2nd Line Business Phone Number

2nd Line Business Phone Number

By LinkedPhone LLC

  • Category: Business
  • Release Date: 2017-11-28
  • Current Version: 3.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 79.29 MB
  • Developer: LinkedPhone LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 13.0 or later.
Score: 4.74823
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Description for 2nd Line Business Phone Number

"Amazing app. It's an office phone in your pocket! Top notch." - HRC Inc. "Only been using it for a few days. All I can say is wow! It's a big company phone system in an app!" - Matt Banning "Awesome app! I don’t have to carry two phones anymore. You'll definitely get your money's worth for sure." - Matt McGavin ___________________________________________________ At LinkedPhone, we serve entrepreneurs & small business owners with easy-to-set-up, professional-grade phone systems. Add a second phone number to your personal cell phone for work. Talk & text with customers without revealing your personal number. Choose from thousands of local & toll-free business numbers - or port your current number to LinkedPhone. Our business numbers work seamlessly across your existing devices - cell phones, office phones, home phones, & computers. Unlimited talk, text messaging, voicemail, contacts, & call notes. Share a common business phone number with your team - everyone gets their own extension. Create professional call menu options for a polished call experience. All professional-grade features are included - text messaging, voicemail, visual voicemail (transcription), team extensions, call menu options, customized call routing, customer service notes, business contacts, directory, and greetings. SOLOPRENEUR PLAN ・Single user (mobile, office IP phone, or landline) ・Plus access to our web phone on any computer via internet browser ・$14.99 per month for a local business number ・$24.99 per month for a toll-free business number ENTREPRENEUR PLAN ・Up to 3 users or devices (mobile, office IP phone, landline) ・Plus each user gets access to our web phone on any computer via internet browser ・$19.99 per month for a local business number ・$39.99 per month for a toll-free business number SMALL BUSINESS PLAN - available on our website ・Up to 8 users or devices (mobile, office IP phone, landline) ・Plus each user gets access to our web phone on any computer via internet browser ・$49.99 per month for a local business number ・$99.99 per month for a toll-free business number FEATURE HIGHLIGHTS ・Select a local or toll-free business phone number (or port your existing number) ・Talk & text from your business number while keeping your personal number private ・Unlimited business talk (see Reasonable Use Policy) ・Unlimited business text (see Reasonable Use Policy) ・Route business calls to cell, home, and desk phones ・Set business hours ・Add coworkers and share a common business number ・Route calls to coworkers ・Call screening ・Create call menu options ・Keep track of client conversations and to-do lists ・Business welcome greeting ・Business contacts ・Business voicemail ・Visual transcription ・Company directory ・Dial-by-name and dial-by-extension ・Play recorded messages (hours, events, promotions, etc) ・Visit our website for a full list of features Easy set-up. Start receiving business calls in minutes. Save thousands of dollars a year. No upsell. No contracts. No counting minutes. Get everything you need for one honest price. ____________________________________________________ What is a Virtual Phone System? An easy, flexible, and affordable way for entrepreneurs and small businesses to connect with customers. Virtual phone systems are cloud-based and include modern features like text messaging and mobile apps. They're much cheaper than traditional business phone systems. What is a Virtual Phone Number? Virtual phone numbers, like email, are 'in the cloud'. They work seamlessly across all of your devices - office phones, cell phones, computers, and landlines. Teams can share a single virtual number too. They come in local & toll-free area codes and are portable. ___________________________________________________ LinkedPhone Privacy Policy: https://linkedphone.com/privacy-policy/ LinkedPhone Terms of Service: https://linkedphone.com/terms-of-service/ LinkedPhone Reasonable Use Policy: https://linkedphone.com/reasonable-use-policy/

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Reviews of 2nd Line Business Phone Number

  • what a mess. maybe its just me

    By Jennifer mom and homeschooler
    i used sideline with ease and success but i needed a tollfree line. LinkedPhone is non intuituve and dizzying. i lost so much business because of multiple issues of either non allowed functions, like photo/logo in auto text messages, and missed calls that go straigt to VM and history without ringing through. So many things could be better, but again, maybe its just me. Im going back to sideline until i find a much better toll free app than this.
  • Useful for Employees

    By Danten (game name)
    I use this app so clients I call for the job don’t have my personal cell phone number. It works great and nobody bothers me on my day off.
  • Excellent customer service

    By faerymuffin
    I have had LinkedPhone for about 3 months as my main business phone while getting my small insurance biz off the ground. I have not had any issues with the phone service, and have experienced excellent customer service the few times I’ve need help making adjustments in the call menu. I definitely recommend.
  • Best app for a second line and responsive

    By hjifyidiwbskd
    They’ve answered all my questions and have been very quick. App is awesome and I love that you can leave notes for contacts and call. Just want an option to export to a crm or spreadsheet.
  • Slow to no text/ frequent dropped calls

    By Acit
    I really like the concept but When I try to text my clients, they sometimes do not receive the text. And when someone calls this number the calls drop. I am thinking about keeping my number and getting a second device
  • Great App update

    By Lance M Douze
    Great for my business. Everything I need to get tasks done. Love the call menu options.
  • Great business line

    By basketballhooops kpkp
  • Business Line

    By Tina 369
    I love having my business line connected to my phone so I don’t have to carry two phones. I did have an issue with my line , but Linked Phone contacted me right away and gladly fixed the issue. I would definitely recommend using Linked phone to my business partners. Thanks
  • Solution to working remotely

    By upstate ny lawyer
    I’m am attorney working from home during the Covid pandemic. This app lets me use my office number as the caller ID on outgoing calls. Without the app I would either have to disclose my personal cell phone number to everyone or make calls from a blocked number. Using it my clients know it is a call from my office and I can keep my personal cell number private. Very easy to set up.
  • Great app. Everything I need plus more.

    By NYCers
    Wow what a breath of fresh air! Excellent updates. The LinkedPhone team is wonderful to speak to and very responsive to bug reports. Also, the updates are well thought out. I love the call notes feature the most. I can keep track of my interactions and transactions with customers all in the app. The call menu was more than I was looking for but it’s made a huge improvement in how I run my business. Easy to set up a call menu options to route calls to my support team or to my fulfillment guy. Very smooth. I only have three people on my team but it feels like a much bigger business with these professional features. Keep up the great work.
  • Great platform

    By Lee6256
    I am loving all the features of this phone system. Customer service has been great. I ported a number with no issues.
  • Great Business System for Entrepreneur

    By AmbitiousAlly
    I run multiple businesses and this is perfect so I can keep up with who is calling for what.
  • Not getting messages

    By sparknostalgia06
    Have issues receiving messages and it doesn’t update unless I update it myself. Their login two authentication has been an issue when other programs that use it haven’t. It is one of the better services but still not reliable like an actual line from a provider since you have the go through one line for another
  • Won’t even open

    By twistedkinky227
    The app doesn’t work on my phone at all. This cost too much not to work.
  • Great service

    By SamanthaTalks8
    The phone is amazongand professional. I wish the voice was a little less robotic. We will never move our service
  • Support came through. So far so good

    By skdjdkdndnsjskd dnsos
    This is a new review to replace a one star after having a frustrating first experience. I had issues first getting set up, reached out to support and about 12 hours later they came through with an effective resolve and a free month of service for the inconvenience. The resolution and quality of support was great. Sticking with 3 star due to the delay but I am also sticking with this app as I am enjoying it so far. I’ll continue to use for my business and will consider changing my review based on use and not the first impression.
  • 2nd Line Business Phone Number Review.

    By Caló858.
    Great app ! Need to be able to get movies and other MMS features and it would be perfect! Occasional server crashes but overall pretty reliable. Phone service is usually good. The multi line option is also great! Very satisfied .
  • 2nd Line Business Phone Number my lil secret.

    By Susie.*
    Love this app, I've had for 4-5 years and like that I can uninstall it at night and install in the morning and it keep all my contacts, messages and like that I can put on mute, is just a really easy app to use that really works!
  • So simple and useful;

    By Mayzz*9
    It's exactly what we need right now. You can't activate a prepaid phone without putting your name and billing info on file. Then you're stuck with the one number. 2nd Line Business Phone Number takes care of that. Try it out once, you will see the value.
  • Best new app on my iPhone.

    By Konstantin Valerio Gibsonp
    Works exactly as advertised. So useful. I'm busy recruiting right now for my startup and I've always wanted to put a a phone number for my mobile in the ads to connect directly with candidates. This is perfect--and safe.
  • Great app, needs message receipts.

    By Letitia R. Morrison9
    My girlfriends mom blocked my phone number and this is a great way to get around that, the only thing they desperately need is something saying "read" or "delivered" so you can easily tell :) but the app works great !!
  • 2nd Line Business Phone Number is solid.

    By NAyeon9
    It takes a little bit to get used to the interface. But the app serves its purpose well and it does it incredibly efficiently. You have to buy credits for more lines, but definitely recommend downloading it and trying out the free lines
  • Great for me;

    By Kimjkong5
    I just needed a fake number for a short period to pay a bill collector without giving them my personal phone number. This app helped me do exactly that. Paid the bill and now no threat of harassing calls from them in the future. Perfection.
  • Excellent for Craigslist or Close 5.

    By Timothy E. Dieh7
    I sell a ton of stuff on Craigslist & Close 5. This app enables me to give out my number to strangers with no worries about getting spammed. I love this app. It's also very easy to use.....I highly recommend.Thanks!
  • Best phone line app ever....

    By Motohu7
    This the best app I have used never got dropped calls. Sound Quality is excellence. Can send picture messages without showing my E-mail or app name with the picture. Very nice design lots of options. Good work guys keep it up
  • Best in this category by far.

    By HenriCoransiza2
    This has always been an extremely reliable and easy to use app, but with the new premium feature with unlimited everything for a cheap price, it kills everything else in this space. I love it and would recommend to a friend.
  • wow - that was easy!.

    By Busuamesers25
    There are a million situations where a disposable phone number makes incredible sense, craigslist, conferences, sensitive one-time business transactions, drunken encounters… this works right out of the box, super fast, shockingly easy.
  • Great utility.

    By Busiawoners8
    2nd Line Business Phone Number generally works as advertised. It has proven a reliable tool for confidential communications. The "notifications" do not always function properly. However, the core functions of making and receiving calls and text messages is rock solid.
  • My name is Michael Weston - I used to be a spy until....

    By Callyyhezisoner5
    I got burned. Had I had the 2nd Line Business Phone Number app, I'd still be a spy. I'm in real estate now and use 2nd Line Business Phone Number for my different advertising methods. I love it and would recommend it to anyone, especially other spies.
  • Outstanding!!...Great App!!!.

    By Fillmesomecupsie+
    It works perfectly! As an independent contractor/ entrepreneur, I find this app extremely useful. Now, I do not have to give my business clients my personal phone number. So, I can easily separate my business from my personal life.
  • Made Online Dating Much Better.

    By Don'tbelievemewatch
    I used this app when I was online dating. It was great not to give strangers my real number, and I could just "burn" the ones who got weird or creepy. Made me feel safer than giving out my real number. Easy to use too. It's great!
  • Love it!.

    By asus-fan0
    There is times I'm forced to give customers & sometimes they just don't stop with business. This makes it so much easier than having to change my number. Or if I'm a lil sketches out about giving my number to a girl, this is a good way to screen anyone
  • Burned,

    By Saekae Moome*
    I had issues with purchasing points but after a couple emails I received my points and credited an extra 12 points. Honestly a GREAT app. Don't want anyone knowing your business than get a 2nd Line Business Phone Number number and when your done with them just burn em!!! AWESOME
  • Great App;

    By Plastic.Boobs23
    This is a wonderful app. It is extremely helpful when you don't want to give your number out. It allows you to text and make phone call as well as receive them. The premium cost a little bit more but it's definitely worth it. Would recommend to anyone.