PlanGrid Construction Software

PlanGrid Construction Software

By PlanGrid, Inc.

  • Category: Business
  • Release Date: 2012-02-15
  • Current Version: 5.89.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 229.44 MB
  • Developer: PlanGrid, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 12.0 or later.
Score: 4.71624
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Description for PlanGrid Construction Software

PlanGrid is the #1 construction app. Build and collaborate from anywhere with real-time access to plans, punch lists, documents and daily reports. Use PlanGrid to reduce repeated trips to the trailer, minimize rework, and find answers faster through instant collaboration. Instantly share construction plans, markups, photos, and reports with your entire project team, from desktop or mobile. With over 150 million sheets uploaded, PlanGrid is the best proven way to track revisions, view progress, and manage issues and punch lists in the field, with or without internet connection. Download today - Your first 21 days are free. FEATURES: * Work from the current set, no matter where you are * Stay up-to-date with instant, personalized notifications on project changes * Compare drawings to quickly identify changes or clashes * Customize tasks to track planned work and manage QA/QC items and punch lists with your team * Access all construction documents—RFIs, submittals, specs and schedule—from anywhere * Manage your drawing set with automatic versioning and drawing set tags * Quickly navigate your drawings with PlanGrid’s automatic hyperlinking of detail callouts * Capture, markup and share progress photos by pinning them to the plan * Provide a comprehensive view of progress by uploading 360° photos * Advanced search and filtering to always find what you need * Easily share drawing snapshots or the entire document directly from your iPad or iPhone HAVE CONFIDENCE: * Markups and notes are instantly synced across all platforms, and with your team * Construction progress photos and docs are automatically backed up * PlanGrid protects your data through AES-256 bit end-to-end encryption What our users say: • “We needed to simplify the field to build buildings. Without that, there is no construction. PlanGrid just works and is so simple, I can do my job.” -Josh Cantrell, Superintendent at Rudolph & Sletten • “PlanGrid keeps the entire team connected to the most up-to-date plans, while saving time and money.” -Danielle Douthett, Project Executive at Level 10 Construction • "PlanGrid makes life easier on the job site. I have all the drawings, pictures, addendum, submittals, RFIs, ASIs and specs at my fingertips.” Joey Woodard, Superintendent at Montgomery Martin Contractors • “PlanGrid facilitates in-depth and on-site meetings by accessing all relevant documents anywhere on site via our iPads.” -Greg Miller, Senior Architect at AECOM Have feedback or ideas? Please email us at If you’re enjoying the app, please leave a review. We read them all.

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Reviews of PlanGrid Construction Software

  • Proceed with caution.

    By Jspawd
    I’m a sub. The project has 3 lots on first phase for a total of 11 buildings. I secured an invite to the project for 2 buildings. Those two buildings total 580 sheets. Due to billing and support not answering phones and sales lack of knowledge on monthly subscriptions I’m looking at two folders, can’t access either one even though each is under 550 pages. I just started my subscription and for a week I’ve spent $50 on nothing. Can’t access without upgrading. Why as a EC sub, do I need to pay for sheets I’ll never use? How is this a viable option to Procore? Absolutely done with plan grid after this project. Please do your research before getting this app for your project.
  • Great! But...

    By Aiden miner
    Idc I’m bored
  • My #1 Takeoff App For Construction Projects

    By komatsuman64
    Highly recommended. 5 stars guaranteed
  • Drawings Only

    By GroceryGuy1979
    If you only need drawings and RFIs, it’s fine. Daily Reports, Tasks and Submittals are painful. I created 40 Tasks yesterday (safety and deficiency issues) and it is still “snyconizing” 24 hours later. That means I can’t pull a report with the items even a day later.
  • Asked me to review the app

    By Juggling by
    I just started using it wil see if it’s good seems ok to the eye
  • Syncing Issue

    By Tkral - Pepper
    I have a problem syncing after adding task items from multiple team members accounts. I leave it to sync for about 10 to 20 minutes and it does not work, so I have to skip.
  • Crashing / can’t type a review

    By lefont2000
    The it a few times , not sure if I like it yet,
  • Garbage

    By iamyourg3granddaddy_
    Cancel my trial run.
  • PlanGrid improvements

    By The real cosmo CA
    I think you guys have been doing a great job for years now. I love the fact that you will really read this. And take to heart any suggestions people give you. No one in today’s corporate world could ask for more. Thank you for always willing to improve your software. No suggestions today 😎Have a great weekend! Sincerely: Art Martinez- California electrician.
  • Simple and great app

    By himank soni
    Plan grid one of the best apps out there it’s easy to use , well organized , good looking app but lacks Good BIM execution and expensive app to buy.
  • Not as user friendly and horrible billing

    By seniorsehas
    I can't stand people who write one start reviews, but, here I am. We were sold and excited on this product as everyone at plan grid told us how easy everything would become once we implement it. We signed up with the agreement that we would get some training. When the "trainer" showed up, he mostly played with his phone and answered nearly every question with "you can find out how to do that on the website." Thanks buddy. One of the biggest reasons we bought in was the promise that PlanGrid would automatically sort out documents once we we upload them. When we asked how to do it he said "it doesn't do that". We promptly cancelled after that "training meeting". I spoke to many people and emailed many people too cancel. Finally I had one of the supervisors tell me the account was cancelled. 10 months later, I have a collections notice from a law office out of Florida. I've emailed plan grid 5 times. They're completely unresponsive. This is the worst experience I've had with any product in the industry. It not only didn't work as it was sold to us, the whole company is unresponsive.
  • Too many bugs and missing features to count.

    By thomaspentoney
    Can’t rotate photos. Task report photos come in too small. Some features are available on the desktop app that are not available on the browser app, or vice versa. Can’t edit task reports in Word without the format being completely redone. Bug won’t allow me to sync tasks stored on iPad to desktop.
  • Less expensive option

    By Tnow
    Check out “Home Building Excel Spreadsheet” on Etsy (store name on Etsy is “Spreadsheets4Life”). It has cost/schedule (Gantt) and a step-by-step checklist. It even has an estimated draw schedule. If you’re a smaller company it may take care of your needs. PlanGrid may be overkill for what you are doing. If so, why pay so much each month. The Etsy spreadsheet is a one-time cost.
  • Traducción

    By arturo perrooo
    Esta aplicación es la mejor solo le falta que tuviera en diferentes idiomas los planos que su subes
  • The best

    By Trio degradable
    Plangrid is the best friendly field software I have ever used. Easy to use, it has a lot of easy features. Old school superintendents that work with me are using Plangrid and they are amazed, this is a must have tool on the field !
  • Tommy

    By electrical subcontractor
    If your a subcontractor I would go month to month on a subscription as the owners/general contractors may require use of another platform like Procore which does not cost the subcontractor. If you sign up for the yearly subscription it automatically rolls over and they will not notify you and then expect you to pay a large bill even though you may not have a project that is not using the plan grid platform. This is a very expensive app but works great.
  • Difficult to print file from tablet

    By Phmveukfn140
    Difficult to print file from tablet
  • Customer service is lacking

    By delacha29
    Really hard to get in touch with their support team when there’s an issue. Unreliable
  • It’s a little hard

    By masterm444444
    So what I mean by it’s a little hard is it’s really hard , when you get into the game you have to log in which is fine when you get in there’s the place where you add a project you add it and the first thing you see is sheets but there is no where to add sheets . You would think I just don’t see it but I checked about 20 times.i have one suggestion that is can there please be a plus symbol to add a sheet . And if you design your project somewhere else please tell me .
  • Submission emails.

    By tamiller13
    Would love to be able to turn off submission emails.
  • Having trouble syncing

    By jrod4347
    Having trouble syncing my reports
  • Almost perfection

    By tennuck
    Plangrid needs to buy out and incorporate Raiken’s reports. Also, when download my models and CAD files from documents, they come down renamed - prone to erroneous batch renaming as a result. Oh - add IFC viewing support... that would grab a lot of A360 customers.
  • PlanGrid use Awesome

    By inspector awesome
    I use PlanGrid in the field it’s Awesome and easy to use.
  • Best App

    By cfgeiuywrf
    Quite literally the single best thing that has ever been brought to the construction industry.
  • Field Reports

    By MarkO1234554321
    Love PlanGrid as a whole but field Reports seems to be so overlooked. So bad that I’m looking into Raken but still haven’t pulled the trigger there. They need to dumb it down a little and simplify it. Add a couple pics, some notes, install weather, and done. We use Exacttime for our labor costing so it would be nice if we could click and edit what we want, need, for our reports that our copied daily. Please fix! Or make better!
  • Plan grid

    By kinngmee
    Great app very convenient and particularly
  • Not free app... requires subscription

    By Darius mclovin
    So they completely stopped supporting the free version of this app. And in order to do anything you cant get past the subscription-wall without $50 a month minimum.
  • Manage projects from app?

    By Tidemike
    The fact that you can’t manage which projects you have on the app is ridiculous. Every time I exceed my sheet limit, I have to sign in on a computer and leave a project. This should be a simple fix. Please fix!
  • I love this app!!!

    By F250Superintendent
    I love this app. My only concern is that every time we have to write daily reports and transfer pictures from camera roll they are not sorted by date. I know the pictures have dates when they’re uploaded to the daily report but not when you’re searching for it. It would be a nice addition since I’m sure I’m not the only one with that problem. And also, it would be nice if we could edit daily reports that have been submitted since in the construction field things tend to change overnight.
  • Muhamed Hantalasevic

    By Mhantala
    I can not access to my programs on iPad from Friday 4-18-2019
  • Very Good...

    By Sikboy53
    I like almost everything about PlanGrid. Almost. Would be great to be able to leave/delete projects more than one at a time. How about a select and leave/delete multiple projects feature?
  • Beats paper

    By TiminSoCal
    The features are great. Especially nice to have instant updates to RFIs and CO'S.
  • Great app

    By el compa wally
    I love it
  • Pricing is outrageous

    By justinmyopinion
    Used to be free for a single user like a homeowner, now 49 a month. Crazy. If it had a lite plan for basic function at 10 a month I would pay but not 49.