worked to perfection with me. Will definitely continue to use!
  • Problems with upgrade

    By DLOliver
    Like the app, but I lost my fields and the app closes without data. Please fix. App not updating rain fall after last update. Problem solved. Thank you for offering a great app.
  • New updates

    By H_boatt367
    New marketing updates are great! Keep it up
  • Keeps getting better

    By m6088v
    I would say this is one best farm apps out The customer service is great they always listen to ideas and try to make the app better each time there is update Sometimes like always you fix one thing then we get a glitch on another part But they fix it as fast as they can Thanks team
  • Accuracy is Lacking on Rainfall Amounts

    By Randall1960
    The app lets me know if I got moisture on my place, as far as being accurate, not a chance. My actual rainfall is usually 4 to 5 times what the app states that I received. It’s a novelty as far as a useful app.
  • Too stinking neat

    By 5514
    I live More than 100 miles from my closest form. I can use it to keep track of rainfall also other properties that I can’t get 200 daily basis. Has a lot more functionality than I need but for what are use it, it is awesome.
  • Does it work outside usa

    By Rami faiz
    Im in Saudi Arabia I love the app and I'm asking Does it work outside usa?