The Driving For Dollars App

The Driving For Dollars App

By Driving For Dollars

  • Category: Business
  • Release Date: 2015-11-01
  • Current Version: 3.4.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 45.15 MB
  • Developer: Driving For Dollars
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
Score: 3.5
From 34 Ratings

Description for The Driving For Dollars App

Welcome to the Driving For Dollars App! The Revolutionary Real-estate Direct-Mail Scouting App! If you know that Direct Mail Marketing is vital to your businesses success and you find yourself driving neighborhoods to find potential business, then the Driving For Dollars App is for you. The D4D App eliminates all the work needed to determine homeowners and where they can be mailed in order to better market to them through direct mail. The term “Driving For Dollars” was coined in the real estate investing world, which means to drive neighborhoods in order to find lucrative deals for your business. We developed this App for Real Estate Investors trying to find deals, Realtors looking for listings, or Tradesman looking to market their businesses in specific neighborhoods. If your goal is to drive neighborhoods and direct mail market to homeowners, then this app will eliminate all the back-end work of finding who the homeowner is and where to send them mail. For many, this means eliminating hours of work or eliminating the expense of having an employee do this work for you. The D4D App is integrated with a major data provider to give you the latest, public information you seek and then exports your lists into an excel spread sheet so you can easily mail merge your marketing letters. The user interface allows you to speak the address into the app, type in an individual address, or drop pins on specific properties in the overhead map view. The Driving for Dollars App offers monthly subscription options. See additional details below. Subscription Title: D4D Starter Price: $19.99 Frequency: Monthly Includes: Provides 100 Skip Trace Property Credits that provides Homeowner Names, Mailing/Physical Address, Phone Numbers, Email Addresses, IP Address, Last Sale Price & Date, etc. Subscription Title: D4D Pro Price: $99.99 Frequency: Monthly Includes: Provides 500 Skip Trace Property Credits that provides Homeowner Names, Mailing/Physical Address, Phone Numbers, Email Addresses, IP Address, Last Sale Price & Date, etc. Subscription Title: D4D Elite Price: $199.99 Frequency: Monthly Includes: Provides 1000 Skip Trace Property Credits that provides Homeowner Names, Mailing/Physical Address, Phone Numbers, Email Addresses, IP Address, Last Sale Price & Date, etc. Subscription Title: D4D Elite 2k Price: $399.99 Frequency: Monthly Includes: Provides 2000 Skip Trace Property Credits that provides Homeowner Names, Mailing/Physical Address, Phone Numbers, Email Addresses, IP Address, Last Sale Price & Date, etc. Subscription Title: D4D List Builder Price: $19.99 Frequency: Monthly Includes: Build Unlimited Lists of just Property Addresses only. Depending on the subscription, a $19.99, $99.99, $199.99, or $399.99 per month purchase will be applied to your iTunes account upon confirmation of purchase. Subscriptions will automatically renew unless canceled within 24-hours before the end of the current period. You can cancel anytime within your iTunes account settings. Any unused portion of previously purchased consumable products or free trial will be forfeited if you purchase a subscription.

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Reviews of The Driving For Dollars App

  • Disappointed

    By P12345kja
    Terrible decision by ownership to change the prices. Sure they lost a ton if not all their business. At this price deal machine is a much better option
  • Price Vultures

    By Michael365black
    I start out at $19.99three months ago for unlimited slip traces no matter how many people I come across Then they went up on a price within a month to $3499 now they are limiting the amount of Skip chases you have at $19.99 and putting you into higher tears. There are other cheaper alternatives. This is a great app, but not sure if these individuals have the best interest of their core customers. They could have at least grandfathered us in at the $34.99 price point and have the new customers on the new teirs. Nope they automatically canceling service and want everyone to sign up for something less.
  • Changed Subscription Without Notice

    By KingMo13
    Im not sure if it’s greed or bad business practices, but in a matter of months, this app’s subscription has changed from 19.99 for unlimited, to $34.99, and now its jumped to $199.99 per month!!! What in the 7 hells is that all about?
  • TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By Pearlswirl
    I wish I could give a good review as the app works great when it works. Unfortunately since they changed their pricing tier without making sure it works correctly, I am giving them 1 star. I could have possibly giving them some grace, however the customer service is terrible as well. When I inquired about the problem, they just said they are working on it... no time frame , no concearn about rectifying the lost time and money I am out trying to use their app in the field. It would seem like a good idea to make sure a product works before taking someone’s money or at least trying to take care of your customers.
  • Customer service

    By dwaynelyarbart
    I got locked out my account after going d4d and didn’t think I saved my list of 212 wrote the amazing team on Facebook within 5 minutes got my account back and all my list.
  • App works decent but support is terrible

    By c hayn
    The app works decently but the support is terrible signed up was charged 3499 and my access was blocked from the app reached out to support but have yet to hear anything back.
  • Needs Work

    By OmariH21
    Just downloaded the app and it closes down every time I try to use it !
  • I wonder

    By CuriousD4D
    Do these programs sell the waypoints that are put on their platform? How do i know someone isn’t kicking back following up on all of the users pins for leads?
  • Good Concept, But Crashes...

    By stevesitunesnickname
    This is a great app that simplified the process of marking properties and exporting prospect lists. However, the app has crashed on me twice... wiping out hours of driving progress. If you buy this app, make sure that you frequently save your properties!! You will be very frustrated if you don’t.

    By Mikey Steams
    This app helped jump start my house flipping business. The ability to pin any address while driving (or even at home) and export all homeowner data to Excel does more than just save you time and money. The functionality is incredible and is so user friendly. Since downloading this I’m pumping out twice as many mail campaigns with ease, my leads are better quality and volume has picked up. Investor interest has also increased bc the deals I’m getting are mostly exclusive. If you’re in this business to make money...don’t be stupid, use the app!
  • Great tool for real estate buying! They are always improving it too!

    By Dustin@WCR
    I love this app! It makes D4D sooooo much easier and collects more info than I get on my own :)
  • This Stuff WORKS!

    By Dspalding06
    I was training a field researcher on how to spot a vacant house and enter it into the app. We found a house that had all the typical indications of being vacant and captured it in the app - I then showed him all the data that it captures to include the owners phone number. I auto dialed the number from the app and the owner answered, she was quite surprised I knew her #! Excellent training day and it looks like we will put a deal together- thanks for a GREAT app!!
  • Updates made a huge difference!

    By IceColdIronFox
    This app is great and GREATLY simplifies the process of driving for dollars. HIGHLY recommend!
  • Works great now!

    By JPoncabare
    Thankful these guys didn’t give up and kept working at making this app something that helps me so much in my business.
  • Huge time-saver and works great

    By TracyCountryGirl
    Gone are the days of laboriously looking up property records yourself! With this app, you only have to drop the "pin" on the location, save it, and it does the rest in looking up both property address and owner address. I've found it to be very accurate on the addresses, since I still spot-check... And you can do as many as you want for $19.99/month, so it's also a bargain. I've been using it for a while, and the company has also made several enhancements since it debuted: you can now get last sale date, and phone number of owner. They're going to start supplying email addresses soon - a huge help in at least having somewhere to start in getting in touch w sellers. If you are a real estate investor who does D4D to send direct mail, or call potential sellers, I would highly recommend you using this app. Head over to its Facebook page to get tutorials on how to use most effectively too. Once you get the hang of it (which doesn't take long at all), you will love it!
  • The “Must Have” Tool to create lists

    By ddd5433
    This app Rocks!! It’s easy to use and a huge time saver. I can easily tag 200 properties in a couple hours, save the list, and by the time I drive back to my office the spreadsheet is ready to download and immediately print mailers vs. spending hours looking up data and typing into a spreadsheet. If you or your team does driving for dollars, I would highly recommend this time saving tool.
  • Amazing

    By Luca@CapitaNW
    This is the best app out there when it comes to Driving for Dollars. It’s saved me countless hours and has incredible value considering the low cost. The data they give you on each property is enough to start any successful real estate company as I have. Great app, I highly recommend it!
  • Great app

    By D-Finn94
    This app will simplify your driving for dollars significantly. Being able to just drop pins, save the list, and get the information you need to contact homeowners is incredible. No need to sit in front of a computer for hours trying to drag the info out of 10 different websites. have to actually click “save” when you’re done with your trip as another disgruntled user posted, or you will lose your pins. This is no different than any other iOS app, in my opinion. Drop your pins, click save, get your list. It’s that easy. Totally worth the money.
  • Cash Money

    By AJ so-cal
    Excellent tool to help investors like myself to make money. Driving down the street, see a sweet house I could potentially make money on. Turn the car around, grab an address, pop the address into dfd and mail the lead, call the lead, voice drop the lead. The driving for dollars app is a way for me to stay organized. Alex Jacobs
  • 100k app.

    By MrMOBuL
    So far my list is about 1,015 houses in the St. Louis metro area. This app has made the arduous task of writing down all the houses I see and putting them into a data base and then researching each one into a fun game! I have made over $100,000.00 from the tools d4d has given me.
  • Money down the drain

    By Bdmils
    Decided to give this app a go. Marked some properties (3)down in my neighborhood. Worked fine for the test. Put it to work in the field. Ran across some properties that were great leads and pinned them. Got back home to find that I had 0 properties in my list. Even the three that I’d saved just to learn how the app works! Completely dissatisfied with this app that’s supposed to make life easier and remove a lot of the grunt work. I’ll be requesting a full refund and trying out some other alternatives. I will not get back the two and a half hours spent looking for these deals. Instead I’ll need to go back to those same neighborhoods a second time looking like a creeper, for the sake of damage control.
  • Information not accurate

    By vshak
    So I was a little sceptic about this app and how accurate the information was so I did a test on my own residence and none of the information came up accurate aside from my name my address and phone number were all completely random and had no ties to me at all and it said it was not owner occupied and has some address from nc I contacted support and they told me they get all their information from list source but I find that hard to believe I was looking for this app to take allot my gory research time out of my daily routine but I would rather go to public records and other sources that have proven to be accurate to me time and time again
  • Good app but needs work

    By Bbotelho16
    This is a good app for driving for dollars but it needs work. I am writing this while currently EXTREMELY annoyed with the app but first off, you cannot combine lists which means if you are working a big neighborhood and want to drive for an hour or two at a time, you have to make separate lists which is just annoying. Secondly, to try and work around that first problem, I did the first half of a neighborhood this morning, and with the intentions of completing the second half of the neighborhood this afternoon, I left the app open so that I can have it all under one list. Well, I clicked back onto the app just now and I lost all 40 houses that I had pinned even tho I did not X out of the app. So I lost 2 hours of work this morning and have to start over. And the last one is a suggestion that would make the app more useful which is to have a feature that tracks the streets that you drive as you drive them. It would eliminate the need for users to print out a map and have to highlight streets as you drive them.
  • It needs work

    By Rashid algaradi
    The app is good, but needs work. I use this app a lot and maybe have spent more then $150 buying more requests. I can't some how use google drive with the app please fix it.
  • Can't create Acct

    By Knightrida
    Maybe they've shut it down.
  • Great idea! Can't access it

    By Tarek.300
    The idea of this app is incredible! However, when I downloaded the app, it asked for a log in when I don't even have an account yet. The problem is that there is no option to sign up! Would like to know if there is any solution to that.