Dragon Anywhere: Dictate Now

Dragon Anywhere: Dictate Now

By Nuance Communications

  • Category: Business
  • Release Date: 2015-12-03
  • Current Version: 1.84
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 62.31 MB
  • Developer: Nuance Communications
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0.0 or later.
Score: 2.88113
From 530 Ratings

Description for Dragon Anywhere: Dictate Now

The most accurate professional-grade dictation service available on the market. Create templates, add custom words, and instantly dictate your documents – Dragon Anywhere will automatically adapt to how you speak. Download your one-week FREE TRIAL now! Trial converts to a monthly ($14.99) or annual ($149.99) subscription. WHY USE DRAGON ANYWHERE Paperwork doesn’t end when you’re away from your desk. Dragon Anywhere is the only mobile dictation app that enables continuous dictation of documents, with no length or time limits. This means, you can dictate documents of any length, edit, format, and share them directly from your mobile device—whether visiting clients, a job site or at your local coffee shop. Mobile employees are often burdened with heavier documentation demands—client intake forms, reports and more. Dragon Anywhere makes it easy to create detailed and accurate documents, fill out reports and forms, or complete other paperwork— directly on your smartphone and tablet, all on-the-go. And because you can also synchronize your personal customizations with Dragon Professional for the desktop, work started in the field or out on the road can easily be completed back at your home or office. DRAGON ANYWHERE FEATURES: • Fast & accurate dictation means you can dictate immediately with 99% recognition accuracy right out of the gate, with no training required. • No time or length limits means you can speak as long as you want to complete documents of any length – from a business report to an entire book! • Need to fill out forms from the road? Easily create form-based templates using Dragon Anywhere’s auto-texts feature and create and fill out forms, such as client in-take forms, and even navigate field to field by voice commands. • Powerful customizations, like the ability to add words specific to your industry, means even better dictation accuracy as you create documents. Or create simple voice commands to short-cut repetitive steps, like inserting an email signature or standard clauses into documents. • Robust voice formatting and editing lets you select words and sentences for editing, correction, and deletion, apply common formatting like underline and bold, or voice navigate through fields of a report template. • Need to share or work anywhere? Simply import and export to and from popular cloud-based document-sharing tools like Dropbox® and note-taking apps like Evernote®. • Synchronize with supported Dragon desktop solutions and work started on the road or in the field can be completed back at the desktop for seamless document workflows. Additional Information: • Dragon Anywhere supports the following languages: US English, Canadian English, UK English, and German. • For any technical or subscription assistance with Dragon Anywhere, please contact Nuance Support: https://www.nuance.com/dragon/support/dragon-anywhere-support.html Dragon Anywhere has your privacy in mind: • All communication with the cloud is secured with Enterprise grade encryption. • The app does not require access to your personal information, and only requires access to the device’s microphone and storage. Subscription details: • One-week free trial converts to Monthly subscription. Monthly ($14.99) subscription; Annual ($149.99) subscription. Subscriptions charged to your iTunes account. • Manage your subscription via iTunes Settings. • Subscriptions auto-renew at the end of term unless auto-renew is turned off 24-hours before the end of the current period. Privacy policy: https://www.nuance.com/about-us/company-policies/privacy-policies.html Terms of Service: https://www.nuance.com/dragon/dragon-anywhere/eula.html

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Reviews of Dragon Anywhere: Dictate Now

  • Still deciding

    By JRosaJ\\
    Still deciding
  • Doesn’t work -can’t log in

    By MEH716
    If I could give a zero, I would. I bought a subscription five days ago and have yet to be able to login at all. When I try to login I am told that my password and email combination do not match. I have sent subscription confirmation from the Apple store to the vendor and they have acknowledged receiving such. A supervisor advised me this morning they are unable to estimate when my problem will be fixed.If there were a competing product with similar features, I would gladly give them a try instead of continuing to do battle with this company. Update: The developer team has reached out to me for more info. Incident #200715-000444 should include the subscription confirmation email from Apple’s App Store and other relevant info. Will try to update this review if any progress is made.
  • I Wanted To Report A Bug Issue

    By RonP1979
    I am not sure if this app is slowly phasing out or not, but I do know that it’s tough to report bugs or issues now. When I click the “App Support” button here, it says, “Page not found.” Plus, whenever I go on the website, it sends me in limbo to try to make a report or anything concerning this app. In summary, I am thinking about quitting the service because the company is not seeming to put much behind this product that makes it worth what they are charging. Plus, I have had billing issues all of last year, and the problem was not really fixed at the end. So I can’t say that I have a lot of confidence in this company now. But anyway, I wanted to report that there is a glitch going on that’s causing it to be able to make it hard to email directly from the app. This function used to be a good thing, but due to the company's lack of support on this app, this seems to be an issue. Since there was nowhere else to report the bug, I am reporting it here.
  • Waste of time

    By Djebaiclens
    I would use this if: - I had a copy of the full application. This version does not include adaptive learning, which means it requires almost as much editing as the free alternatives. - a version of the full application was available for Mac. - I had no alternatives. As it is, the transcription is extremely inaccurate (even with WiFi); it only kind-of learns the vocabulary that I take the time to add; and if I want a good draft, it’s faster to record my voice and type out the recording.
  • No support

    By SandySB805
    Downloaded this to help with documentation. Still have been unable to access it. No confirmation email or info regarding setting up an account was sent to my email address. Technical support is through a third party and unresponsive.
  • Exporting No Longer Works

    By Prenez
    The most important function of this system, except for transcribing, just doesn’t work: sharing. Since the iOS 13 upgrade, sharing anything from Dragon Anywhere to any other app just doesn’t work. My particular concern is Ulysses, which just freezes when DA tries to export to it—and Ulysses receives exports from Drafts etc just fine. DA stands alone in its inability to export. update dec 28 2019. no updates to the app and sharing has been 100% broken on all iOS 13 devices for months. they want to engage me in a conversation. just test sharing on the app!!!!! Update july 5 2020. Sharing/exporting doesn’t work on iPad. Sort of works on phone, but UX is just awful when it used to be perfect.
  • Buggy but great when it works

    Pros: amazing speech recognition software. Great engineering achievement. Better than Siri with Notes IMHO Cons, Minor: requires entry of a password each time one uses it. Not a very user friendly UI if one just wants to write a quick note on the go. Cons, Major: huge bug (see multiple posts by others) that locks out the microphone once one has purchased the software! Took a month for them after recognition to roll out a fix. Dealing with tech support is like one of the old SNL skits. Hugely time consuming. The rep was very pleasant but low level, so I had to literally spend hours to get them to recognize and log the bug. Be careful if you buy this software and need to depend upon it and don’t have a lot of free time to troubleshoot.
  • It keeps glitching and freezing

    By Dana writes books
    When it works, it’s fine. Just like the Dragon naturally speaking that I had on my computer. However, I have never worked with such a glitchy, buggy, program in my life. It is incredibly unreliable and crashes all the time.
  • Poor tech support

    By mtwnsi
    The product started out great, but crashed shortly after loading. Unresponsive tech support. Very disappointing. Cannot recommend for iPhone use. mehta Updated review: A new App release solved the problem and the software is back working the way it should. I am once again pleased with the product. It would have been much better customer service if the developer and tech support had simply said “we have a problem and are working on a new release which should resolve the issue.” Tech updates, rather than frustrated customer calls, would have led to a much more satisfactory outcome.
  • Do NOT order from them!

    By 12cgh45
    They are a horrible, horrible and unethical company. I ordered a one year subscription with them through Apple Pay, and was charged $141. When I went to use the program, it said my subscription had expired, even though the App’s Settings said my subscription was good for the year. Two weeks and 9 phone calls later, I have only gotten the complete run around from rude and arrogant phone reps, and I am still locked out. No apologies, no solution to my problem, and no follow up. I wound up having to cancel my subscription through Apple Pay. Do not give your business to this most dishonest and uncaring organization.
  • One star until I can manage to login

    By Gian Carlo 111
    I’m giving this app one star until I can actually login. The system tells me that my password is incorrect. No problem, I’ll just reset my password. The issue, however, is that I am not receiving the email to reset my password. I am 100% sure it is the email I used to purchase the product. For $300 I feel like I’ve purchased a product that shouldn’t be in version 15 as products that are this deep into version numbers don’t have the deep issues the dragon speech comes with. So far I feel like a good value for this product is $150 not $300. This issue of not being able to log into dragon anywhere is just the cherry on the top
  • Free Trial Never Activated

    By Caribbean Jake
    I was excited to give this a week trial with my work related needs. Never happened. Could not get the account activated. Apple subscription was legit and everything on Apple’s side was good. Sent everything to Dragon. Went back and forth between user friendly apple support to cold and clunky Dragon support. They and their automated system “tried” to help, but did not make it happen before the week trial was up.
  • Messed up

    By lake4sure
    The free trial worked great- then I paid for it and it wouldnt release the microphone. Paid for justanswer to send me back to nuance. Day 2 with tech support. Lots of time lost.
  • Do not subscribe within the App!

    By semlohjen
    Do not subscribe within the app, do not run the trial at Nuance and then subscribe within the app—Naunce simply can not make the subscription run properly. Repeated issues with microphone access cut off as ‘Subscription expired’. Basic Nuance tech support appears to be working from a script and unable to handle anything that is not very basic. They left my subscription running while unable to provide an update—or ETA on an update— to fix the ‘subscription expired’ error. When it works the app is awesome, too bad I had to cancel due to the tech issues.
  • Annoyed

    By dict8rh8r
    Seemed like a good deal. Subscribed after initial test period, but it would no longer work saying that the subscription expired even though I am paying.
  • IPad Pro + Philips speechmike premium Dictaphone (via USB-C)

    By Ssb012
    Updated (May 23, 2020) – Bug: text defaults to an unacceptably small font size when copy-pasting dictated text into the Apple Mail app. This behavior persists despite changing the font size settings in Dragon. Same behavior observed on iPhone and iPad (using iOS 13.5). In contrast, font size is (near) normal when emailing dictated text (using the "email document" command) from within the Dragon app. Please explore/fix. Updated (May 15, 2020): (1) Still no keyboard shortcuts to active/toggle microphone or navigate to next/previous field; sorely needed for iPad user, especially those with Apple’s magic keyboard for iPad. This can’t be that hard to add and would increase productivity quite a bit. (2) Need to increase number of editing commands to create better parity with desktop app; in particular, ‘delete last X words’ where X= 2, 3, 4, 5. “Resume with” command does not consistently work (for me). (3) Adding support for a dictaphone would make this a productivity powerhouse when paired with the iPadPro. SpeechMike Pro in “keyboard” mode still works but clearly there is ample opportunity here for better integration and large jump in productivity, especially for long-form dictation. Given Nuance makes their own dictaphone they could either support that or better just add keyboard shortcuts that could then be easily mapped to something like the Philips device. (4) Please consider porting this to MacOS. I would like to resume work started in Anywhere on the Mac. It would also create more value for the $ for the user. *** I have been pleasantly surprised with how this application works on the iPad Pro (2018). I have been able to plug in a Phillips SpeechMike (LF H3500) using an adapter into the USB port. Pressing the in app icon to activate dictation activates the Phillips microphone. This greatly improves the accuracy and ease of dictation on the iPad. I have been able to program some of the buttons on the microphone to do some simple keyboard shortcuts such as selecting recently dictated text. Unfortunately, there are no keyboard shortcuts built into the app. I would encourage the developers to strongly consider adding keyboard shortcuts, including the ability to toggle the microphone by keyboard, as this would allow for these commands to be mapped to a microphone plugged into the USB port. This would be a huge productivity booster. I have not extensively evaluated the Phillips Speech Mike, but have found it to be reasonably reliable. I programmed keyboard shortcuts using the Phillips application and by setting the microphone into the "keyboard mode." Dictation accuracy has been superb in my limited testing. Great potential!
  • It says it’s free! Free to download! but $$$ subscription!

    By Fhfjdjqidjfjnnaskccj
    Please be up front about expenses! I spent I don’t know how long trying to sign using my Nuance Dragon NS15pro account before I figured out Apple wanted its own log-in, then I saw the monthly fee. Oooohhh. So not so free. I’ve been having similar tricky quiet subscription issues with Adobe lately as well. And Ancestry.com.... I don’t know if it’s human nature or American contrariness or just me, but now I definitely don’t want to subscribe. I’m willing to spend, just be up front. And may I have back the time I spent figuring this out? Other reviews say it’s glitchy anyway so perhaps not missing much.
  • Buggy - just lost a document with 3 days work

    By Tony Saldanha
    Update on May 15, 2020 Spent another 30 mins with your support. The dictated file is lost, according to your 2nd level support. Case number 200511-000710. I’d suggest you guys on social media marketing who respond to this feedback talk with your own tech guys. ————- The app is not stable. When using the undo command, the app crashed and deleted the whole file with 3 days work! After 1 hour with the call center, their advice was “you should have frequently emailed the doc to yourself as backup”.!
  • Impossible to sign on!!!!

    By iPheedback
    I’ve spent more than one week with every level of their tech support, just to sign up, and it still doesn’t work. I’m now just seeing how long and how many different emails I need to use before it works. I’ve NEVER witnessed any app or tech support this hapless.
  • Used to be great

    By Doinghomework05
    It used to be.... however now, it won’t let me restore my subscription. It also won’t let me get a refund.
  • Can not order from website

    By Scuba39
    I am a big fan of Dragon Naturally Speaking and have been using it for years. But Nuance decided to stop supporting it on IMacs. So would like to get for my iPad. But, tonight there is no way to place an order on its website. Last night same problem, but after. 15 minutes a pop up out of no where let me install. Bit then it required an ID and password which was bizarre. Finally got thru to support . But we got cut off and whenI tried to promptly get back was told no support since after 8:00. So I tried again tonight and did not even get that far

    By Corey Blaser
    There’s no way to activate or restore a purchase through the App Store which makes this app a complete waste of money. They’ll take your money, but when you want to use the software, they kick you to the curb. Nuance abandoned Mac and now show they don’t care about any Apple user.
  • Subscription for two years wasted

    By Vmso2012
    My husband got this and then he had paid subscription for two years or more. My credit card was charged $15 each month. He barely used it and when he went back to it to get the work he had already done, he couldn’t find it. He tried to get help from the software company that was not helpful at all. I was not aware that he stopped using this app almost a year ago. Lately we were reviewing all of the expenses and found out that there were still charges every month. I had to call Apple and finally cancelled the subscription. The amount of money we paid them was not worth at all. I don’t even think there is a paid version.
  • Who is in charge? Digital River or Nuance?

    By Can't stop building
    I have been using Dragon Professional since V. 6. I haves used Dragon Anywhere since almost day one. I depend heavily on Dragon Professional but have mixed feelings about Dragon Anywhere. However, with COVID-19 wreaking havoc on the work place, I have no choice but to rely more and more on Dragon Anywhere. I phoned Nuance today to talk to them about upgrading my plan from a month to month to yearly, and to see if I could get a promo code for being a Dragon user since the 1990s. I was told that this has to do with Digital River, and was later transferred to them. The entire call took 55 minutes of my time (mostly holding the line), and at the end, I was told by Digital River that it is up to Nuance to determine whether I would be given a promo code. Dragon Anywhere is still a leader in speech recognition (in English, at least) for now. But the company’s level of customer service is on par with the State and Federal agencies in the U.S. Keep it up Nuance, as soon as you have a competitor you will not have my business.
  • Sad that they can't get this right

    By deezlman
    I've used this for years but growing frustrated since Apple's native voice recognition now far surpasses Dragon's abilities. They were in the game early but apparently have not kept up. Switching to another product. There are many with better ratings.
  • Had High Hopes

    By CRoy1182
    Dragon seems to be a reputable brand when it comes to speech to text software. However this app is a pathetic waste of time. To charge a subscription fee with an accuracy of about 50% is highway robbery. I tried it out a few times but could only make out 50% of what was actually said. Very disappointed.
  • DUMPSTER FIRE of an app

    By revierm
    I dont know if this app used to be better before Dragon stopped investing resources into apple but it is TRASH now. Which is a shame because the actual Dragon dictation software is AMAZING and life-changing on a pc. I actually feel like this app is doing more harm than good for this company because if I was judging the company off of this app I would be inclined to never use it on any medium. Either fix it or just get rid of it.
  • Can’t get it to work after download. Frustrating waste of time

    By pingpongz
    Set up a nuance account after downloading free app dragon anywhere transcription. Won’t let me use it until I register. Won’t let me register w/o a serial # - which I didn’t get through free download. Cmon guys - this is rookie - Dragon is better than this...or so I thought
  • Terrible

    By OzztinGray
    This app is complete and total garbage. The app easily allowed me to subscribe at a price of almost $15/month. However, that’s where ease of use ended. I am unable to access the service to see if it is in any way worthwhile... error after error after error. I’ve cancelled the subscription, and I’ve requested a refund from Apple. Apple should remove the app from the App Store until Nuance ensures functionality (which seems unlikely per the years-long trend in customer reviews).
  • Milton take a note please.

    By oceans777
    Dear Milton, thank you for your work transcribing my brilliant dictation over the etc years, etc etc. Effective immediately you are terminated. Please enjoy a bagel from the break room on your way out with security who await you in the hallway. We at Bradley wish you longevity and success in your next position. Regards, Dragon User BOSS.
  • Dragon what! Deleted the software.

    By Lil MikieD
    I just got it and the software won’t connect with server. Gees. Give me a break. If you want more than one star, a gift at this point, I should be able to do more than type a horrible review.
  • Subscription not recognized

    By johnprimo
    I am running The app on my iPhone -it says "subscription has expired". I renewed my subscription, butt get the same message- very frustrating!
  • Disrespected Customer

    By CricketSparks
    I have spent many hundreds of dollars for various Nuance software products including software and subscriptions to Dragon Dictate, dating back to 1997. Over the last two decades and more, I've repeated my commitment and repurchased the software disc, and when I updated my computers, I paid for it again with a download just a few years ago. Unfortunately your system NEVER REMEMBERS ME! When Nuance has no memory of me, it becomes expensive to be loyal. Moreover, it becomes a job in itself to try to reconnect, and reestablish what was at one time considered a fully paid grandfathered subscription for a longtime, loyal customer. I find it disingenuous and dishonorable. Fact: The product is great. Fact: I wouldn’t have bought it four times if I didn’t think so. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️+ Fact: You have received my last dollar. Fact: Someone from the company is going to reach out to re-establish communication. Fact: If not, I’m going to buy a Barbie Doll, and and name it Dragon Dictate. poke pins un-used ears. LOL PLEASE FIX THIS! P•L•E•A•S•E!!!!! Out of principal, I can’t justify another subscription for the exact same thing.:
  • Crashes freezes and stalls

    By Eagle wolf1
    This is truly a disappointment. I have same issues the guy you responded to back in may. Please fix it