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  • Release Date: 2015-11-26
  • Current Version: 6.0.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
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Zmodo is the future of smart home solutions. The Zmodo app is designed to control a variety of smart home products and work seamlessly with Zmodo's cloud services to keep you connected with the ones you care about. Cloud Service Subscription Service Description 1. We offer two types of Cloud Service : Premium Cloud $4.99/month ($49.99/year) Platinum Cloud $9.99/month ($99.99/ year) *Prices displayed are for one device, the package price depends on the quantity of devices. 2. Subscribing to Cloud Service will be paid directly through the iTunes account. 3. 24 hours before the subscription service expires, the system will automatically renew and deduct the corresponding fees according to the plan type. 4. If you need to unsubscribe, please do so at least 24 hours before renewal date in the "Account Settings". 5. Privacy Policy and Terms of Use: Privacy Policy: Terms of Use:

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  • Additional Negative Review

    By CloudRebel
    The cameras are great for the price but unfortunately the app developers kill all excitement about owning your own NVR. Unfortunately the company only cares about selling cloud service and has little regard for NVR owners. They do app updates to add unnecessary bells and whistles and usually break things that didn’t need fixed in the process. Latest example; try to adjust motion detection area without having to close app entirely after saving the setting. Somewhere along the line they disabled NVR features forcing you to own a phone and be connected to the internet in order to be able to control the surveillance equipment you purchased and own.They want to sell you cloud service that does what your NVR should be able to do. Example: WHEN you first install cameras you have full functionality to adjust cameras on/off in mode settings. That eventually disappears because they want to sell you cloud service even though you own an NVR. They made changes that require you to have a phone and internet to use your cameras but they limit features unless you pay for expensive cloud service. Tech support is basic support only and not worth trying to contact. RECENT ISSUE besides motion detecting adjustment is that the time stamps are off in the events with actual time on the camera snapshot. They always want to say it’s on your end even though it was fine before the update that caused the problem. SUMMARY: The cameras are cheap. This is a plus in that it won’t break you if one gets vandalized. They disabled NVR functionality and private LAN functionality as a basic IP Camera that you should be able to control without need for internet to force you to use a phone app. The app is basically adware with added bells and whistles you don’t need and they periodically break functionality that never needed fixed in order to give you an app update.
  • Re operar mi contraseñas

    By trueno de amor
  • Still a very buggy app

    By secyrity dave
    If u get your cameras to connect to your network don’t mess with them again. Just bought a new router and god forbid I get my cameras to work. It should be simple to connect. U want my monthly subscription? Better fix your app. I’m ready to go buy a new setup that actually works!
  • I received excellent customer service today

    By wintertimeiscold
  • Horrible App

    By Chatterbox1511
    Horrible app
  • Cloud recording

    By Tommy Kitchen
    Not a huge fan of the fact that I can’t playback instantly what just happened. It has about a 10 minute delay which makes motion verification hard if what caused the motion isn’t still in camera view. My ring products can play back almost instantly (about a 5-10 second buffer time) so I’d love to see Zmodo do that as well.
  • Replacing with RING!!!Cloud Rip-Off

    By BurnettTN
    Zoom do cameras were the best low cost se unity cameras around until this past year. The new firmware updates have tethered & limited the cameras functions forcing the camera owners to purchase CLOUD services. NOPE! NOT PURCHASING CLOUD SERVICE WITH ZOMODO. Way too expensive! We have replaced cameras with Ring, more control of our video, no reduced functionality if we choose not to purchase cloud services. Greedy owners lose customers. Sorry, cameras are going to goodwill.
  • You are on your own

    By Madmike30269
    I have had the Zmodo cameras for several years and upgraded to the 1080 dpi when they came out. The product is good for the price. But if you need help with anything or have an issue you are out of luck. You can’t get in touch with anyone and their support boards are bare of any worthwhile information. I thought Zmodo was going to make a run at being the leader in these inexpensive home security cameras but Ring and other competitors are beating them at every turn. I’ve been loyal but recently had a theft and I have video capture but it skips and hops and jumps and what I do have I can’t download it to hand over to authorities because it fails. I can’t get customer service so I am stuck.
  • Downloading video

    By kittycatT1234567890
    When I updated my app I can no longer download footage that was recorded. Very disappointing
  • Terrible quality.

    By Ryan drew
    Cams aren’t the best quality. App is complete garbage. But these are budget cams and nvr systems and it was my first one so I went for it. Set it up took about 5-6 hours 4 cams all working. Motion detection hardly detects anything. Night vision is a JOKE and it hardly records anything. So unless you plan to take shifts watching live cams. They are almost pointless. Switched from spectrum to att u verse and zmodo cams stopped working. I don’t believe they work w 5G. Now I’m stuck with useless product that was hardly worth it when it did work
  • Save your money

    By 00Lex00
    I had there system for almost 3 years and has been nothing but headaches. Save your money and move on. If you change your internet service provider or your internet password. Be ready to set the system from scratch. And good luck getting it ready the first time.
  • Junk

    By jaredruechel
    Biggest piece of junk I’ve ever had to deal with.
  • Zmodo is horrible

    By Bigmiketabor
    After last update (7/2020) that was supposed to fix bugs, it’s now worse than ever. Cameras won’t set detection area and freeze so you have to force close the app. Detection stays as entire screen but is selective about when it wants to record. Will detect a bird in the corner of the screen but not the delivery guy that walks across the entire screen. Horrible app, don’t recommend.
  • Hmmmm

    By lashad
    lot of bugs. I cant set even detection area. totally useless. Also camera catches lot of wrong motions.
  • Doorbell

    By factsssss
    Doorbell came in second hand and doesn’t connect horrible device
  • 6.0.2 broke Flashback downloading

    By FollowTheBits
    ZMODO: I have 7 ZMODO Cameras at a relatives home recording on the 7 day plan. Your latest IOS update 6.0.2 has broken my ability to download Flashbacks. I depend on this capability to keep a record of relatives home security. When I do a Flashback and then attempt to do a download I get “get file info failed". Actually that has been broken for years. I’ve had to do a second Flashback to get download to work for couple of years now. What is broken now is that I CANNOT do a second Flashback - when I hit the Play button nothing happens. No new Flashback that doesn’t have the “get fail info failed” message. I can’t downloads Flashbacks. This is broke on my IPHONE IOS 13.5.1 and my IPAD IOS 12.4.7. It was working yesterday then you pushed a new ZMODO update and now it is broke. I have 7 day plan to download videos for local storage - Please fix ASAP or I will loose video record of security at relatives home. In response to developer response. I emailed tech support on Jul 3 with all the details. Nothing heard as of July 17. Flashback download still broke.

    By PissedatPinheads
    Its just a way to get you to subscribe to their cloud crap . Now I will have to use iCloud to revert it back. Thanks for the dog pic Zmoto!!
  • You’ll miss something important

    By Ponygurl81
    I’m very disappointed in this camera. It will randomly stop recording entire days with no way of knowing. A few days ago, a crime occurred in front of my property and I need the footage. Of course, that’s the day it randomly failed to record anything. Customer service is a joke, the rep Liam told me this is “not his specialty” and that I need to talk to someone else. When I came back the next day because I never heard from anyone like I was told I would, he gave me the run around, told me he can’t help me and disconnected! Unbelievable. Save your money. Update: thanks for the response, but I’ve already gone around in circles with your technicians. Please actually READ my review. Your technicians already told me there is nothing they can do and continue to blame my WiFi, when my other brand camera was online the entire time that yours failed. Your cloud service is garbage and that’s all there is too it, and I’ve already cancelled.
  • Decent software

    By finNsterz
    Software detect light changes but can’t detect motion of children or others walking around fast enough. Also noticing if I close the app while the camera is running and return to it, the app tries to connect to the camera but doesn’t. Trying to return to the home screen of the app results in no response. You have to force close the app to have it function again.
  • Can’t use on iOS 14

    By Shabootz
    Like the title says. I cannot open the app on my iPhone that is running iOS 14 public beta 2. All my other apps seem to work fine except Zmodo. Also the scheduling feature within the app has not worked the entire time I have had this app. I am ALWAYS having to manually switch my schedule settings to match what I am doing. Also the location feature do not work either. The app can never detect where I am at. Really the only reason for the 2 star update is because I can still get notifications on my iPhone. And the app still manages to open up on my iPad with iOS 13.6
  • Terrible update

    By MAH2588
    My app worked great before the update. Now it shows I have no devices yet I do get my notifications but if I try it to view the notification the app instantly crashes just like when I try to open the app. I have deleted and re-installed more times than I can count with no success. At this point my cameras are 100% useless and I am beyond frustrated! This is happening across multiple devices that I own.
  • Door bell

    By DKWam
    This new update has changed the motion completely I’m frustrated was on line with the new technol person and I got no where also I signed up to the cloud I’m going to cancel it
  • Disappointed

    By Jmbrarst
    I live in a small house. I have a camera in the kitchen and livingroom. They BOTH will often say “devise offline”! Very unhappy.
  • App is garbage

    By MrJoseph01
    The camera are so so, they do skip and are not full 100% coverage. The app always freezing and is not user friendly and lacks a lot of basic functions. You pay for what you get. This camera has a lot of potential if the company can get their stuff figured out and working correctly.
  • Good Product and Great app

    By Alwaysontop06
    I have waited to do a review until now because I have had a chance to really use it. First, the product, the cameras are good. I saved hundreds of dollars going Zmodo. I had never heard of them and decided to give the camera a shot. Next the app, I have enjoyed using the app. It allows me to check on all 12 cameras with ease. Yes, sometimes a camera may go off line, but that’s because it lost connectivity with the WiFi. But it come back online once connectivity is made. I find that true only with the exterior cameras that are far away from the WiFi base. I like that the app allows me to group my cameras now into a quad format which allows me to see more cameras at once on my phone. As mentioned my another reviewer I do wish the application adjusts on my iPad. I assume it is designed to only work on phones but that would be a nice update.
  • Spend $ on functionality

    By PumaKing44
    They seem to do a great job of updating the esthetics of the app but need to spend money on functionality. If your Wi-Fi password changes there is NO simple way to update it on the app. You have to reinstall all cameras and it doesn’t work! QR code or Zlink won’t work. Support chat assigns engineer but no one responds. Disappointed and now stuck with 5 cameras that won’t connect because I changed my WiFi password!!
  • Freez Freez Freez

    By Fx4hawaii
    I like the clarity of the cameras but the app needs a lot of work. Any time you don’t go back to the main screen before closing the app it freezes, and the only way to fix it is to restart your phone. This alone will make me return this security system. Which is sad because I really wanted to like it. Back to Amcrest cameras it is!
  • Review and for a few critical reviewers

    By Jdhgvdjchxje
    First off, these systems are not your $2000.00 commercial systems. They are a low to mid budget systems. And with any system there is going to be problems. FOR A FEW OF THE LATEST CRITICAL ONE STAR REVIEWS. 1. Ponygurl81, yes you can get a customer service person that is bad, and usually they are new and think your stupid and dont know how to handle your system. Just remember their name and call back and you can report them after you get help. Now for the missing footage, from what a few veterans of the Zmodo company and some of the tech guys have told me is your system has either been bumped in shipping, installation or the location might have vibrations near it, ask them first to make sure warranty wont be voided but the connectors can be come loss. Just need to be push down or together again and may take care of it. If not possible the spot get no air and dvr over heats and pauses the hard drive as a safety to prolong its life. I had this problem i ended up relocating the dvr and wires ran again. I have been using Zmodo systems for 9 years now. I recommend the extended warranty if you can still or if you ever think of giving them a second chance. Powapow, the developers response to your review is correct. Go into your system and change the time zone to the next one to yours up or down the list, let it change all the cameras and then back to yours. Should be good to go then. Last one cause it just so not true, and again 9 years with Zmodo and near paid for service or repairs of cameras mainly i always got the extended warranty. Its well worth it. NOW TO THAT REVIEWER, Mosug, You dont have to buy the cloud service, specially if your system has a DVR in it. I cant say what all they do for you when you pay, cause like i said above. Ive never paid for it in the 9 years ive used Zmodo systems. And as far as the crappy Chinese app. With ( i only use Apple so one sided info here) with Apple always updating and changing their devices and trying to stay out front with technology, it is hard for the app programmers to be right on top of things every step. Thats why we call or app text them and tell them whats wrong, so they can fix it. Sometimes they dont know there is a problem till a customer runs in to it. And they do what they can to fix it. IM NOT A Zmodo EMPLOYEE NOR DO I HAVE FRIENDS OR FAMILY THAT WORK FOR THEM. And i dont get anything for this review. But maybe told by Zmodo not to agin. First time to be honest, with saying something about others reviews. But the 3 i addressed here just seemed unfair towards Zmodo. And i understand being upset and you get that one person and they just push that button or rub you the wrong way. Ive been there. Im sure a few of those people still work there and remember me. Just hang up and call back most the time you dont get the same person. I APOLOGIZE Zmodo IF I STEPPED ON ANY TOES HERE. I just.. not an excuse. But i needed to comment on these reviews. I feel if they got a good mood person thing could be so much different. And I get a bad mood working there, get someone thats upset and angry after a few its hard to be pleasant and not sound rude, specially with out seeing the persons face to see if it was to be a mad comment or a jokingly thing that came out wrong. Im famous for that with my girlfriend. But good night or day, and thank you for taking the time to read my mini book here. 7/10/2020, at 6:32pm.
  • Not working

    By Liss.7700
    Ever since the last update 1 out of 8 cameras work and can’t playback either
  • July 6, 2020

    By Rescue910
    App is not working well on iPhone 11 pro max!!! Please fix this issue. I can bring up cameras. Cannot use any features including back button!!!
  • App not working on iPad ( blank screen )

    By go goal adsense 😂
    App doesn’t work on iPad when I click the app couple sec show the cameras after that cameras goes blank and support web site is not working too you can’t click cheat support on the list or when you click bottom right corner for cheat, it’s not let you login your account or cheat like a Guest Update 1 ) thank yapı For response but as you know Zmodo uses same user accounts ( database) with other apps ( meshare, funlux etc. ) so I believe 1 developer makes that app and you guys just change the interface and put in the market... so I nothing so you guys can help me about that issue... because probably you guys don’t have privileges to play with source code... so I believe only meshare can do something for that bug... I said bug because all that 3 apps (zmodo, meshare, funlux) does same thing all my iPads... on my Iphone all that 3 apps works and I can watch my cameras.... so maybe you guys need to contact to the developer and explain them issue on tablets... Update 2 ) still not working.. Also I’m trying web viewer (via safari ) even that one is doesn’t work. I’ll cancel my subscription this system is trash
  • Good But Need Some Work

    By Justin.Alvarez
    Latest update bugs: 7/2/2020: -Clip feature duration is not accurate at all. -Clips don’t save to app gallery -Torch Pro can’t be grouped with other WiFi cameras. ========== Recommendations: Recommend an Apple TV app, with the ability to watch multiple streams at the same time without timeout. REALLY NEED CUSTOM NOTIFICATIONS: I don’t need to know when every car drives by my house, but I DO need to know if the camera goes offline so I can troubleshoot & fix it. -The time lapse playback needs the ability to scrub so you can easily determine when something happened during the day. You know an event took place you just need to narrow it down. Time lapse needs to let you finger scrub in order to precisely find the time. -Provide the direct stream link (RTSP) to each camera in the options so the stream can be used in outside apps.
  • Cameras displays onscreen positioning

    By Rojen88
    Pretty disappointed after all these years the app still can’t do user arranged onscreen cameras position !!!!! (No problem with zviewer for PC).
  • App keeps getting worse

    By Budaxt
    After today’s update, I cannot do Playback. All I get is your subscription advertising! JUNK