By e-Courier, Inc.

  • Category: Business
  • Release Date: 2013-02-16
  • Current Version: 1.2.55
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 65.17 MB
  • Developer: e-Courier, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
Score: 2.42857
From 70 Ratings

Description for ecMobile

ecMobile allows users to connect to, and receive dispatches from, many of the nation’s leading courier, delivery, and logistics companies. If you have a truck, car, van, pickup, bike, or even a pair of shoes, you may be a candidate to perform pickup and delivery services in any city in the U.S. Once you have registered with a delivery company, you can receive dispatches right to your device, and provide real time status updates, including bar code scanning data and signature images, back to the delivery company. By simply logging on, you can signal to the delivery company your current location and that you are ready to receive work requests. Please note that this app uses GPS running in the background, which can dramatically decrease battery life.

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Reviews of ecMobile

  • iWatch compatible

    By Miss Forever Forgetful
    When will this app be available on iWatch latest series?
  • Too many issues 5/4

    By fhhgfgggbjtdd
    Nothing important work. Needs plenty of updating or just throw the whole app away.
  • Needs same view as android app

    By PandaC_209
    I just switched to iPhone and had to pay for this app! It’s been free on android for me. Anyways, it needs to have the same view, when I click on the manifest and then the jobs, it only shows the delivery times, not the address of the jobs, until I click on it. The android version lets u see the address without having to search through the job times
  • Cannot login

    By Harrisburg 205
    Cannot login
  • Ugh

    By deejaygee_1020
    App is so slowwwwwww!!
  • New iPhone update bug

    By ggjrieikhfg
    It wont scan in iPhone at all
  • Don’t buy this app

    By IsraelAndrade
    Crashes all the time and I Pay $10 dollars for this trash of app, don’t let me do my job correctly and I have to call the office to sing me in or out from a job done , please don’t buy this app we need to get better support and fix the this problem now
  • Ugh!

    By papiii...babe
    This app was okay until the update because now I literally can’t even see the address on the screen unless I click on it so I’m randomly guessing which on and hoping it’s the right one.
  • Display for Dark Mode

    By Sandman980123
    It does not display properly like it does for light mode for the iPhones. I have the 8 plus if for some reason it is just with that one.
  • Having trouble seeing stops on iPhone 10 s max

    By leo.R 61
    The app isn’t working properly on my phone the iPhone 10s max stops are not showing unless I hold the stop with my finger
  • Simply doesn’t work

    By Pghdudetim
    How can an app get worse with each update. When I first started using i, you could change the weight and piece count but this went away over a year ago. Now you can not do anything except view the job and address. You can not use the map, you can not onboard a job and you can not POD the job. The only time it will work is if there are no documents are piece count involved with the job, otherwise it keeps saying you have not viewed the documents (even if you have) or you have not verified the pieces are picked up or delivered when there is no way to do so. Please fix this, the app is almost unusable.
  • Not designed for the driver/user

    By jdcatl
    The data used by the driver should appear on one screen, not spread over multiple screens. It is easier to scroll to view data verses changing screens and then scrolling down. A developer should ride around with a on demand driver for a day or two
  • I would like my money back 😢

    By KiKO™️
    Most faulty and Irrelevant app there is no point in actually using this just call and log in through your dispatcher
  • Font size too small !!

    By RajDD
    This app is great for getting the job done easily but less conveniently. I am surely happy that it’s improving...but I have a lot of difficulty reading the source or the pickup address and the destination or the delivery address in the day time and bright light bc of the small font. Suggestion: The font size is ok but It would be very nice if you could make the addresses in the Bold style to read easily with much less stress on the eyes. At present, a person with glasses is having a great difficulty reading them in bright day light. Thank you🙏🏻
  • iPhone

    By tomiphonedont work
    ZXing is hard coded in the application, I have an iPhone and can’t download a scanner and install it. ZXing is android based and most scan codes will work, but not all.
  • Can’t use a scanner

    By Solomon4456868439
    I have to press enter every time I want to scan something it really slows me down
  • Problem maker

    By Khachadur
    Error all the time. Doesn’t go trough sometimes it’s freezing all the time. Not happy with it. It’s not working as a $10 app. It should be free.
  • updated review-999ing stops time consuming.

    By Psychobiotic
    Update-latest-please turn off the spell check! My updated review after using this app for a couple years. There needs to be a more streamlined way to 999 stops. Like a select button, and you can choose all the stops you would like to 999, then hit 999. The app would ask “would you like to delete these 15 stops?” and you would select delete. Instead of 999 each stop individually. The colors are still distracting, though I’m used to them now. (I'm looking for the address, the other info is not so important to me that it needs to be in different colors.)
  • Allow mileage entry at opening of manifest.

    By BobNNNN
    Paid $10 for app as an iphone user. But iphone users seem to not be able to enter starting miles when opening a new manifest or job. Please fix this. Seems an easy fix. The program DOES allow for ending mileage at close of manifest. That seems fine. This is a pretty big issue. Thanks. Otherwise good software. Thank you.
  • WT actual...??!!

    By MontanaMadeMan
    Just updated 7/26- CHANGE IT BACK!!!! Do NOT need intuitive verbiage- I will never use it, we type names- that’s it! And stop auto correcting how names are spelled- most names are spelled differently! This is not a great app to begin with- but you’re making it worse. Didn’t know that was possible...
  • No notifications? 👎🏼

    By Nikibaby74
    What kind of craptasticness is this? When I’m working I can’t be checking my app every 2 min to see if my dispatch has sent more work through, I’m driving and trying not to crash and get people their stuff on time. Cause they pay for it like that ya know!? Dispatch is super busy as well so they can’t call me constantly to let me know either. This seems like such and easy fix! Come on and get it together ppl!
  • Worst app I have paid for

    By .?!,,!:?)
    App does not work proper on my iphone can not scan everything
  • Job history

    By Lerimer
    When will we be able to have a tab for the history of jobs done or received!?!?!
  • Barcode scanning

    By Galactic82
    This app has gotten better in the last few months. In regards to scanning but I comparison to Android is still not what it should be. When Android user can scan 3 times quicker the iPhone using something needs to change especially since we pay 10 dollars for it and Android using get it free
  • Update changes make it impossible to find job quickly

    By TruePagan
    The latest update removed the customer name on the list and rearranged the information. Now, unless I recognize the address, it's a guessing game to which job I need to open. This needs to go back to the last format ASAP
  • Keeps charging me 32$ a month

    By Uspackdriver055608
    Like the title says i was charged 32$ when i downloaded the app. Then after i resolved the issue with the bank i was charged 32 a month after again. I need a refund
  • Options

    By Mqiap
    Works great! Can you guys please make it more customizable? Not everyone likes big font and it would actually look more professional in my opinion. After all I paid $10 for it.
  • Worked till the last update now CRASHES

    By tazman3001
    They added colors but removed stability it crashes EVERY TIME I try accessing stops can't get work done if you can't get needed information 😖😖😖
  • Crashes

    By angery bike courier
    I relied on this app for work, with the latest update on iPhone it crashes constantly. Worked great before that.
  • Decent app with huge bugs

    By Pillowthrust
    App uses location always (even when not in use) so it's the primary source of drain on my battery per battery management. If you use iPhone camera to scan barcodes it just crashes. Good app, just needs some recoding
  • Manual scanning preferred

    By Hummer787
    Should bring back the manual selection for scanning files option/button...
  • Last two days crashing at signature line

    By SinglesSource.US
    Crash at Signature Stage Update I am not a techie and this imay not be the reason why my EC mobile is not crashing for the last 24 hours when I go to the signature stage of my run but when I deleted a lot of old contacts that were superfluous off of my iPhone plus removed extra photos that were not needed anymore etc and then turned my phone off and on once then miraculously my signature stage was working again instead of crashing just a helpful hint that helped me and hopefully you can share it with others they can give it a try! Sent from my iPhone Please excuse grammatical errorsNever did this before but now when I click on the signature line it's just reverts back to the EC mobile icon I don't understand what is wrong so now I'm just taking a photo and entering instead of going to the signature line because of this issue. Another issue is when you go to apps support it says you are L not sound so there is no support! LOL
  • Crashes

    By Matthewllehr
    Crashes every time I get a signature.
  • Crash

    By Shepardsmassage21
    ISO 10 update crashes at signature need a fix ASAP!