1Doc:Word Processor for Writer

1Doc:Word Processor for Writer


  • Category: Business
  • Release Date: 2016-03-26
  • Current Version: 1.1.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 5.05 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.10 or later.

Description for 1Doc:Word Processor for Writer

1Doc is a lightweight, quick and fully functional word app. You can easily view and edit many kinds of documents. • Support DOC, DOCX, RTF, RTFD, TXT, ODT format • Format bulleted or numbered lists automatically • Word & page count • Simple find & replace • Insert table • Insert picture (Upgrade to Pro) • Print (Upgrade to Pro) • Export files to PDF, DOC and RTF (Upgrade to Pro)

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Reviews of 1Doc:Word Processor for Writer

  • Very disappointed

    By Tobandals
    I was looking for a non-cloud word processor to do a simple document that included tables. In order to print or enable tables I had to purchase this for $14.99. What a waste of money. I have become so frustrated working with the tables in the application, I spend more time formatting and trying to get things in the right column that actually working on the content. The table frames are incomplete, moving to each cell is awkward and it’s hard to even highlight the whole table to get the bold turned off (which it defaults to). I have years of experince in Word and even WordPerfect, and this thing is junk. Wish I could have my money back. If you want to use tables, this application is not for you. Not recommended.
  • bad

    By Nicky Sabala Collado
    charging me again when i already paid for it and it hasnt been one day of being subscribed. i try to open the application on my computer and it wants me to pay to upgrade.
  • Free if you don't want to print

    By Pinemere
    App seems to work ok but you can't print anything unless you upgrade to the paid version. Really?
  • Pay to print???

    By Rand Mc
    Just downloaded this app, and the first thing that pops up is the upgrade ad (which is fine, I don’t mind that), but that’s when I noticed that you can only print if you upgrade. WHAT?!?!? What good is a word processor if you can’t print? I’m not a writer, I don’t use a word processor for work, I only need one for an occasional letter, I don’t want to pay for a fancy word processor when I’ll rarely use it, but I will need to print whatever I do use it for. How lame! Starting to regret going to Mac from Windows.
  • Waste of Money

    By John in SB
    This app has a serious problem with margins - they don't stay put after closing the document. When reopening the document the margins default to the edges of the document.
  • No Compaints….

    By Tia Pendergrass
    I have only been using this app for about a week, i have a mid 2009 Macbook and cannot get pages or any other free word processing app. This app so far is awesome i have not figured out some of the elements as to hoe to operate the headers or footers or if this app in fact supports this elements, but for writing and spelling corrections with this app you cannot go wrong.
  • Amazing!

    By pwarrior27
    This app is the BEST Word document I have used! It is easy, your documents look Awesome, and I appreciate the simplicity of the location for the tasks with documents. Thank You!
  • Simple and great app

    By Dragan Dimitrijevic
    Great and simple to use app making everything that I need.
  • Old timer at word processing

    By World's best map ap
    I became acquainted with ‘Word’ while teaching word processing on the first IBM computers, after moving on from the Apple and the Apple ii machines. At that time I found Word to be superior to other programs that were available- and I still do. Thank you for making a great word processing program that is easy to learn, to navigate through, and so filled with useful features.
  • Nothing but Great

    By ddimitrijevic
    For now for free version, looks great, works great, friendly interface. Wil continue to use 1Doc since its great app to use.
  • Provides basically everything expected and more:)

    By JayJayBoyyy05
    I was disappointed to find out i couldn’t download Microsoft Word straight from the AppStore on my MacBook Air, and if i can it needs to be paid for. Works similarly, & I'm this happy with the app without even paying for the upgrade!:)
  • Very Frustrating

    By Oliver24!
    I’m frustrated with this application. I close the lid for my laptop every night, but leave my documents up. I am a writer and every morning when I go to work on something, the formatting has changed. I end up having to copy and paste my entire manuscript onto a new document. THEN I just opened it to try to send my editor a bit of what I’d edited, and the whole 8 pages is gone, even though it was supposed to be on autosave. This app is an exercise in frustration and I wish I had not upgraded. Not worth it.
  • Good low cost application

    By SilkyBurgess1
    I like the progam but I can not find the underlineing portion. I do NOT like the dark Green page when you open Docs. It is annoying and Can not see your typing. Had to dink around to find the white doc page. Other than thaqt a very good program.
  • Best Word Processor for MAC

    By buddha2017
    I had been using Text Editor for most word processing and found it most un desirable so I started using Google Drive to do most of my editing. I am a lawyer and am Constantine drafting letters, opinions, articles, etc. I used the trial version of 1DOC. And immediately updated to Pro. One of its best features is the running word content and different real time formatting ability and conversion availability. My main problem is that the dictionary doesn’t function along with other accessories despite having a pro account. Does anyone else have this problem? Otherwise I love this program.
  • useless

    By rikkabearmia
    you can’t do ANYTHING once youve finished what you’ve done unless you upgrade for $15. I of course didnt realize this until i had spent hours on a project that i can’t print, or export unless i pay the $15 dollars… what a disappointing app!!!!
  • love it!!

    By japfkjbie
    i love this app! i am a published author and i used this app when i was working on my first book. really recommend!!! please download and love!! for me...
  • Ok, but why can’t we just have a universal Word app at this point?

    By Jo Anna (South Texas in SF)
    Lost all my heading styles for the book I’m writing. And really used the document map in MS Word to allow me to get an overview of my chapters and parts, which this doesn’t have. It’s an adequate document processor. But it’s not an MS Word. Unfortunate that something so universally used can’t just be accessed by anyone at this point. A little frustrated.

    By articchar
    I have had a MAC computer since 2007 and for some reason my Ipages stopped working. I needed to type a letter and downloaded this app. It is so easy to use I can’t believe it was free.
  • Easy!

    By Ike1962
    Been a MS windows user all my life so the switch was not without angst. Proud to say your app waseasy as could be! Love the way it looks. Now if I could just figure out how to save as PDF :)
  • 1 Doc Review

    By Gigantous_Guy
    This document app reminds me so much of Microsoft Word just like the “pro” version of it does. The only difference between these two is they don’t cost a bundle the way Microsoft Word does! I ABSOLUTELY love the way the two versions work hand-in-hand with eache other in the way what is done on one version is automatically picked up and transfered to the other version!!! That alone would have me give this version and the “pro” version a five-star rating. Add all the other perks that come with these apps like the word and character counter to name one that I’m really happy about and I would give both this app and the “pro” version a rating MUCH higher than five-stars!!! Thank you EVER SO MUCH for these two apps!!! As a person who writes a lot I GREATLY appreciate them!!!

    By Gladone55
    Thaniks for this delightful and simple to use doc. Easy for me to use! THANKS
  • I like it, does what I need done

    By Fotorican
    I have just bought a new to me iMac without a word processing program. I don’t write letters often and thus didn’t want to spend a ton on Word. 1Doc does exactly what I need. I appreciate it and would be willing to pay a nominal amount to use it.
  • Fantastic Alternative to MS Word

    By Sue Coletta
    As an author, I depended on MS Word for all my word processing needs. Then my Windows computer crashed, and threw my world into a tailspin. I made the switch to Mac, which was one of the best decisions of my life. The only problem was, with all the new changes in my work life, I needed to get back to work. I considered buying MS Office again, but I’d already paid for the program once. Why should I have to buy it twice? Sounds stubborn, I know, but I’m only being honest. Anyway, I tried several word processing apps in the app store. None were ideal (that’s an understatement). Then I found 1Doc. You know what? So far, I like it even better than MS Word. I’m amazed by its simple, user-friendly style. MS Word has a habit of crashing. Anyone who’s used the program knows this. For the last two days I’ve logged in at least 20 hours on 1Doc without one hiccup. Not one! Try that with MS Word and you’ll undoubtedly see “Oh, snap!” or “Program stopped working. Wait or quit?” several times. Nothing halts the flow of creativity faster than seeing those annoying messages. Last night I upgraded to 1Doc Pro, so I haven’t had a chance to use the added features yet. The free version works fantastic, though. What a pleasurable experience this has been so far. If you’re looking for an alternative to MS Word, you’ve just found it. I may never go back to Word. If I do, it’ll only be because I need track changes and the ability to see comments while working with editors. Developers, can you add those features to 1Doc? Writers use them with every book we write. Highly recommend!
  • i like it

    By Nnnco223
    it is easy to use and very helpful
  • I like it

    By Scartbada
    It is my firstime to use it.It seem like helpful.
  • Free version has no printing

    By Slowtoreview
    The free version of this has NO printing capability. I could deal with no templates or extra bells and whistles with the free version, but paying $15 dollars just to print a basic page makes this app absolute garbage.
  • Works Great!

    By BPHP
    I am a program manager and use a MacBook out of the office and everyone at the office uses windows based. The document creator wasn’t able to make documents that could be read by my coworkers but this word app works wonderfully. Close to using actual Microsoft Word.
  • 1Doc

    By Aboabdelhalim
    I am using Macbook tried to download app to write my resume ,i download two apps but none of them working ,i come by this app so tried it work very good
  • Cannot display format correctly

    By minmin3772772
    Yes it does open doc files, yet all the format are missing. There is only raw text remaining, like open it with TextEdit. What’s worse is that even images in docs are gone. You can never rely on this app for editing or even normally reading a word file. So what’s the point to download this app?
  • Hangs when saving to DOC with pictures

    By davec001
    I had high hopes for this app, but have trouble in saving documents that have images imbedded in this.
  • good

    By Zkspfqnffpt
  • Love it

    By Marsha8487
    I switched from an HP to a Mac about a year ago. I prefer the HP, mainly because of Word. I downloaded Word on the Mac and now it’s a bit better. (I still prefer the HP, but I’ll get used to this.)
  • Great App!!!!

    By PastelAngel
    This app is just plain amazing and so far no troubles. I am currently writing a story called “Deanna and the Crown of Lekmet” and this is helping me so much.
  • Over charged on Pro-Version

    By :( NYC
    Downloaded and upgrade to Pro and it charged me $43.53 instead of $14.99 - I want my money back!