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  • Category: Business
  • Release Date: 2011-12-22
  • Current Version: 4.1.8356
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 33.33 MB
  • Developer: LogMeIn, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 12.0 or later.
Score: 4.6765
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Description for LogMeIn

LogMeIn by LogMeIn, Inc. Get secure anytime, anywhere access to your computers from your iPad or iPhone. LogMeIn for iOS gives LogMeIn Pro and Central subscribers remote access to PCs and Macs over Wi-Fi or mobile data. Note: to use this free app you must first have a LogMeIn subscription. ******************************************* Get started with these easy steps: 1. Download the LogMeIn app from the App Store. 2. Go to the PC or Mac you want to access and install the LogMeIn software. 3. Tap the LogMeIn app from your iPhone or iPad to access your computer For detailed step-by-step instructions, please read the LogMeIn Getting Started Guide. With LogMeIn for iOS you can: • Access your home and work computers on the go • Control your Mac or PC as if you’re sitting right in front of it • Get to your computer files and edit them from your iPad/iPhone • Remotely run any application on your computer from your iPad/iPhone Features include: • Mouse and screen settings – choose your preferred method of remote control with scroll mode • Magnifying glass and zoom slider – zoom by mouse, slide or with your fingers • Quick access to your files with File Manager – save files directly to your iPad/iPhone so you can work on them offline, or move and copy files between devices. • Change display color, resolution and network speed to maximize remote control performance. • HD video and sound – watch videos located on your computer in HD and sound stream remotely • Photo App Management – easily access and transfer photos with • Email Attachments – attach any number of files, including photos and emails within the LogMeIn app • Multi-monitor view – shake your device or three-finger swipe to switch between monitors NOTE: To use this free application, you must first have a LogMeIn subscription on the computer(s) you want to access. We love your feedback! Twitter: @LogMeIn

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Reviews of LogMeIn

  • F

    By Ddemetri
    Thanks v
  • Response to requests. May not resolve problems for days.

    By Mr Easy To Please
  • Great!

    By Lincoln Cousin
    Loves & Likes!
  • Unreliable when you need it most

    By Abldhdidn
    Can’t depend on this
  • Terrible customer service

    By Zeke_77
    I need real time support and can’t get it
  • Great for Free

    By debrucer
    Otherwise not so great. The company honored the deal I bought. I believe it was $25 on-time purchase on the App Store and that implemented the free version for ten years. It is 2020 and no longer free. I will miss it.
  • Mouse

    By dotan613
    I only wish the mouse was moveable
  • Unable to connect to some computers.

    By mattnorton2u
    Unable to connect to some computers. It just hangs on the connecting screen.
  • p

    By azskylineGTR
  • Great app

    By GKnightman
    Logmein is a very good company, they have a few great product on their websites. I personally use few of their products. The app is very easy to use can let remotely connect back to your computer.
  • Unable to “Log Me In”

    By Turbosax
    Isn’t the point of LogMeIn to enable one to remotely log in to a computer? This program absolutely fails in that regard and therefore is a total waste of time and money.
  • LogMeIn

    By Hovsepian62
    Logmein2my Accounts app
  • Easier than the Website

    By Prcuteegirl
    I have to use this for my job and prefer going on the app on my Phone oppose to my laptop. Keep up the good work.
  • Stupid

    By Unethical charges 54
    I’m trying to login and it stops and send further instructions to my email address WHICH I CAN’T ACCESS WITHOUT LOGMEIN. it should give you an option to text instructions or code to your phone until you have everything set up. Microsoft Outlook app does the same thing. Setup requires you to get further instructions from an email they will send you. HELLO, that’s the whole reason I’m setting up Outlook to get my email.
  • Ok by me

    By Mianxp
    Have paid hundreds for subscription yearly for pro on my laptop for many years. Worth every penny. Great program. I’ve just downloaded the app for my Apples....so we’ll see how this goes. Logged in seamlessly.
  • Pure scumbags run this company

    By Cklv
    At a time when working remotely is vital to the workforce Logmein has once again proven they could care less about their customers. I once subscribed to their service after it went from being free to a paid subscription. That was fine as it was a valuable service to me although I went from access to all my computers to only 2. That was ok as they promised the app, which I paid $30 for at the time, would always be free and give me access to all my computers. This was great until yesterday when I opened up the app to find all my computers had “restricted access” and I would once again be subject to their subscription fees in the hundreds of dollars per year. I thank my lucky stars I had already started using jump desktop as the feature set destroyed everything logmein has to offer, which as of 13.4 iPadOS, supports full generic and Apple mice, trackpads etc. Adios Logmein you guys really take the cake for scumbaggery!
  • Restricted

    By Crlaozwyn
    Hey, thanks for restricting my account after over a decade of use. You’re the best - really. Switched to TeamViewer. Sure, it’s smoother and I have better resolution not, but your software is $350/year instead of being free for personal use so it MUST be better, right?
  • Karl

    By delasert
    The log me In phone number is not operating. Need to cancel service
  • Not ready for prime time...

    By Acroduster
    As an app to be able to seamlessly control your work computer, this one falls pretty flat. Support for an iPad Pro is apparently non-existent (on the phone with support - and they can’t find a manual or any guidance). Just very little control of a Windows system (HOW do you click and drag? They can’t figure it out and neither can I!). The only reason I give it two stars is that the connection speed is better than expected and it seems stable and solid otherwise. The desktop app, however, is great and works well.
  • Horrible Billing

    By DH@5
    This company charged me for a full year subscription instead of a monthly fee. I called today for a refund and they basically said sorry we can’t help you. I would not recommend them because they steal from their automatic debit billing customers like me.
  • Way too expensive for prior App purchaser

    By Gator5000e
    As someone who made the $30 app purchase, I’m disappointed that the access via that program is gone. Now they offer a full subscription priced at about $350 a year. For someone who used this app to access a relative’s computer or occasionally accessed a work computer this price is way too expensive. I did sign up for the 1/2 price discount on switching over from the $30 app but at $350 a year I won’t be renewing. If they come up with a cheaper program I might consider it. But not at that regular price.
  • Waste of time

    By Jmoney1037
    The desktop never came up on my ipad. I was on the same WiFi network and it never fully loaded. I could move the mouse on the screen and then see it move on my Mac but I could not see what I was clicking on. Thank gosh there is a trial
  • This is a huge step down from previous versions

    By Squidly1555
    App crashes constantly.. task bar covers part of windows desktop
  • LogMeIn

    By Rick1054
    App does not allow you to add a computer, even though there is an icon to add one. It does not recognize an existing computer with LogMeIn running on the host computer. TeamViewer works much better.
  • Log Me In

    By Goognoog
    Can’t access my computer. This used to work, but not now.
  • Not real sure that the developers use the app

    By Tab*s
    I’m not real sure that’s it developers use this app. Because if they did they would realize that the blue bar at the bottom blocks the task bar of the pc you Ar attempting to control!
  • Great!

    By hdbdo fos odbsonj
    Little slow but absolutely perfect!
  • Great app

    By zc14wb
    Designed very well and easy to control a PC
  • Yearly increases and up selling

    By Anonanonandanon
    Done with LogMeIn No consistency in pricing Central and pro keep increasing. I see no reason to stick with Logmein when competitors offer more for significantly less.
  • Good Product, Terrible Update

    By Jac4fldsm
    I have used this product for nearly a decade in some form and this latest iOS app update is, in my opinion, overly and unnecessarily complicates once easy tasks for no apparent reason. System-to-System transfers are now so unintuitive, that I, a systems engineer, had to go to the knowledge base at LMI to see if it was still possible to do in the app. Even the selection of files and folders for moving or copying is now complicated by first having to select an option from a dropdown before making your selection. I get improvements in GUI and flow, but I for the life of me, can't understand these changes. Seriously, why the need to over-complicate the most simplistic and intuitive tasks this app once had as a strength over TeamViewer?? The reason I don't use TeamViewer just became the reason I may look for an alternative to LMI. Please fix this by reversing course and reimplement the older, more logical flow you once had.
  • It was good until latest “upgrade”.

    By Pismo100
    Latest upgrade made it much less intuitive and less user friendly, now very “developer” like. Something only a 23yo programmer could love. Pricey for what it is given how competitive this mrkt is.
  • Huge, Huge Problems with Catalina

    By JTnWDC
    I’ve been a Logmein user on Macs for years, but the latest Mac OS upgrade to Catalina has been pretty disastrous. I’ve had to get Logmein tech support on the phone twice, and still having trouble. I get it that Apple may be the main culprit, but Logmein has gotta get this resolved.
  • Works great for iPhone and iPad

    By Fatruco
    I used everywhere and works perfect
  • Mouse

    By ghandivw
    The mouse operation is week