Genius Fax - Fax PDF documents

Genius Fax - Fax PDF documents

By The Grizzly Labs

  • Category: Business
  • Release Date: 2013-02-06
  • Current Version: 2.3.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 24.37 MB
  • Developer: The Grizzly Labs
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
Score: 4.85658
From 14,775 Ratings

Description for Genius Fax - Fax PDF documents

Genius Fax is the easiest way to send and receive faxes from your iOS device that stays affordable. No need to go to the dreaded fax store anymore. Faxing with Genius Fax is simple, fast and beautiful. Read below for pricing and subscription information. To send a fax: choose a file from your favorite cloud service (Dropbox, Google Drive, Box) or from any other iOS app (Genius Scan, Safari, Mail…) To receive a fax: subscribe for a number and you’re all set. You receive documents as PDF and can preview them or open them with any other app. **** Sending: - Tap the “Send” button to choose a file from Box, Dropbox or Google Drive. - Alternatively, open a PDF or image file in any of your favorite app (iBooks …) and use the “Open with” feature of any app to open the file with Genius Fax - Enter the recipient fax number - Optionally add a title, sender, description and recipient details and enable the cover page - Tap the send button! - Each page costs a fax credit, the cover page is free. Receiving: - Subscribe to a number for 1, 3 or 6 months - Give away your number to whoever needs to fax to you - Add credits to receive faxes. One page costs one credit. - Faxes appear in your fax list as soon as they are received and paid for Features: - Simple and beautiful UI. We don't understand why business apps should be ugly! - Pick a PDF or image file to send from another app or from the cloud - Send a fax to select international fax numbers (see list of countries below) - Send and forget: push notification for success and failure - Receive faxes - Free cover page that includes the sender and recipient contact details, as well as a subject a long description - Conveniently buy credits and fax number subscriptions - History of the faxes you sent available from any of your devices with Genius Fax (using your Genius Fax account) - Easily delete from history Cost: - Each page of your PDF file costs a fax credit to send or to receive - When sending, the cover page appended by Genius Fax is always free - You can buy credits in Genius Fax. A fax credits starts at $0.99 but costs as little as $0.39 if purchased in bulk. - You can buy a number in Genius Fax for as little as $3.49/month - Send your fax to any supported country. It's always one credit per page. International destinations supported: US, Canada, UK, Japan, France, Germany, Spain, Austria, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Netherlands, Cyprus, Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Greece, Hungary, Romania, Iceland, Ireland, Malta, Morocco, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Israel, Kazakhstan, India, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Panama, New Zealand and Australia Genius Fax is fully compatible with Genius Scan. You can scan documents with Genius Scan and fax them with Genius Fax. This fax app supports documents up to 50 MB. Please let us know your feedback at so that we can improve the app with the next iteration! Legal: - By using Genius Fax, you agree to the terms of use - These terms are always available from the app settings menu

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Reviews of Genius Fax - Fax PDF documents

  • Reliable platform !

    By twinturboyan
    I rarely use fax anymore but when I need to I use this app. Very stable and often updated and features. Thx very much. Useful APP.
  • Easy

    By naprea
    Thanks for being so easy !!
  • Great App

    By Gibkey
    I’ve been using this app for about five year, and it’s great. Highly recommend.
  • Fraud

    By Ron and Lea
    This app did not send my fax They do it tell you that Apple Store is involved and now I have a huge hurdle getting my refund Apple is absolutely NOT helpful in this Fraud by Genius Fax Do not use this app
  • Great quick and easy !

    By lupeone
    Super convenient and easy to use !
  • So Easy

    By jrobi03
    Years ago, I used MyFax. But today, GeniusFax is the perfect complement to GeniusScan.
  • Love it!!!!

    By The storm 1983
    Being able to fax my important document tax documents, Loan information any document really priceless!!!! Thank you Jon well done!!!
  • Great app

    By tonya renee sims
    Awesome time saving app! Don’t have to leave my sofa to fax important docs!! I almost went to fed ex but remembered I had the app on my phone and it’s cheaper!!
  • Genius Fax

    By happyHibiki
    SOLID - no frills no fuss. Great if you want/need to send an occasional fax.
  • Easy

    By stfc420
    So far all is great. It should be known while the app is free, you have to purchase fax pages in order to use it.
  • Best Fax App

    By sto ned
    Don’t waste your time on any other app, download Genius Fax and Genius Scan for the easiest cheapest fastest way. Took me 5 hours to try and send a fax, don’t have a fax machine library was closed all other apps charge too much and are a headache. Sent the 1 fax I needed to send within 10 minutes with Genius Fax. I’m high af so this got me really excited.
  • Genius

    By Ladygyp
    Absolutely love this app! Much easier than sending a fax on a machine. All my important documents are sent and received in a timely fashion.
  • Spam

    By sameh jaber
  • Charged $4.29 but fax didn’t go through

    By Saddened by the thought!
    Had an important fax to send. Paid $4.29 and attempted to send the fax. I received a message saying it didn’t work and that charge would be credited. But, the credit hasn’t happened.
  • Love it!

    By TommyBoy68Coronet#!?{}
    I tried 2 other Free! Scanners,they were very hard to use! I praise the day!,my district Manager of Primerica Financial told me of Genius Scan it’s Amazing, I love how it takes photo Automatically when focused!!! I highly recommend this APP to anyone handling a lot of Documents! Tom H
  • Feedback

    By Ashleypoga
    I mostly like your app but it’s frustrating that there is no easy way to just simply click on and copy my fax number. I don’t wanna have to memorize the number and re-tape it over in another app if I want to share my fax number with someone who supposed to send me a fax. It seems really tiny and simple but it’s actually a bit of a peeve — I don’t understand why we can’t just click on the fax number and copy it. Also it’s a little frustrating to me that this is the only place where I can provide feedback instead of an actual Feedback/tech-support button.
  • Best App Ever!

    By jakeponcho
    I have to do a lot of Military paperwork that still has to be faxed. Cheaper and easier to use this app.
  • Can’t beat this price

    By Orange1aae
    I can’t believe we still have to fax things these days with all the technological advances we’ve achieved. Much to my annoyance, when the pandemic hit California and the unemployment office struggling to manage, instead of documents sent electronically, we have to use “snail mail or fax” to send our documents in. Faxing documents via FedEx is about the same price, but it’s so Much easier to purchase credits on your phone and do it in the comfort of your home. Much more important these days since the pandemic is still happening. Thanks dudes and dudettes! You guys just saved me the trip and all the while promoting social distancing!
  • Quick and Easy

    By nikkikaur04
    My fax at home doesn’t work right now and I rely on Genius Fax to get all my paperwork done and it’s so easy and efficient.
  • Took my money and didn’t work

    By zabor boom
    I paid to have two pages faxed because I was out of the office. It kept giving me an error message that it was an incorrect number, but when I got in the office and sent via a fax machine, no problems! The recipient confirmed receipt from an actual fax machine, so there’s obviously not a problem with the number.
  • Works Great for Receiving Faxes

    By Robin in CA
    Didn’t want to have to go out and interact with others due to Covid-19. Gave this app a try and it worked great. It cost $3.99 USD for an efax number and $.99/page. As of this writing there are no subscription fees to worry about having to cancel. You pay $3.99 for the efax number and it expires in 30 days. If you want to keep the number, you’ll have an opportunity to do so.
  • Does what I need, well &a primary tool for personal and business secure communications.

    By ?what next?
    Great suite. I find the G-Fax and G-Scan+ are very useful on the road and at home base. The suite plays well with both my iPad and iPhone. One feature would improve Genius Fax utility: 1. Make the cover sheet printable AFTER a document is Faxed. (In the most current version of Genius Fax it is only viewable).I can do a screen copy, pase to Pages or email... but that is tedious.
  • Not useful

    By parchfescb
    Can’t fax more than one page unless buy second app.
  • Quick

    By Dumpedthisapp
    Easy to do.
  • First time

    By charrisonthree
    Easy to use. No errors
  • Multiple pages

    By AshAsh246635
    It’s so annoying to upload multiple pages... Couldn’t import pages from Genius scan App as well... I won’t recommend this one..
  • Scam at $.70 a page.

    By Neveragaim
    Not worth it. Buy a stamp.
  • Saved me during COVID19

    By Chris K. Garsevanian
    Soooo east to use, and was heaven sent during my time working from home due to the pandemic.
  • Seriously

    By Pagesloves
    The fact that I’m able to send a fax straight from my phone. No hassles or running Around is amazing! I already loved the scan app but this is beyond GENIUS!! I love that you can buy credits and not have to subscribe for a monthly plan or anything. Thumbs up
  • Great app!

    By VTRoberson
    Needed it for one time use to send medical claims. The quality of the scans (used genius scan) is good, and both apps are simple to use. I like that I could pay for credits vs having to buy a subscription.
  • It Really Comes in Handy!

    By IMDbBest
    I am pleased with this app, I plan to continue to use it! Recommend 💯
  • Best Fax App 4 Casual Fax Senders

    By RobinHood09
    It’s hard to find an app for anything that doesn’t think you should spend x amount per month with it. I’m sure like most people, I rarely fax. We have much more advanced technology now. However, every couple months I get that 1 or 2 items that insist on a fax. If that happens next month for a 1 page document it only costs me 99 cents instead of the others that may give a week free but those 2 months at 4.99 or 9.99 is significantly more than 99 cents. If I go 4 months and don’t send any my bill is zero. Not the 25-40$ the others would have collected. They are all easy to use. This app just gets that we are not trapped in the 80’s.
  • Super easy!!

    By Sassimama77
    I use this app anytime I need to fax anything, from anywhere! Great app!!!
  • Who needs a stupid fax machine?

    By MTN RDR
    You can’t put a PDF in a fax machine but you can in this.