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By Xactware Solutions, Inc.

  • Category: Business
  • Release Date: 2013-03-21
  • Current Version: 5.20.600
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 172.82 MB
  • Developer: Xactware Solutions, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 12.0 or later.
Score: 4.51353
From 2,255 Ratings

Description for Xactimate

Xactimate mobile is the first fully realized mobile estimating app. It allows professionals to build an estimate from start to finish from their iOS device, and it works seamlessly with Xactimate’s online and desktop platforms. *Some features, such as generating reports or downloading price lists, require internet or 4G access. For customer support, visit the eService center.

Screenshots to Xactimate


Reviews of Xactimate

  • Good but...

    By Jimmyross1994
    Make it so that it’s easier to bring ESX files into the sketch and pull the information!
  • Please change macro usability

    By Stevekujo
    Please change macros in the mobile app on the iPad so that all items are not selected by default. I only want to choose the items that I need for that job. Most of us use macros like menus. We only want to choose what we need for that job. The android app works like I’m describing and I need the iPad app to work like that as well. Please let me know when this changes so that I can bump up my three star rating to a 5 star rating.
  • Very glitchy

    By Johnnyjayy92
    I’ve had a lot of glitching errors with this program for example even typing this message I can’t see the letters that I’m typing it’s white on white
  • Needs symbols

    By Rwadjusting
    I like to make accurate sketches with blocked cabinets, vanities, sinks, toilets etc. mobile interface is not user friendly for long time Xactimate users who have a refined process with sketch and estimating.
  • Field Inspection

    By Corbie51
    The system keeps saying it has lost connection. Then when I close the file it jams and will not open. I have to turn the phone completely off then reboot. The as I left file I got an error message that did not stay on screen long enough to get a screen shot.
  • Intuitive. Really great. Wish it would export estimates as PDFs

    By JJS71
    Works pretty good. Needs ability to generate PDFs. I’ve been out of the industry for the last four years and this was a nice surprise on my first day back. I managed to crash it once while attempting to drag a line item from one room to another. Running on iPad Pro 10.5” running iPadOS 13.3
  • Buggy, always buggy.

    By Balls Sanderson
    Really, it’s buggy.
  • Photos need to keep a copy on the tablets photo app.

    By Stretch papa
    I never use the photos function in Xact because it does not send a copy to the tablets photo app. As a result, if something happens to the esx file whether on the tablet or in transit in the cloud, there are no copies of the photos. I do not want to go back out to get photos I’ve already taken. Plus, if that were to happen, the risk is not in the same condition as it was at the time of my original inspection. There are so many reasons that would not be advantageous. If the photos were saved on the tablets photo app I would absolutely use the photo function on the mobile version, as it seems to be really good. Until that day, I’ll stick with my photo app.
  • Great for collecting data with one huge problem

    By harryhoody
    Our office has implemented iPads in the field for our adjusters. We want to use one program to capture all claim-related data. Xactimate for iPad seemed to be the solution. We are very happy with how the application works but there is one huge design flaw. The mobile app does not resize photographs. It’s taking and attaching full sized iPad photographs to the ESX file. So you end up having huge file sizes and huge photo report sizes. We had a photo report with less than 100 pictures that was over 250 Mb as a pdf. Files of that size are literally breaking the claims management system we upload the reports to. It also greatly increases upload time as the adjuster sends the file into the office for processing. We have resorted to taking photos with the iPad’s camera, then doing a batch conversion Nehemiah’s importing into the ESX. We need a one-stop-shop in the mobile app, because as you probably know, time is an adjuster’s most valuable resource. Please make the app more functional! One additional comment: The scrolling dates/times for date of loss, inspection date, etc. is not user friendly as claims I often encounter are up to years old. Rolling that scroll wheel back years is an extreme effort of patience. Thank you all, I hope to see continued improvement of the app.
  • Data Loss using Online

    By adjuster john
    The company has yet to address the issue of losing photo captions when manipulating photos. Overall it is a good tool to use in the field, but losing work lowers productivity.
  • Love it

    By Simonm64
    The best app for the restoration industry, thanks.
  • Won’t open

    By BrMiHa
    I have the latest iPhone and the last month or so I haven’t been able to open the app. I have done all of the updates and it force closes every time I try and open it.
  • This App Blows

    By young geraldo
    None of my projects load. Make it better please.
  • Export Option Needed

    This would be perfect if there was an export feature. This makes reports quick and easy until we have to export them. Then the process sends us back to the dark ages. Please fix this or at least work on a browser other than antiquated explorer.
  • No

    By nzf76
    Much harder to navigate then my laptop version.
  • Doesn’t sync to my other devices

    By samuelkane123
    Crashes a lot and not impressed with the features compared to 28. It’s like the stepped back in time and just made it more difficult.
  • Mobile updates

    By Flippa'
    I’ve been using XM28 for some time now and recently order the Professional version to help shorten my actual office time. At this point I’m still spending time either converting back to the online profile or transferring to 28 for simple fixes which the mobile isn’t doing at the moment such as - roof sketches does not group sunroofs under the estimate tree, the reports does not have the Statement of Loss report and completing my narrative. I feel this application is not a true mobile device until these are added for the working adjuster and/or contractor.
  • Phypher84

    By Phypher84
    Love the app but we really need a mortgage field.
  • Best tool

    By J. Madrid
    The tool that makes life easy and money flow smoothly
  • More Features Please

    By Jami653
    How about adding the ability to complete a General Loss Report or Narrative Report in the field? This would make it a true mobile platform without having to access X1 or 28 to complete the project.
  • For what it costs, it should be better!!

    By Rich Inc.
    I’ve lost many projects with the mobile app. It’s great, if it worked properly all the time! Simple things have been made hard. Why can’t I export pictures from XM8 to my mobile device? Why can’t I save the file to my device? That way, when it crashes-because it WILL-I don’t loose everything. If I don’t have an internet connection, and don’t upload it right away, it is most likely lost. I shouldn’t have to take duplicate pictures, and backup sketches! Totally defeats the purpose of the mobile! If it doesn’t work properly, it should never have been rolled out. Yes, I’ve spent hours and hours with the help folks-and still lost multiple projects. Multiple times. PLEASE FIX IT AND MAKE IT RELIABLE!!!!,
  • Getting better, not there yet

    By Circular.ebin
    The app has seen some improvements, but it still has issues. I’m glad to see that you can finally find the line items a little easier. The app will randomly crash with no error. You still can’t grab and adjust an offset that’s 1 foot or less. The sketch still jumps around and zooms in at will. Selecting a wall usually goes like this: You select the wall, but get the room...not what you you have two things you didn’t want select a blank area to start actually select what you wanted, but now some interior/exterior bubble popped up in the select a blank area your able to grab the wall and adjust it, but it won’t grab it again, and are finally able to adjust it. If you have no patience, you will become very angry using this app. I think using the Apple Pencil amplifies the annoyances because it slides around too easily, but if you have fat fingers like me, then the pencil is your best option. It’s easier to roll your finger to get more precise measurements, but the Apple Pencil will slide back and forth past your measurement, and force you to use the wheel adjustment. It’s hard to get used to, and even harder to keep using. I can manually sketch, and draw from the office desktop, much faster than fiddling with the app, on site.
  • Got a phone call today!

    By video32a
    Looks like they fixed the hang up with log out. Before if not done properly you would have to reinstall and you would loose everything on there. All the files you were working on, it’s fixed!!!! Charles
  • Review

    By nobke2503
    It’s been shutting down as soon as it opens. Spoke with support and thought issue was resolved. Next day same issue. Lost all my partially completed estimates I was working, twice.
  • Disappointed

    By Little P and Big B's mom
    Up until the app crashed I was happy with the performance. Now I have lost 4 files with all photos and sketches. I’m not sure if I will be renewing my subscription for the mobile application as it is fairly expensive and has now resulted in me loosing time and revenue. Very disappointing at this time and I have no faith in the performance of this service.
  • Wouldn’t allow login

    By dmb77tx
    I downloaded the app and it won’t allow me to login or access the eservice website to correct the problem.
  • Don’t wast your time

    By 1773&;'nxkkd
    They have horrible customer service and you can’t just set up the app to check it out. You have to pay.
  • How and why

    By sltlee
    After registering, password and all that, when I open the app it says there are no incidences associated and will not open, what the heck is this? I can’t even give it one star if I can’t open it,
  • Very disappointed, still not ready for prime time

    By Will Laz
    Very disappointed with this app, had such high hopes for it, I’ve used it years ago and it was still essentially a beta version but this is not stable enough to rely on. I do 4 scopes a day sometimes more and in areas where my internet is not always so good, so I need to save the photos and sketch locally in the app until I am able to come back get on my WiFi connection and upload them. I use this in conjunction with xactimate online, and I just had it log me out of the online version when I log into mobile, but this issue was or is that whenever I then try to log into the mobile app, it crashes won’t start, I rebooted and it crashed again, I’m using an iPhone X that has a better processor than like 95% of all laptops, no hardware issue. I went to the eservice center, the only solution is to uninstall and reinstall the app, all those photos and sketch, gone will have to go rescope them. And when I do rescope them I will now use good old graph paper and a camera because this app is just not reliable enough. I just ordered a 10.5” iPad Pro for over $1k with accessories that I will now be returning because this app crashing just one time like that and losing all the data, makes it worthless to me because I have to rescope. Developers...take note I was so excited because I thought all the bugs had been worked out of the app, but they haven’t. What I don’t understand and let me preface this first, I don’t like symbility and think the desktop v. of XM8 is far superior, but how is it that symbility has had a functional good working app for several years now that integrates well with the desktop but Xactware, with all their resources, can’t make this mobile app work right. Extremely disappointing, cannot emphasize that enough. It’s back to graph paper and a pencil...c’est la vie.
  • Great Idea, Poor Execution.

    By LuzSoldat
    The program itself is incredibly bug ridden, and the app is worse! I have lost several assignments’ data using the mobile app. There should at least be a way to dump the raw data so I can retrieve it on another device and not lose all the time, effort, and hard work put in on each claim.
  • Keeps crashing

    By KamiMartin
    Following most recent update, app keeps crashing when I try to clear assignments.
  • Totally worthless

    By Boating Guy Person
    Does not read ESX files and no way to upload using a mobile device. Extremely slow. What sense does it make to require a mobile app to have super fast internet connection for any tolerable level of performance? Just one of worst pieces of software I’ve ever seen.
  • Drawings on a photo disappears when viewing on a report

    By Goodbird989wi
    Whenever I draw on a photo within the app, the drawings disappear from the photos when viewing them in a report. I can see intention to do this in the video on the app page, but is effective in the application. I spoke to support and there are no fixes, only workarounds for this issue. When this is corrected I can give it more more stars.
  • Keeps crashing

    By Orlando Antonio
    It’s useless to pay if it’s going to be crashing every 5 minutes.