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  • Category: Business
  • Release Date: 2015-07-23
  • Current Version: 6.0.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 120.24 MB
  • Developer: EP Technology Corporation
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
Score: 2.4569
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Description for Funlux

Funlux is the future of smart home solutions. The Funlux app is designed to control a variety of smart home products and work seamlessly with Zmodo's cloud services to keep you connected with the ones you care about. Cloud Service Subscription Service Description 1. We offer two types of Cloud Service : Premium Cloud $4.99/month ($49.99/year) Platinum Cloud $9.99/month ($99.99/ year) *Prices displayed are for one device, the package price depends on the quantity of devices. 2. Subscribing to Cloud Service will be paid directly through the iTunes account. 3. 24 hours before the subscription service expires, the system will automatically renew and deduct the corresponding fees according to the plan type. 4. If you need to unsubscribe, please do so at least 24 hours before renewal date in the "Account Settings". 5. Privacy Policy and Terms of Use: Privacy Policy: Terms of Use:

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Reviews of Funlux

  • Ability to download video clips no longer available

    By lmnsh
    With the new update there isn’t the ability to download a video clip to your phone anymore. You can only take a still pic of part of the video.
  • Seems to work now

    By bre-bro
    The last update messed up logging in for users, but today’s update seems to have fixed it.
  • Absolutely the worse app ever

    By Burnz442
    Always having trouble with the app but could work around the issues. Until yesterday all of my cameras have disappeared from the app and it doesn’t want to recognize any of the 9 I had hooked up. It’s not the WiFi it’s not the camera it’s the app. Looks like they updated the app but in reality they made it in-op nothing works...they don’t answer the phone you can’t leave a message and the in app support is never’s a joke completely a joke. Don’t buy their cameras and whatever you do don’t download the app it’s a complete waste of time!!
  • Please fix the update asap!!

    By lil bit.
    It won’t let me or my husband log in, even after changing the password. We’ve been using this app/cameras for two years with no problems and I use it to keep an eye on my little when he sleeps so I hope the problem is fixed soon!
  • Do Not Update. Delete phone app. Reinstall new copy from App Store

    By Bit Sniff
    It seems like recent update was more than just bug fixes. The whole app looks redesigned. As the title states, (1) delete app, (2) reinstall new copy of app and (3) login with original info. This has worked for me. I’m back online viewing cameras. Hope this helps. Minus a star to developer for not providing clear description of the update and step-by-step instructions.
  • Recent update error - Has been FIXED

    By Peggyejay
    6/28/2020. 6.0.0 Failed Update! Lindabevan2014 Account Still shows lindabevan2014 and her password when I try to log in. I logged out of the app and I deleted her info and tried to log in under my name and password and it failed! I reset my password twice and it still fails. Please fix this.
  • Can’t login

    By ariellexvanessa
    Ever since the update, the camera has been glitching out and now I can’t even login to my account! It keeps saying “Request Failure”. I’ve tried changing my password three times, and deleted and redownloaded the app. Nothing is working. I use this app to keep an eye on my cats while I’m at work. I also pay the monthly fee for the cloud and constant recording. This needs to be fixed!!!!!
  • Latest Update

    By N8g88888
    Not letting me log in put still sending push notifications. 😳 Taking them offline until a fix. Not cool
  • Can’t sign in

    By ratedr72
    Recent update is preventing me from signing into the app
  • Update

    By Ray2870
    After I updated the app can’t use the cameras can’t log in can’t do nothing
  • Newest Update

    By Rutchy01
    I can no longer log in to the app. I even tried changing my password. Never had an issue until the newest update just 11hrs ago.
  • Update

    By in tjdfbjf to hcd
    My phone auto updated and unfortunately no matter how many times I log out and back in I’m logged into some lady’s account. Sorry Linda!
  • Security Breach

    By Marcogolo7
    I am very concerned. I just logged in with my account. And I am seeing a strangers home.
  • Awesome apps

    By chant2k20
    This apps is ways better than the other 2 apps. Love the updated and fast respond on detecting movement.
  • Horrible company

    By Nickickk
    I have the CHS1AWACS model WiFi camera and this specific camera does not support motion detection. It does not support push notifications. It does not support video recording. It has a memory card slot but it does not support memory card. Are you kidding me? What am I wasting my money on?? All I can do is view live and that’s it. DO NOT ask me to email you for further assistance, you already gave me assistance and this is what the results are! This company has converted all their cameras and systems to run on cloud service to make more money. Horrible app, horrible cameras, horrible company! This camera is still being sold everywhere and it doesn’t even work! This is just sad. 1 star. Tomorrow I am returning these cameras. I am not going to purchase your updated “cloud” cameras as a solution. Good bye!! 👋
  • won’t connect

    By Lov3lynesh
    Been having cameras since 2017. Recently updated WiFi password so had to delete and reconnect all my cameras which is stupid. You should be able to just go into the settings and update password. Anyway, been trying for hours to reconnect. Tried Zink and QRC and both won’t work. I have 5 cameras and I’m at the point of just canceling subscription and getting different cameras. Firmware was updated prior to WiFi password change.
  • longtime user

    By michelleds1
    Today after having theses cameras and software forever it seems like I guess because of an update I can't even see my cameras, can't get ahold of any customer service, and now can't even sign in. This is crazy and irritatingmi use the cameras for my baby and my dogs. Please fix this...... Please I will update my review of this changes....i hope
  • What is happening??

    By anaq33
    They were working so well but just today the app stared Tripping!!! It’s not working anymore.what happened?
  • Garbage app

    By TonyDahTigerYall
    This app worked great for the first few months. I got these cameras in 2017. Then features suddenly stopped working. Local playback doesn’t work any longer. It keeps prompting me to pay for cloud storage. Local playback and cloud storage are not the same. Defeats the entire purpose of having security if you cant review footage. Thanks Funlux The man in my back yard got away and the footage is inaccessible I will never purchase another product from this company.
  • Seems things have changed

    By GCSLynx
    This app/camera was decent enough. It did what it needed to do. But I’ve noticed I’m not getting alerts even though I know there is movement. My settings haven’t changed. One day all my videos were there and then gone the next. Now it seems it only keeps videos for two days. Some days features won’t load even if I’m on WiFi. Had to re set up my camera. My phone and camera had to be sitting on top of the router for it to all connect. Was thinking of getting a second camera- but might go with a different company.
  • App

    By D.wall2019
    The app closes unexpectedly when trying to delete photos please fix the bug issue
  • App no longer works

    By Indians2003
    So after having the cameras for 4 years, I had to reinstall everything and now I cannot connect to my cameras! So now I have 4 worthless cameras. Looks like this company went under because they don’t update anymore. Waste of money and now I have to buy new cameras else where
  • About the camera

    By Angelito 1111
    Need a lot of updates for the price You can only view one camera at the time
  • Started off great.

    By LS1killer
    I bought the outside cameras and they have been nothing but perfect!! Love them! I went ahead and purchased the inside cameras with Audio made by funlux as well. So confusing , I’m supposed to download a different app for the same brand?? When I scan the QR code in my iPhone the camera says ready but the app just sits there and doesn’t proceed to the next screen. My outside cameras literally setup all 3 within 5 minutes. Here I am the next day after getting the inside cameras and still cant connect. Why would the setup be so different than the others ?? Frustrating to say the least
  • Not Logging In

    By Lezned24
    When trying to login to the acct, app keeps timing out! Will not log me into the acct. The app, instead, does a LONG pause (loading the acct), and then Times-out, and stops.
  • If I could give zero stars I would

    Complete crap cameras. Don’t work half the time. Wish I could return. Oh and the app doesn’t even work now 🙄🙄
  • App

    By Anna Vamosi
    App is not working right now please fix it
  • iPhone 8 Plus Red cannot play back

    By hrminh
    My boy’s iPhone 6 Plus and my wife iPhone 7 Plus work well . But my iPhone 8 Plus (Red ) cannot play back. I can see live camera only.
  • No connect without WiFi

    By Omarochoa59
    I Liked this app a lot but suddenly if my phone isn’t connected to WiFi it won’t connect to my cameras , honestly it’s trash .
  • Waste of time and money!

    By EMSsoldier
    Enough idiots in this world trying to take your hard earned money. This is another scam doing the same thing.
  • Useful for me...

    By ourpact
    I love these cameras, because I can see just what is happening around, anywhere! But sometimes I get alerts in like 30 minutes. I don't really like that because say if somebody was in my house, but I would have known that in 30 minutes, so if I would probably get the alerts in at least a minute or less it would just make it so better for me and my family.
  • Functional app but not perfect

    By DS Spf MO
    App works. Alerts work. I like the fact that playback has an orange mark showing where activity was. Things I wish it had: Cheaper or better playback storage option. Wishlist item. -actual things that can be easily changed, be able to see live feeds or 2 and 4 cameras at once. Just split screen or 4 way the screen. Right now you can only watch one at a time. -be able to fast forward playback. Yes it has an activity mark, but I’d rather be able to scroll through a 4 hour window by fast forwarding. 2x, 4x 10x fast forward. Those two main items would make this a much better experience. I understand playback storage can be charged for it’s just that some other camera companies don’t charge for that and not necessarily the apps fault more so the camera. So mostly the watch 4 at once and fast forward feedback
  • App just frozen in loading

    By elongo78
    App stopped loading can't see my camera
  • No help

    By 947621468
    I had the system for over a year and needed tech support to help reactivate system because online instructions make no sense but they never replied -much better and easier systems can be purchased