SmartLine Second Phone Number

SmartLine Second Phone Number


  • Category: Business
  • Release Date: 2017-04-28
  • Current Version: 4.35.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 45.18 MB
  • Developer:, LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.4 or later.
Score: 4.74789
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Description for SmartLine Second Phone Number

Get a second phone number for your business calls & texts. When you receive a call through SmartLine, you know it’s for business so you can answer professionally. When you call or text through SmartLine, customers see your new business phone number so your personal number stays private. Try SmartLine free for 7 days with no long-term contract or extra equipment needed. After your free trial, you’ll pay $9.99/mo for a local number or $19.99/mo for a toll-free number. Get set up with your business phone number in under 5 minutes. -- More Features -- * Professional Quality. Calls use your cellular connection – NOT VOIP – to give you the call clarity and reliability you need to sound professional. * Spam Call Filter. Answer calls with confidence because spam calls are sent directly to voicemail. * Custom Voicemail. Record a custom voicemail greeting to prompt callers to leave a message. * Voicemail to Text. Get your business voicemail automatically transcribed to text to save you time. * Set Business Hours. Choose when you’re available for business calls and send callers to voicemail after hours. * Stay Organized. See your conversation history of calls, texts, pictures, and voicemail, organized by contact. * Stay Notified. Be notified and follow up quickly whenever you have missed calls, voicemail messages, or texts. * Number Porting. Transfer an existing 2nd phone number to use with SmartLine. -- Terms -- Currently available in the US only. Requires a SmartLine subscription. Install the app to choose your second phone number and claim your 7 day free trial (limit one per subscriber). After your free trial, SmartLine will automatically renew via iTunes, unless you cancel 24 hours before the free trial ends or before the end of the current billing period. Easily manage and cancel your SmartLine 2nd phone number at any time through your iTunes subscription settings. If you didn't purchase SmartLine through iTunes, you can manage your subscription through the GoDaddy website. Terms of use: Privacy policy:

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Reviews of SmartLine Second Phone Number

  • Keeps Business and Personal Life separate

    By tdn.smith
    I really do like the fact that a 2nd Line comes to my 1 cell phone and that I can automatically set my business hours for only the hours I want to be available. Being a business owner everyone wants your cell number. The interface is very usable but feel like it could be a little better. I feel like the interface is a little clunky.
  • Buggy! Horrible! Lacks key features

    By WhyIsntItBetter
    8/2020 - Why can’t I search texts like in iMessage?! Why is it impossible to get rid of badges? Literally HUNDREDS of bugs/deficiencies. Shameful. And NO UPDATE FOR 7+ MONTHS?! And they have the gall to say their developers are working “24/7” on the code?! :( 5/2020 - STILL HORRIBLE, can’t forward or search text messages!! Can’t text videos?! What is wrong with these developers?! 12/10/19 Still TERRIBLE RELIABILITY. Do NOT buy this if you need reliable phone or texts. Buggy notifications. Lacks key features that iMessage had 10 years ago - no exaggeration. Nothing is getting better, features aren’t being added. No way to search texts!!!!!?!?????? Shameful. Also, if you upgrade/switch/restore devices, or even delete and reload the app, all your texts are GONE, not populated to new device, unlike iMessage. Terrible.
  • Love the utility of the service - help me love this app

    By Hurtin-it
    I happily pay and enjoy the utility of the phone line for talk and text. The app supporting it seems like a poorly maintained afterthought just to check a marketing box so you can say “there is an app.” I’m a serious photographic artist and use this service to support this. There is a lot of texting with collaborators including communicating images back and forth for review. I use the larger screen of an iPad mounted in landscape to a keyboard to review and edit images. I don’t see quite as well as when younger, so I have to go big, or go home. It’s constantly annoying to have to do this sideways and in low resolution. I like the service as well as the affordability, as I create art, but I don’t want the additional hassle of collecting money for it to cover the expense of a secretary and dedicated hard phone lines. There are a surprising number of competitors on the App Store offering this service, but I’d prefer not trying them all looking for a better supporting app. What do you say? How about some iPad compatibility?
  • Beware You can not export any messages or contacts ever.

    By pilotpete91
    This is the absolute flaws all the other apps have an option to export and I’ve called customer service three times and nobody can find a solution I have over 300 numbers I need to export that are all previous customers and I have to take them all out one by one and I think that’s ridiculous especially for a business owner
  • Great service, But no auto reply text with this service.

    I love my SmartLine app however a couple suggestions would be adding an Auto-Reply service to phone calls. And be able to answer without having to press 1 to answer call. Other than that. Super great App.
  • There is no numbers for Montana 😡

    By macanicing man
    I would really like to like this app if here was a Montana number available
  • 4 star

    By BellamyB20
    I like this app, I use it for my business. I can set the time I want to receive calls, I can block spam numbers, send regular texts and also WhatsApp, what I don't like is that I can only make calls and texts within the United States, if they call me from Puerto Rico for example, I cannot return the call, nor the texts. the rest is excellent. :)
  • Whatsapp

    Doesn’t work with Whatsapp ☹️☹️
  • Works sometimes.

    By juscruznus
    Sometimes it works fine but most times lately it’s not working. Calls don’t always ring in. Text messages don’t send most of the time anymore. It has been getting progressively worse. I can’t get any answers as to why this is happening. I have tried to uninstall and reinstall the app several times. Nothing works. Sometimes can’t even get the app to open. I may have to find an alternate. Seems like support is sorry lacking.
  • Apple Watch app?

    By Ofnd78
    I have used this service for about a year. I have the most updated Apple phone, and it is still lagging at times. Additionally, when do you think you will have an app built for the Apple Watch— that would be a great!

    By __chicle__
  • Love it

    By Right logic
    Great product!
  • Spam

    By tampaboy1234
    Nothing but spam phone calls every day. Had to change all my business card etc. Nightmare
  • Got Stuck at “We’re Setting up your number...”

    By lavin38
    I runned the application and started my free trial , but now I’m stuck on the we’re setting up your number pop up and can’t escape it please help
  • Needs work

    By Terrell0854
    Failed messages no search option still lot of issues
  • Big waste of money.

    By Siavash Zar
    They charged me every month and none of their numbers worked. I set up an account but I could never log in. I never was able to use the number I chose. The app never worked but they keep on charging me every month when I couldn’t even log in to my account?
  • Needs an update

    By aspell2020
    The app keeps messing up and not updating when I have a missed call, it just says “error” when I try to refresh the page. And now when I try to dial a phone number and call it, another error message pops up that’s “number invalid”, when I know that it is the correct phone number. This is my business line so it’s important that I can use the actual app to make & receive calls.
  • Decent app

    By Entreprenuer Life
    I use it to keep my business and personal life separate. Only complaint is that there is a lag between SmartLine and my GlossGenius app. Besides that, I love it

    By millerisa
    There is NO way to tell if someone is calling my which business. It just shows up a generic number. It doesn’t even show the number that is calling you, just a generic Godaddy SmartLine number. FIX!!!
  • SmartLine to the rescue

    By rRainville
    So sick of carrying around two phones, one for personal and one for business. Consolidated last year and I’m loving the SmartLine features!
  • DO NOT use this for business, it’s far too unreliable

    By Nani (nae)
    This app hasn’t worked properly for me in MONTHS. Today, I can not even get into the app, it says I do not have a subscription and to contact customer service. After FOUR CALLS to customer service, sending multiple emails and doing THREE different online chats, the customer services answer was to “just keep uninstalling and reinstalling the app- eventually it MIGHT work.” I’m baffled. This number is connected to multiple things for me, and if I can’t access it I’m screwed. Dont waste your time.
  • Disappointed.

    By Flyhuge
    Missing ability to run this app on more than one phone to allow other employees use. Only way to do this is everyone has to log in and out of app. Second is unable to group message from the app.
  • Still useless

    By :/"2:
    I told go daddy about these issues 3 years ago. They still have not fixed them. By the time calls come thru you have half a second to answer it before it becomes a missed call. After answering a call it usually just hangs up the call. The developers here have it made as they’re obviously getting paid for doing nothing. I wonder how much money I lost this month after using this useless calling app for my secondary business. NOTE: Go daddy, your worthless canned response to this review is unwanted. It is obvious that like all other Go daddy products they have hired the cheapest idiots possible to design yet another product.
  • Dependable phone number for business

    By Frunkisss
    I have never had an issue with this app. Best review I could give a phone app. Thanks! Here is my wishlist for future updates: 1) search through text messages 2) separate screens for messages and calls. I like that I can see all contact with contact on same page but I also want to quickly go through text messages
  • Phone number

    By ZigZiglar2
    It provided 2 numbers. Otherwise the service is great
  • Needs Some Work

    By Syricio
    We are using it as a temporary fix while our business is closed. Definitely not a long term solution, lots of delays in communication which makes most conversations painful as everyone keeps taking over each other.
  • Not very Smart

    By Marley.budz420
    People will usually come here too have phone say they can Call people or text people for free that’s because they don’t have a phone in the beginning of this app when you’re creating a profile it ask you for your phone number for verification we wouldn’t be here looking for a free phone service if our phones was on. This was a very dumb twist
  • Declining a call sends to your real voicemail

    By G Shala
    Good besides the fact that if I decline a call for whatever reason, it sends the caller to my real voicemail and the whole point of this is to protect my personal number from clients. Fix that and it’s 5 stars plus many more customers
  • Safe and Secure

    By M1230M
    The Smart number is great, it allows me to make contacts with Students as a Teacher, and clients in my business practice. Can I port the number to another phone as the primary number? M
  • Love It!

    By DeeDeeCDC
    Super easy. Good price and works great!
  • Great Concept !

    By Trish HHW
    I love the concept of SmartLine. One improvement for the app could be a second message for calls that come in after business hours. So, one for normal business hours and the second for after the business has closed for the day.
  • GoDaddy doesn’t give a flying F about their customers privacy and security

    By Cleverpun1
    I have never loved this app. Problems from the beginning- many bugs and rounds of fixes to get it stable. Multiple chats with customer service whose best solution was typically to uninstall and reinstall the app. It had been working okay for a few months but without warning today I can suddenly no longer see the messages that I’m getting alerted are coming though. When I click in the app I get a message saying something is wrong and to contact customer support. Called customer support and was advised that the reason I can no longer see my messages is because I connect via a VPN due to “issues with fraud” the company has experienced. Calling BS on this. You have had my business and mobile number on file for many years - what fraud could I be getting away with? This reads like a bald attempt at invading your paying customers’ privacy, similar to enforcing phone book sharing and various other data privacy issues. I mean come the F on, you have multi factor authentication in place to verify your users’ identities. And yet you’re lying to paying customers, telling them that the service no longer working with a VPN is due to “fraud?” Do you think we’re stupid? I feel bad for your customer support team, who have clearly been instructed to disseminate this lie. Last straw for me. Porting my number out. GoDaddy will no longer get my money (or my data). BYE! Update: it’s been weeks. I’m a paying customer who can’t access the calls or texts I’ve been getting on my business phone line. I have also been unsuccessful porting my phone number over to either AT&T or Google Voice. Multiple chats with customer service have offered zero help, only suggestions for me to disable my VPN- the same VPN I’ve been using on my device every minute for YEARS. This company is holding my business phone number, calls and texts hostage. There is ZERO chance that all the five star reviews here are real. Caveat emptor. Stay far, far away!
  • Not very good

    By Judenyse
    I actually called support and they had issues hearing me so that tells you the quality. Also you can not forward calls to another number unfortunately.
  • App it’s not working

    By Annasouza$15
    After the purchase in one week the app was blocked for 2 times.. they ask for pics of my personal documents and let me know will take it 48 hours for be checked.. so, after I was charged, the app got really bad