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  • Category: Business
  • Release Date: 2015-07-27
  • Current Version: 3.15
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 11.54 MB
  • Developer: ROSnet
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
Score: 3.66667
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Description for StaffLinQ

StaffLinQ is the employee companion for Rosnet’s PowerCenter labor scheduling system. It is the optimum way for the entire team to communicate about the work schedule. Employees can check schedules, request changes, and get important messages with anytime-anywhere access. StaffLinQ also allows employees to set scheduling preferences and request time off. All manager-approved changes automatically update within StaffLinQ and immediately notifies employees, no surprises. Important! The Rosnet StaffLinQ application requires your manager to register your email address in PowerCenter, which will send you an invitation to get signed up. Employee Features: • View the current schedule and any future schedules that are published • Receive Push Notifications for messages, available shifts or shifts wanted and schedule updates • Set scheduling preferences and availability • Request time off • Request to pick up or swap shifts For help, contact Rosnet Client Services 24-7, 365 days a year at

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Reviews of StaffLinQ

  • Crashes a lot

    By NoNaME#7yt3
    This may be one the worst work apps I’ve ever used it crashes almost every week and logs you out or doesn’t open. They’re are a lot of issues with it that have been needing to be fixed for a while. If you’re not thinking about paying for this app, don’t because it’s really not worth it just take pictures of your schedule and put it in your calendar. This app is seriously useless and will probably never be fixed.
  • Beyond Disappointed

    By gkagi
    I thought it would be worth the money to buy the app for my phone but it’s honestly more trouble than it’s worth. It crashes constantly and the problems gets even worse after major updates. I haven’t been able to use the app for several months now. I have reset my password, deleted and redownloaded more time than I can count. It’s a waste. If I could give it zero stars I would.
  • Must read

    By Project Malice
    Add a not available option, y’all are dumb for that. Some of us have 2 jobs and children. Who ever made this app is rolling in the money for it at least respect the rest of society.
  • No longer syncs correctly

    By Shan_Mom_of2
    It would automatically sync your schedule from stafflinq into the manual calendar app but only your actual schedule. And since the update, every open shift is filling my calendar overlapping other appointments. I’m just gonna delete the app. It isn’t work it.
  • Worse than before

    By Little yapes
    They had an “okay” app and with the latest update they just made it worse. At least before you could easily tell what shifts you were on, now they made it all the same color and size. In addition, you can’t even tell who you work with anymore or how many people will be on a shift. Please revert it to the previous version.
  • App won’t even open!!

    By CarlaCinMiami
    The app used to work. Now it won’t even open for more than a flash- not even enough to see my schedule!
  • Needs updated NOW

    By summerlife4
    Update your app. I paid for it now load my schedule!! It worked fine for over a year and now it won’t even sync to my calendar anymore. So will you please update this so we can see our schedule at least.
  • Horrible

    By lataesky
    My job requires that I Stafflin to see and my changes to my schedule. Every time I open it the app closes. I have tried clearing my cash and cookies, resetting my phone. Nothing works. I hate this app.
  • Not happy at all

    By javdbdndndn
    I just got this app and I’m more than upset that I had to pay $2.99 just for it not to let me sign in. It keeps saying my long in info is wrong yet the actual website itself is letting me log on!!
  • Don’t waste your money

    By Felicia916
    This app is a waste of money. The website works better.
  • Not helpful

    By XPixieMamaX
    I have this app to keep track of my schedule for work. The app is useless. It won’t open anymore and I need to always just go on google to lag in and see my schedule. They really need to update the app more frequently.
  • terrible

    the app always crashes and i can never access my work schedule. this is ridiculous considering it’s not a free app and i paid money for it. either fix the issue or i want my money back. i wish i could leave zero stars.
  • New Download

    By GenPax KC
    The app is much more responsive and useful after the latest release!
  • Hot Garbage

    By catpianos
    This app is literally trash. Settings are unavailable. Schedules are unavailable. Every time I try to update my availability the app crashes. So glad I could waste my money on this app only to have to use (I’m being generous with the term “use” here, as the website also hardly functions) the horribly broken website instead. I have to use this service to see my schedule for work. God forbid it actually work. I expect nothing and I’m still disappointed. Save your money.
  • stick to the website

    By Carame18
    Just downloaded the app and as soon as I went to request a shift, the app crashes and now I can’t back on and am stuck using the website again. A total waste of 3 dollars. I’ve tried to clear the app, reset my phone, delete and redownload the app and nothing changes.
  • issue w app

    By mommymonte
    i haven’t been able to access anything in 3 days. i need to make changes and check the schedule and have no access. app opens to a white screen for days
  • If I could give 0 stars..

    By GilliebeanTheDovahkiin
    When I pull up the app, it’s a blank white screen. I’ve tried resetting my phone. I’ve tried deleting the app and redownloading it. It doesn't matter. I spent $3 on this when I should’ve just kept using the website. DO NOT BUY THIS APP. Just keep using the site. I know the ad for the app is annoying but if I could go back, I would NOT buy the app. Waste of money.
  • Was working but not anymore.

    By xxbeauteevilxx
    I downloaded this app with extreme caution because of all the reviews. I had it for about 4 months and it was working perfectly. Then all of a sudden it just stopped working. Every time I open the app now it turns to a blank white screen and freezes my phone. This app is wack! Please either help me fix it or ugh idk what else I can do but delete it.
  • Unusable

    By Photo sonix
    Worked ok until I got a shift now it opens with a white screen with no response. Bug reporting is in the app so I can’t even report the issue. This app is garbage
  • Waste of money

    By Tripp3612
    Do not buy this App as it is very odd and you can’t do much with it.
  • Used to be better

    By Player DgM
    not sure why you removed the time the shift ended, why you do that? knowing when a shift ends is just as important as when it ends, and what happened to calendar sync? that feature was stage best, but you trashed it
  • Horrible

    By frddvgv
    I wish I could give this app 0 stars. It constantly logs me out. It says I enter the wrong email when I only have used one email my whole life. Nowhere to find where I could find the email. Not worth the money I wish my job switched apps because this is horrible.
  • Not worth it.

    By Captain Turner
    Honestly with my work it’s required to have a link or some form of way to access this website so that i can see my schedule. But this app almost makes me wish we could use hotschedules or borderline switch jobs. There’s multiple times where I’m force logged out and forced into reseting my passwords, Do the password right and am still locked out, Along with multiple other bugs. The problem is this isn’t some game on the app store, this is a work related app and effects my lively-hood. If this app screws up and i can’t find my schedule in time i could be considered a no call no show and lose the job. This app along with the website have failed me many times, over all i advise against it. At the very least if it’s required like it is for my job, please don’t waste your time or money on the app. A normal case scenario you have to call in and find out yourself making it useless, and as i said before, worst case you’re looking for a new job.
  • Want a refund

    By get checked
    If i could give it no star i would. Ive had nothing but problems wasted 3 hours just trying to sign into it and all i want is to see my schedule.
  • Want a refund

    By Iphoneuser123446
    Since they revamped the software I’ve had nothing but problems. Can not view my schedule, have to go online, the site recommends I buy the app to view, I did and it’s worthless. The few times, and seriously, the few times I’ve been able to see my schedule it doesn’t sync to my calendar. New look is confusing on days you work. You can not ask for more than one day off at a time, you have to ask for each day off, instead of from 1-5 off.
  • Don’t waste your money

    By Em19922991
    I think it’s absolutely pathetic that I had to spend money to download this app because the website continues to glitch and not allow you to load it/log in, and the app is borderline worthless. It has my schedule on there (which is on the email I get as well so no bonus points for that), but it doesn’t lay out a clear way to contact managers which is the number one thing I wanted. It’s also not very user friendly. Don’t waste your money.
  • Horrible

    By Shortcake1987
    The schedule won’t load, settings won’t load, staff list won’t load. I paid for this? Why! The website doesn’t even work!
  • Crappy

    By b_rad0586
    Don’t buy app not worth it 95% of the time it says schedule is unavailable worthless app
  • This I crap

    By ohdti
    It make me change my password every time I login
  • Cannot sync calendar

    By abananafafaggatsg
    Please update and allow us to sync with our calendars in our phone!!
  • What the heck?

    By BitchBetterHaveMy$
    I just did the most recent update, and now when I go to the “Scheduled Employees” section, and try to search any day at all to see who I work with, it says I work the shift I worked today. No matter what day I choose. Though on my main “schedule” page, it says differently. That could seriously cause issues and cause employees to show up for the wrong shifts / not show up at all. The fact that I had to PAY for this app to view my schedule you would really think it would be a better less confusing system... please fix this.
  • Please make it more visually readable

    By Soccer chick Kay
    99% of the time I’ll pick up a shift that I’m thinking I’m working on a Thursday night but then after my shift gets approved I go back into the app I reread it and it says I’m working Friday. The app is displayed so confusing and I always get my shifts mixed up because the way the app is displayed makes it look like I’m working one day but instead I’m working the next day. Please StaffLinq make it easier to read so I don’t get my shifts mixed up anymore :(
  • Eh, some good, a lot bad!

    By Bradnohio
    It’s looks a lot better and navigate a smoother, but now I can’t see the in/out times for the people I work with like I could before and it’s really annoying to have to select the calendar and then chose location just to see who works for the day, you have to do that every single time you want to view the full staff schedule for the day!! Please fix!!
  • Never worked

    By josh420blunt
    I want refund