HoursTracker: Hours & Pay

HoursTracker: Hours & Pay

By Cribasoft, LLC

  • Category: Business
  • Release Date: 2009-11-06
  • Current Version: 4.6.9
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 21.66 MB
  • Developer: Cribasoft, LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.1 or later.
Score: 4.74083
From 16,676 Ratings

Description for HoursTracker: Hours & Pay

QUICK AND EASY time entry and editing make time tracking painless • Record time using timers, complete with support for Breaks and Pauses, including automatic breaks • Track your pay, including Tips, Mileage, and flexible ± time and earnings adjustments • Pick any time to start, stop, break or pause the timer (7 minutes ago, 10 minutes from now, whatever you need) • Set job locations to get clock in and out reminders when you arrive or leave or fully automate your time tracking (geofencing) • Manually enter time entries with minimal effort thanks to smart, adaptive defaults • Enter comments of any length with your time entries and optionally include them in your exports • Control timers, dictate comments, and apply tags using your Apple Watch ADVANCED FEATURES and customization set HoursTracker above the rest • Automatic daily and weekly overtime earnings calculations • Built-in reports by Day, Week, and Month and support for most common pay period schedules • Robust tagging and filtering allow you to build your own custom views • Reminders when you've worked your target number of hours per day (even takes time rounding into account) • Automatic time rounding: up, down, or to nearest (including 6 min) • Easily copy an existing job or time entry to save time and effort • Reminders you to clock in on your selected work days • Today Widget for at a glance time and pay monitoring • CSV and formatted text export via e-mail or the iOS Share Sheet • Passcode lock (with Touch ID & Face ID support) helps keep your HoursTracker data private • Cloud-based backup/restore with one re-usable backup slot included free (free account sign up is required) • Web-based reporting access, including charts, graphs, desktop exports, and rolling backups available with optional subscription • Customize your HoursTracker experience in the Preferences section under the More tab. Choose only one or many jobs clocked in at a time, opt-into prompts for comments, choose an elapsed time format (hours:minutes, or decimal hours), and more "Free Edition" stores up to 3 jobs and 21 days of entries. For unlimited entries, upgrade to the "Personal" (up to 5 jobs) or "Pro" (unlimited jobs) edition. Or, erase older data and continue to use the "Free Edition" until you're ready to buy. Visit our website at http://www.hourstrackerapp.com to learn more, and follow @HoursTracker on Twitter or facebook.com/HoursTracker to hear about upcoming features first.

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Reviews of HoursTracker: Hours & Pay

  • Great app worth the $6

    By Vincent030201
    I’ve been using this app for over a month and it works great. Definitely worth the $6 to keep on using it after 3 weeks. This app has actually paid for itself because I realized on one paycheck that I was $20 short!
  • Dark mode

    By mitchell_guitarguy
    Dark mode would be cool
  • Great app, only needs one improvement

    By SapphireCMoon
    I work in the medical field and different shifts are weighed differently, so it would be awesome to be able to factor in shift differentials. Other than that issue, I really like the app
  • Please add incentives/bonus/shift differential

    By Djshbebdyk
    Nurse working here and would love to see shift differential pay for working between certain hours(am,pm,nights). Would also like to see incentives/bonus for working on a certain shift or holiday. Other than that, good app to track time. Not good app to track complex differential and incentive pay.
  • Pop up ads/commercials w/ audio :(

    By The One Who Has Reviewed
    I was fine with the free version having restricted things. But when I’m clocking in and need to add a note and have an ad fill my screen with audio as well...no sir, I don’t like it. Almost finished needing it. Moving on within a couple months and no looking back.
  • Per diem please, and double time selection please

    By YepMe
    This would be pretty good app with some tweaks, but for most of my jobs I’m unable to use because it becomes a headache to sort correct time when there are better options. I work with hundreds of individuals who work on the road. We all collect a daily per diem, with this app you have to do a daily adjust under each time entry per day. The biggest reason unfeasible to use app. Have found no way to charge double time for certain of the week. For ex. We work every Sunday, Sunday is a automatic double time day, all day long. But nothing in the app to address this.
  • Needs iPad support and multi device sync

    By gamewin1
    Needs iPad support and multi device sync
  • Great app! Wish...

    By Mmimna
    Wish they’d add a section to take a picture of time slips that restaurants use. That way I don’t have to keep them slip too!
  • confusing UI

    By David2033
    coming from Android this app is confusing and not stream lined....not recommended
  • Best time tracking app in store

    By Simdude
    This is a great time tracking app. I love the Apple Watch app. Very quick to change jobs. Two features I would love: 1. A note or extra field for a job to enter a billing or charge number. Individual entries have notes but not the main task. 2. Ability to change filters on Apple Watch. One note to the developer. I get a little concerned about updates when the copyright on your website is 5 years old. I would try to put something new and update the date at least a couple times a year just to keep the website fresh.
  • Bad app unethical practices

    By SteveD3V
    Been using this app for a few months to record my hours and then they stopped support for free version entirely and require you to pay
  • Free up to 21 entries

    By whyareyoulikethisfreemeansfree
    This app is a free trial up til to hit 21 entries then it’ll ask you to pay for unlimited entries.
  • Complete deception- Initially said it was free

    By Jadi617
    Didn’t say anything about a three week free trial. Has many, many ads in between loading a new time or break(super annoying)- but because it was free I had no problem with the ads. literally in the middle of tracking my hours on the third week, it wouldn’t let me add a time slot without blocking me with a subscription prompt. Complete deception!
  • Can you?

    By Joeylonglegs
    Can you set this app up to turn on with specific phone calls? That would be real nice!
  • Great!

    By cykabloot
    Love the app! Has never failed me once which is awesome. Paid for the personal edition and have recorded hundreds of hours. The only thing missing would be for the app to record my location. I am not aware if it is possible to do so, but if not I would like that feature added to the app.
  • Holidays

    By geezjustacceptir
    Is there anywhere to take into consideration holiday pay?
  • Pretty decent

    By Fastdreadhdqk
    Been using the app for a while now. It usually works really good but recently it stopped counting all my over time. This happens for after 8 hours and when I turn on, “Count towards overtime”
  • Guarantee

    By w@ddy
    Only thing missing is a way to enter in a guaranteed pay week.
  • Very helpful

    By arielledesires
    I’ve been using this app for about 5 years. After high school I got my first job at a mom and pop shop and they didn’t necessarily have a good clock in system. ( I had to call the owners house phone and leave a voicemail of the time I began to work and finished for the night). I wanted to make sure I wasn’t losing any money so I started to track my hours with this app and estimated what the tax rate was. Once I got it figured out it always helped me see what I should expect on my check and it was always a couple dollars short or over but it was mostly accurate. Now I use it to keep track of the amount of money I should be getting from multiple jobs. I’m not sure if there is an option to add tips to jobs, I haven’t been able to find anything on that but it would be a great addition to add to this app to make it better. It’s worth paying for when you need to track multiple jobs and add multiple entries without having to delete any.
  • Love this!

    By Geek:)1235
    This app is perfect for tracking my hours, pay and income after taxes. My job has different pay rates for certain times of the day so it’s great that I can change the pay rate for a specific shift. I can also preset my shifts and update them the day of. Worth paying extra for additional time entries 😃
  • Upgrade not working

    By Sean Schrader
    I’ve attempted to upgrade to the personal version, and each time it fails. Please help.
  • Hello Developers

    By EddieBlog
    I was enjoying the credibility of your app since it came down to the exact minute of when I needed to log someone’s hours. But now it is advancing to the closest rounded number. Could you tell me if this is a bug or if I need to buy an upgraded version.
  • Looks great, but...1 star, no free option..only trial

    By cincoroles
    And no I will not change my rating because anyone with any common sense has both a free version and a paid version of an app. And the fact there's only a 21 day trial.... well I'm sorry, that ain't good enough, not in this day and age. Until there's a free version of this app I have since uninstalled it after a few days. It's really sad because I like the app, but it's not worth paying for after a few days. I need to use it for a couple of months before I would ever give my money to somebody for an app. Good luck. UNinstalled.
  • iPad app PLEASE

    By Mumblz
    Can you please make an IPad app!?
  • Excellent App!

    By good_venson
    This app makes keeping track of working hours a breeze. While the UI is very plain and my grandma probably could have built it, the features are very rich and diverse. One feature that I especially appreciate is the ability to clock in and out “as of” whatever time you want. There are so many times when I forget to clock in or out, and with the stop-watch method I was using there wasn’t really any way to fix it. With this app, that is no longer an issue. Another feature that really makes bookkeeping a breeze is the ability to send reports via email with an attached csv file in which the data is presented in a well structured manner.
  • Was 3*, now it’s 2*

    By Remote reviewer
    It’s a good app but I’m disheartened bc I don’t think the developers even considered my suggestion, which is to Add paid time off feature. And another issue From time to time, the app keeps miscalculating my wages and I don’t know how to fix it.
  • Good App - Poor Customer Service

    By Stormiii1
    I have had the free version for a while but wanted to track more than a few projects so I paid to upgrade. I wish I hadn’t. The app suddenly tracks in five minute increments and when I emailed them, I got a generic response letting me know that they received my request for help. That’s it. I have no other way of reaching out to them. I’m so disappointed. It is true what they say, “You get what you pay for.” Stick with the free version or find one that you pay for monthly. They usually have good customer service.
  • App works okay... sometimes

    By Facebookisdying
    The time tracking works fine, notes are constantly getting erased.
  • Great app for tracking hours

    By Isaacportillo
    This app is great! I just wish there was an option for making a specific day overtime regardless of how many regular hours worked. For instance I get paid 1.5x on saturdays even if I haven’t worked my 40 for the week. If there is such an option could someone point it out to me?
  • Great app!

    By Lidia Monroe
    I love it! Everything on it works great and I love the Apple Watch integration. I wish they had an iPad version of this app, but otherwise it’s perfect.
  • Great for freelancers

    By douglasw7
    I do freelance work, and this app is awesome for keeping track of time on different projects. It’s very forgiving—if you for get to clock in, you just use the Clock In At feature. If you forget to clock out, you hit Clock Out At. If you forgot to clock in and out at all, you can enter or edit it manually. At the end of the month, I run a report that gives me a full breakdown of my time and totals by project. It takes a little fiddling to figure out the best reporting options, but it’s also very flexible to suit different needs. This app is a godsend for anyone who needs to track time by project and/or client.
  • Wish there was Dark mode

    By Blockertester
    Any plans in doing a dark mode?
  • Missing Key Functionality

    By Legacy Pioneer
    I’ve used the personal edition of this app for years and am now looking for app that supports the basic function of marking entries as “Paid”. Many of my jobs are irregularly paid. Most of the time, after their paid, I want them hidden, because they’re no longer relevant. Sometimes Pay Periods happen on different days of the week. The tag function has been glitchy and at this point not worth the pro upgrade in my opinion. It’s really sad when great apps like this, are missing obvious and simple functionality that make them a pleasure to use. As of now, I’ve gotten to the point of frustration with the lack of this feature, that I’m looking to move on to something that does.
  • Like this app

    By haptics69
    I like this app since day 1 but please have a feature that supports siri in Apple Watch.