eFax: Send Fax from iPhone

eFax: Send Fax from iPhone

By Evinco Solutions Inc.

  • Category: Business
  • Release Date: 2019-04-16
  • Current Version: 3.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 48.69 MB
  • Developer: Evinco Solutions Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
Score: 4.9794
From 2,136 Ratings

Description for eFax: Send Fax from iPhone

Why should you choose eFax app? ► Send your 1st page for FREE and see why we are the most reliable and most cost-effective send fax from iPhone services. ► 100% secure with HIPAA compliant 128 bit AES encryption. Your satisfaction is our top priority, so try the app risk-free! ► Never pay for a subscription fee again! You don’t need to worry about cancelling a subscription on time otherwise getting charged like in other apps. ► After sending your first free page, you can buy pages as much as you need! You can even buy only one page! You'll never get stuck with unused pages! KEY FEATURES ► Support for 50+ countries. ► No more buying credits and calculating pages! Simply Buy pages and Fax pages! ► Built-in scanner with state of the art image processing for the best output! ► Get detail error message in case of a failed fax, so that you know what happened and act accordingly (We never charge pages for a failed fax) ► Resend a failed fax, with a single click without re-scanning the documents. A huge time saver! ► Preview previously sent faxes from your history tab, so you are never confused with what you sent earlier on which fax on which day. ► Create a professional looking Cover Page within the app. ► Delete your history at your convenience for your privacy. ► Get an instant notification on your device when the fax is completed. ► You will have an outstanding customer service experience if you ever need to contact us. 100% Guaranteed! Give us the opportunity to serve you the best! SAVE TIME & MONEY NO need to go outside! NO need to lineup in the fax kiosk! NO need to rush for sending a last minute fax! Now you can send a secure fax from the safety of your home. Using old fax machines or going to FedEx and similar fax machine offices are finally history. Send a fax from your iPhone now for free! SIMPLEST WAY TO SEND FAX FROM iPHONE Knowing the needs of the modern business world, and the fact that everyone is in the hurry to get the job done, we remastered and simplified the UI so you can upload, edit and send fax in under a minute. No matter if you have the page or image ready or you want to take a photo and send it as fax, Fax & Fax makes it easy for you with state of the art faxing technology and advanced image processing. Don’t think that to send fax from mobile phone you’ll need some special knowledge! Our app enables you to simply send FAX right from your iPhone or iPad FAST and EASY at your convenience! HOW TO SEND FAX FROM MOBILE - Add the destination number - Add cover page (you may add notes too) and images or files - Tap send. That's all! Your fax is on its way and you will get a notification when it's delivered. Additionally, the fax burner free app will keep history of all successfully sent fax pages so you can check the fax files at any time. UPLOAD ANY DOCUMENT FROM ANY PLACE ► Support for almost all types of files (PDF, JPG, PNG & TIFF)! ► Take a picture and convert it into a FAX! ► Upload a document or image from Photo Gallery/ iCloud/ Drop Box/ Google Drive and convert it into a Fax in one click! PRICING ► Your first page in on us! So that you can try it worry free and risk free! ► You can buy as low as ONLY ONE Page! ► Transparent pricing: You know how many Pages you are buying! No More buying credits that you don’t know how many pages it will convert! Buy Pages and Fax Pages, as Simple as that! Ready to turn your mobile device into a portable fax machine? Download the best fax app to send faxes from iPhone and iPad now and start sending Fax in minutes! And Remember, there is ABSOLUTELY NO RISK OR FEES in trying your FREE page, that is on us! Happy Faxing!

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Reviews of eFax: Send Fax from iPhone

  • Great fax app, very happy to meet it

    By Macejkovic79
    It can create fax from your photo library or by scanning anything you like. It worked great. Enjoy the convenience the fax from iphone free app brings to my company!
  • Great faxing device!

    By 213 Betsy Herzog
    I love how easy it was to use. I sent some forms for a family member. That is out is state. Took less than 5 minutes. So fast i can't imagine! Best fax from iphone free app in my mind!
  • Good fax software

    By Lukas Abshire 76
    I’m so tired and spend money to go out to locations for fax. Doing at-home with documents is amazing. Thank you so much! fax from iphone free so great! Will recommend it to my friends!
  • The Best fax App

    By Ida Torphy 55
    Works great! Sometimes I forgot whether I sent it successfully and I Get notified when your fax sent and delivered successfully. This function of the fax from iphone free app is excellent!
  • Great fax App!

    By Karli Pfeffer 66
    Super simple to use and works really well. I definitely recommend using it.fax from iphone free so great!
  • Does a wonderful job to fax

    By Lucio Treutel 77
    The app works exactly as advertised. What else can you ask for? It can combine multiple files into one single fax, super easy to use this fax from iphone free app.
  • Love this fax app

    By Kip Baumbach23
    I don’t normally write reviews but this app is pretty impressive. It’s really useful. Fast fax to any mobile or landline in 100+ countries worldwide;So convenient!fax from iphone free so great!
  • Excellent faxing work

    By Jessika Predovic 77
    This app really goes a long way. I was amazed at the very first minute I started using it.Send fax on the go. No fax machine needed;fax from iphone free! Best choices for iPhone users!
  • Fax provides very clear image!

    By Abraham Mosciski 98
    This app does work, there are instructions in how to scan or fax. The portable faxing app allows you to send, scan, add, combine, preview, edit and much more in a simple and neat interface. A real easy and convenient mobile faxing machine in your pocket!fax from iphone free is true!
  • Love this fax!

    By 324Cathrine Russel
    I am a small business always on the go this app makes it so easy to scan and fax from iphone free documents over on the spot! Plus it‘s free!! Definitely worth a try friends!
  • Best fax app I have found

    By Merl Braun 434
    This is a great app. It allows me to quickly and easily fax from iphone free to people. Great for work. A simple app...but is very intuitive to use. This makes handling business so easy and convenient. I love it.
  • Great faxing appt!

    By Meredith Tromp 54
    I am now retired, having very little use for an on-site fax from iphone free. With this app, no driving, no gas, anytime day or night it’s done. Worked great for my infrequent needs.
  • Fax does a nice job

    By 54Sally Adams
    I really enjoyed the easy interface on this app. It makes fax from iphone free a lot more easier than the traditional method. Try it now! Totally recommend!
  • Fax is awesome

    By Sandy Kuhic 43
    Several times a business has told me they can only accept a fax from iphone freeed document, no emails accepted. No problem now! Simplicity is everything!fax from iphone free solved everything!
  • First-rate. Dependable fax application.

    By Vladimir Fisher 323
    Awesome , taking care of business from my living room... A blessing for SOHO people! Love the great fax from iphone free app! Save time and money!
  • Efficient fax device!

    By Augusta Dietrich
    This has been such a helpful app. I don’t own any form of a fax machine, because I don’t fax very often. Normally, If I needed to fax something I would have to drive to a place like Staples, FedEx or UPS. Thank you!fax from iphone free!
  • Fax: Good for work

    By 98Ozella Green
    Works as stated. fax from iphone free covers all requirements of my work and my kids' school work! Super fast and easy to use! Just dowload the app and you will fall in love with it!
  • Makes Fax Fast and simple

    By 76Willa Bashirian
    I love this app. It gives me the ability to fax from iphone free no matter where I am. Just scan from phone enter number and bomb, done.
  • Great fax application!

    By Sonya Walsh 43
    I’m satisfied with this app, because it really give you an option fax for free. And at each different number.fax from iphone free is Basically ensured! Thank you!
  • Great fax app

    By Onie Crooks 23
    Easy to use and very reliable. I believe in this fax from iphone free app! I can send many files at one time! I t works so smoothly!
  • I love this highly useful fax app!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By 47 Jonas McCullough
    It’s so convenient to just be able to fax this from home straight from my document app.fax from iphone free is true! Saves me gas and traffic to go fax something from Staples. Etc. plus I work from home so it helps with business affairs.
  • Excellent fax App!

    By Carlotta Wyman 56
    Incredibly user friendly. Very easy to use! Best fax from iphone free!
  • Best fax app of it’s kind...Zero complaints! ??????????

    By Devan Wiegand 69
    Straight forward to use and simple. Good work. fax from iphone free. Easy to use. Thanks for this. Great business tool being able to fax from iphone free from my phone.
  • Very impressed app for faxing

    By Stefan Jacobs 45
    It was easy to use and allowed me to use to fax from iphone free see if it was worth keeping. So easy to use and for much less cost than competitors.
  • Fax App

    By Mina Robel 98
    Easy to use. Saved money fax from iphone free vs overnight delivery. I like it! Will definitely recommend!! Coolest application to fax from iphone free ever!!!!
  • Wonderful Fax App

    By 5Marina Cartwright
    It only took a few mins to prepare and fax from iphone free ! Great app. I’ve never had such and amazing app !! Will recommond to my friends and classmates they all love it!
  • Love this faxing&scanning app

    By Hallie Bins562
    My first time fax from iphone free with this app. Let‘s see if it works! The only thing I need is lying on sofa and relaxing with it. Good choice for business needs, saves a lot of time

    By 76 Gabrielle Borer
    I tried it out. Simple to use. Does what it says. fax from iphone free. I think its very reasonable now if compared to other competitors. I would highly recommend it. Super easy
  • Simply Amazing fax!

    By Tressa McClure65
    Love the transactions, easy, fast and reliable. The new design is absolutely beautiful I love it. Functions great. Do fax from iphone free. You nailed it!
  • Love Love Love

    By Sinwagon1
    Love this app! Every fax I have ever sent has gone through! Really like this new format also! Developers and owners really did a great job on this one! Get it right everytime! Thanks!!
  • Kenny

    By just want to get iPhone
    Perfect idea I’m not locked into a yearly monthly weekly contract.All you do is pay for pages .for the 24.99 I got 100 pages that will last me a lifetime!!!!!
  • fax from iphone free

    By Talley O\'Brian
    There is no need to find a real fax machine since it allows fax from iphone free. It is a great application for faxing files, hope it will keep going this way! Really get things done
  • Best fax app ever

    By Iron Jordin
    The best fax from iphone free app ever !!!Love it. I love how quick and easy this app is to use and how much simpler it has made doing my job! Send faxes from iphone on the go. App works very stable.
  • I highly recommend this app.

    By Libby Rutherford
    I usually don’t write reviews for any app. But this app gave me such a positive experience that I couldn’t resist writing a review. The quality of the fax and other features are very good but the most exceptional part is the customer service experience! I had contacted the customer support on two different occasions and each time I received their prompt reply and they were with me constantly with email communication until my issue was resolved plus they credited me some free pages once into the app although the issue was a glitch on my phone. I felt so valued and after that I purchased their Achiever package without any hesitation. I’m telling you, if you use this app once you will not switch to other apps mainly because of the customer support experience. I highly recommend this app.