Actors Access

Actors Access

By Breakdown Services, Ltd.

  • Category: Business
  • Release Date: 2019-08-30
  • Current Version: 1.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 36.66 MB
  • Developer: Breakdown Services, Ltd.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
Score: 2.06195
From 226 Ratings

Description for Actors Access

The fastest way for Actors Access Plus members to submit themselves to Casting. Use the app to get an edge over the competition. Features • Role Match Alerts: Immediate push notifications for roles that match your profile • Unlimited and instant submissions: Quickly select your desired role, your media, and submit • Review and confirm auditions Payment Information: Monthly subscriptions will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account. Your subscription will automatically renew unless auto-renewal is turned off at least 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. You can manage your subscription, and auto-renewal may be turned off through iTunes or the iTunes Store Manage Subscription page. Terms of Service and Privacy policy:

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Reviews of Actors Access

  • Garbage

    By Laurie Kirk
    Not linked up to my AA site on my desktop. Totally useless. Very unhappy.
  • Union Status

    By Reaumur79
    Can you PLEASE make the app sort projects by union status?!?! 90% of the alerts I get are for projects that I can’t do. Right now my options are 1) turn off all alerts and miss potential opportunities, or 2) leave alerts on and get bombarded by useless notifications.
  • Nonsense

    By Chezmanian
    Absolute hogwash
  • Not bad, but definitely not great. It gets the submitting job done though

    By mosannam9696
    I’d definitely like it a lot more if it was MUCH closer to the website but it’s definitely nice to be able to submit while on the fly.
  • Can not see some of the wording

    By Yolee95
    As of two days til the date you can not see a lot of the wording including when you sign in. Also I feel the app is too much of a short cut. There are titles left out unless you go in the website and you are not able to manage your account on the app. I don’t know if you are aiming for the “click and go” concept with the app. I don’t know that that is a good idea since there several bits of information left out like services and managing your account.
  • Font color

    By nixnax135
    Font color matches the background so you can’t actually read anything now.
  • The text has turned white

    By Clarebare007
    I’ve been using the AA app for a few months now and all of a sudden the text advertising the title of the project/synopsis blends with the white background and is impossible to read. I even deleted the app and re-downloaded it and am still facing this problem. Please put out an update and fix this
  • Glitching

    By Sha.kiki
    Since the update. The apps colors are off words are the same color as the background. I’ve tried deleting and reloading the app but still nothing. Please fix.
  • Can’t see text

    By kmccart52
    I enjoy this app when it comes to informing me about auditions and submitting initially, I use the actual site to submit my eco cast because it’s much easier that way. However, recently, most of the text can not be seen because the font color is white against a white background or black against a black background. Makes it impossible to use. Until it is fixed I may have to delete the app all together
  • Where are my profile options?

    By MarieLawton
    I downloaded and logged into my account and all that shows up are options for help or to log out! That’s it. It says to update my profile settings to see auditions but there’s no option to see or edit profile. Just a blank screen
  • App hasn’t updated matches in over a week

    By ebrownett
    I’ve been using the app to submit for months and assumed that because of the lockdown I didn’t have any matches for a week but I was looking at the website today and I did have matches but the app didn’t update. Missed a whole week of submissions
  • Aarrgghh!!

    By Socaldrivingmadeeasy
    Guys. Please let us access mail through the app. This is so silly.
  • If you’re ethnic, it won’t show auditions

    By Fredeli
    I am ethnic and when the role is open to “all ethnicities”, it doesn’t show on the app, only on the website. Maybe you should fix that...
  • Unfunctional really for most needs!

    By jemangel
    Wow, finally an app and - i cant even find Cmail requests on it? Seems to have REALLY limited functions!!! Oh well - back to the computer Disappointing as I was SO excited there finally WAS an app! 😢😢😢
  • The app doesn’t really work

    By joon.power.ty
    I’m not sure if it’s just my phone or the app is just terrible but I downloaded it because Actors Access is a great resource so I thought that the app would be too. However, nothing pops up for “my role matches” or “auditions” that I have scheduled. Like I said, I’m not sure if it’s just my iPhone 7 that doesn’t work with the app or something else but I suggest for it to be looked into :)
  • Not User Friendly

    By jforee
    It’s easier to use the website on my mobile device than the app. I’m unable to search/filter for roles. I don’t even get to see potential roles. The website doesn’t have the same capabilities as the website. The app says I’m logged in but it doesn’t give me access to my account or breakdowns.
  • Love Actors Access, Hate This App

    By Mel Murf
    Absolutely love It’s convenient and has helped me get a lot of job but this app is complete trash. Please fix it ASAP. It’s 2020, plus we pay yearly for your services, the least you can do is give us a great app. Thanks.
  • Dysfunctional and Limited

    By P. Matte
    It don’t work, and when it did work it was bad. Lazy UI, limited features. Fix it and you’ll get a nice review.
  • Useless

    By HoneatReview96
    This app is absolutely terrible. You can’t edit your profile, refine searches, or do half of what you can do on the website. I re-downloaded it after a while because I wanted to at least be able to track some new postings, and no matter how many times I try to log in it doesn’t even show any breakdowns. This app is useless and needs to be completely redone.
  • Doesnt work.

    By Hogwarts 2.0
    Like literally. Mines been a blank screen. Thats it. No nothing.
  • No role matches on app

    By bombraid
    I haven’t seen a role match since January 28th. There’s plenty on the website. Please fix this problem!! Thank you **update** problem fixed by tech support. Still not a 5 star app until cmail can be added! Thanks
  • Stopped working

    By Lemonade Dogsauce
    This app no longer works. I log in and it freezes every. Single. Time. Not an option if you need something reliable.
  • App has totally stopped working

    By broadwayboy97
    The app no longer is updating me on new roles. The only way I figured out the app was messing up was by checking the breakdowns online. This is people’s careers on the line, if you can’t make a good app don’t have an app at all! It was incredibly frustrating to see I had missed breakdowns because the app is so bad!
  • App was well, now it says I never have Rome matches

    By emeyechelle
    App worked well when I first started using it, now I don’t get any role matches via app whilst getting role matches using the browser. Contacted support, no response.
  • You’ll End Up Using The Website..Anyway 🙄

    By Jagawr
    The filters for the “roles that fit me” needs to a better design on website and app; it’s too high level and randomly shows roles that do and don’t fit me. I don’t like that there is no option to ignore a role, I do not want any theater roles, so the feed ends up being a bunch projects I don’t want. There is no cmail view or profile /edit view ; so I end up going back to the website to pretty much do everything which defeats the purpose of the convenience in having the app.
  • App Started Showing ZERO Roles

    By crowsensei
    When I first downloaded the app, it seemed to work fine showing role matches. But that last 6 times I’ve opened the app, it showed zero roles for me. I just deleted it and will try re-downloading it. If that doesn’t work, I’ll delete it permanently.
  • WHEN it functions, great. Otherwise...

    By jd66676
    EDIT: Original (two star) review below, but I wanted to write and say if you’re not getting breakdowns, you apparently have to turn your “Advanced Role Notification Settings” on in order to see breakdowns on the app (this isn’t listed in the instructions on the app, but was a solution). Will probably still primarily use the website but this was a helpful fix. ____________________ ORIGINAL REVIEW: I’ve had this app since its release and it was spotty at times but overall a solid complimentary piece of software to use in addition to the website. About three weeks ago the app stopped showing new breakdowns. I still see them on my computer under the “fit for me” tab, but on the app, not at all. I’ve tried all sorts of troubleshooting and nothing. A bummer — this was great when it functioned.
  • It worked initially...

    By e.lizabeth
    As of this year, I get no role matches on the app. My profile is fully filled out and with the site I have no problem.
  • Not working

    By Mon SS
    App doesn’t appear to be working. No matches at all even though there are on the desktop.
  • Not great

    By GliterGirlPixie
    Confusing layout, buggy most of the time, could definitely use some improvements (especially with how expensive actors access is!)
  • Inadequate app

    By So displeased
    You can’t read or check messages on this app! How is that in anyway sensible?! I had a callback notification that I saw on my laptop & then wanted to check the address on the app but there’s no way to access the mailbox. Useless!!! One of the fundamental criteria for being cast is whether you’re union or non-union. You can’t stipulate this in your search parameters which makes this app time consuming to look through. Far easier to search on the proper website. Also pointless having a non-interactive ‘help’ page.
  • Lazy 😔

    By melbayer
    AA has been working on this app for years - and what this app does is very disappointing. Their website is still in need of an update, as well. A few things I’d love to see: 1) Turn off notifications / ‘roles fit for me’ for different projects / roles (non-principle roles in student films, background work, theatre, industry, voiceover, etc). 2) A way to c mail projects that have sent an eco cast. 3) A required field to include a phone number when sending an invitation to attend an in-person audition. 4) Show which headshot was submitted in c mails / eco-casts. 5) A link to director’s reel. 6) Get rid of Slate Shots and Slates in general - this is a New York City theatre trend and doesn’t apply to film. They know who we are, who we’re reading for, and our stats are available on our resume. 😜 2, 3, and 5 mostly apply to non union films that don’t have a formal casting office or a known-body of work - perhaps that could be applied to just those projects.
  • Great in theory but it doesn’t update

    By BlueAqua
    I love all this app is presenting however it hasn’t updated available matches in over a month. Ive deleted the app and reinstalled, logged out and then back in, closed the app and turned it on... still won’t update. Kind of useless without that feature. I’d be a super happy camper if it did though. It ran great before that
  • Needs Work

    By ohhcooki3
    It was fine for the first month I had it but now it completely stopped working for me. All it says is “There are no roles available” but when I log on to the site, I can submit to roles that fit me. Also I wish (when it was working for me) it had the messages tab like on the site. Overall I still end up needed to log on the site instead of the app at the end of the day which can be inconvenient sometimes.